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Boston Bombing Suspect Shot Dead


"Shots have been fired on Franklin Street in Watertown and a source told the Globe police believed they had located the desperate 19-year-old suspect in the deadly Boston Marathon terror bombings. The new developments happened just moments after authorities announced that the suspect had eluded a dragnet, abandoning a car and escaping on foot."

Now he is pinned down -- just moments after authorities announced that the suspect had announced eluded a dragnet, abandoning a car and escaping on foot! 

"It’s apparently a standoff. He’s in a boat in a backyard, wounded. Three guesses as to how this plays out. For 12 hours 9,000 officers decked out in full military combat gear stormed the streets intimidating reporters and making entrances into law abiding people’s homes without warrant, without due cause, terrifying parent and child alike. For twelve hours we got to see the future, the same future we the conspiracy theorists have been warning about for years. And now it is upon us. The result of the 12 hours stolen from the lives of the people of New England was nothing more than an exercise in power. The power to confine, the power to dominate, the power to control the media and thus the opinion of the American hive mind."

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I suspect (no pun intended) he will be dead before I return tomorrow morning. You have to admit, it is compelling fiction.  Maybe I should get a coffee and stay on the blog, 'eh? 

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Already is. People don't like being manipulated and lied to.

Red Sox game at Fenway is postponed 

That will get some push back. My friend is going to be pissed, and he was at the game Monday! He was on his way out of the city when the even happened. He's a sporto and not too interested in world events and politics; however, even he told me he thinks the guy being shot dead was a little too convenient.

Tsarnaev Mother says FBI was in contact with Son for years

That settles it then. Like so many cases, these guys were framed by their FBI "friends."

Some “hard lessons” from the Boston bombing

Now there are reports that even the media is being abused. If that doesn't get them to finally pull their heads out of their asses, nothing will. 

FBI Boston Bombing Video Altered To Hide Fact Bomber Was Black Ops Mercenary?

FBI tells America: believe us and no one else

Do we live in a real life Truman Show?


For most of the day's breaking news, additional updates, and continuous coverage see: Boston on LOCKDOWN! 

Now it is being reported they are Chechen terrorists of the Islamic bent -- and anyone paying attention all these years knows those guys were a CIA-Duh operation. 

Sure "found" them fast, didn't they? 

"One suspect dead, another remains at large; Police confirmed an MIT police officer was fatally shot" by Wesley Lowery, Akilah Johnson, Eric Moskowitz and Lisa Wangsness  |  Globe Staff, April 19, 2013

WATERTOWN — One suspect in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings has been apprehended, according to an official with knowledge of the investigation. Another appears to remain on the loose in Watertown after a firefight with police. A 20-block perimeter was established as authorities searched for him.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s office said that the suspect taken into custody was pronounced dead at a hospital. The DA’s office did not independently confirm the connection to the marathon bombings.

A scene of chaos descended on Cambridge and Watertown late Thursday night and early Friday morning, as police confirmed an MIT police officer was shot and killed, and an armed carjacking led police on a frenetic chase into Watertown. Hundreds of police officer flooded Cambridge and Watertown.

Now wait a minute. This doesn't make sense. Last night these guys were alerted that they were wanted. The last thing they would do would commit a crime that would attract attention to themselves. 

"Certainly, by announcing they have an ID in the media before they have arrested the suspect, the suspect(s) will be alerted and likely be headed for the border! No doubt, following their arrests, they will confess their membership in a grand nation-wide underground terror plot amongst white, gun-loving, gay-hating, Constitution-kissing, Federal Reserve hating, christian conservative patriots, supplied with bomb-making materials by Iran via North Korea! This reads more like a scripted TV show than real life." -- What Really Happened

It never got that far, Mike, and I suspect the other guy will turn up dead in a firefight as well.

A spokesman for the MBTA said that a transit officer had been shot and was in serious condition.

It's as predicted, no? I told you last night they would have guns. 

Sorry, guys, but THIS SCRIPT is SHIT, although I must say I am somewhat surprised by the speed with which they assassinated their patsy!

The district attorney’s office said that explosive devices were reportedly thrown from the car by the suspects.

Witnesses in Watertown said they heard explosions. Police officers were screaming about improvised explosive devices.

Wow. This is the best psy-op script you guys could come up with?

Just before 4 a.m., State Police announced they would be going “door to door, street by street, in and around Watertown.” They warned residents to stay inside and not answer the door unless the person is clearly identified as a law-enforcement officer.

Once again, the goals of this psy-op come into view.

Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio said early Friday that the violent events at MIT and Watertown appeared to be connected, and that federal authorities were investigating whether the violence of Thursday night and Friday was connected to the marathon bombings.

At least one of the suspects in Watertown appeared to be a man in his 20s.

FBI agents were on the scene.

“We are aware of the situation, we are being involved, and we are monitoring,” said an FBI representative who requested anonymity because of not being authorized to speak publicly. The FBI source said early Friday it is “too early to speculate” on a relation to the Marathon bombing.

Dozens of police officers descended on Watertown Square after midnight.

“This is still extremely dangerous,” an FBI agent said. The Cambridge bomb squad arrived in Watertown shortly after 1:30 a.m.

At Arsenal Court and Arsenal Street in Watertown, an officer bellowed: “Ya gotta get outta here. There’s an active shooter here with an active explosive. Go!”

Peter Jennings, 33, said he was sleeping just before 1 a.m. in his home on Prentiss Street in Watertown when he was awakened by a huge boom.

“It sounded like a stick of dynamite went off,” he said. “I looked out the window, and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen – blue light after blue light after blue light.”

He said more than three dozen emergency vehicles with sirens blaring were heading down Route 16 West. He went to the end of his street, where some neighbors were gathering. The air, he said, smelled like “at the end of a fireworks show, like a wick smell.”

“I had a bad feeling because of what happened on Monday,” he said.

John Antonucci’s 79-year-old mother called him hysterical from her home in Laurel Street. She heard about five gunshots and didn’t know what to do.

“She was saying they’re running down the street shooting,” Antonucci said, standing outside yellow police tape. “She was crying so hard I couldn’t understand what she was talking about.”

So he told her: Stay inside the house.

Residents describe the neighborhood as safe and family oriented, where they leave doors and windows open, and feed stray cats.

Standing at Quimby Street and Nichols Avenue as police officers hastily strung up caution tape, Lindsay Gaylord, 25, and Collin Ausfeld, 26, peered over the scene to get a glimpse of their apartment about a block away on Dartmouth Street.

“I was buying ice cream right there” -- Gaylord pointed to a structure a few steps away, behind the caution tape -- “just this afternoon.”

Ausfeld stared at the crime scene in front of him, trying to make sense of what he was seeing. As an afterthought, he muttered, “I hope the apartment doesn’t blow up.”

The couple said they moved to the neighborhood in January, leaving behind their Belmont place, because Watertown was closer to the city, and their block was quiet, safe, and friendly.

“After this, I still feel safe on this street,” Gaylord said. “I mean, you just never know with these things.”

Adam Healy, 31, said he stepped outside for a cigarette near one of the shooting scenes in Watertown, when he heard gunfire.

“I just heard tons of gunshots,” he said. “Gunshot, gunshot, gunshot, gunshot. Then I saw an explosion and saw a burst of light in the sky.”

Imran Saif, a cab driver, was parking his car for the night near Dexter and School streets and was preparing to bike home to Cambridge when he heard a series of loud noises that he said “sounded like fireworks.” He said he biked toward the sounds, thinking they were fireworks, when people in nearby houses began waving him back, telling him it was gunfire.

“It just sounded like there was automatic weapons going off, and I heard a few explosions,” he said. “They sounded like fireworks, mostly, big fireworks going off -- tons, I’d say. I’m really scared. When I found out it was gunshots, that just knocked the wind out of me.”

Dan MacDonald, who lives on Bigelow Avenue and Mount Auburn Street, near Watertown Square, said he was watching TV and talking with his girlfriend when they began hearing sirens -- just a few at first, then more -- “maybe five or seven, racing at this point.” Then in the distance they heard gunshots, about 15, he said, within 10 seconds.

“I kind of ran downstairs and came outside,” he said. “They were coming from the Arsenal Street area up Bigelow Avenue. There were about 10 cop cars, they took a left on Mount Auburn Street heading toward Galen Street.”

The bedlam in Watertown was preceded by a spasm of violence in Kendall Square, in Cambridge.

An MIT officer, who has not been identified, was shot multiple times at 10:48 p.m. Main and Vassar streets, near Building 32, better known as the renowned the Stata Center. No one else was hurt, and no ­arrests had been made by early Friday.

That shooting sparked a massive manhunt, which fanned out from ­Kendall Square over an area that had endured a tragic and tumultuous week, in the aftermath of the fatal explosions at the marathon.

Police officers and canine units swept the campus, and a big swath of Vassar Street was blocked.

The university issued an alert to students and faculty to remain inside, which was later lifted.

An eerie quiet descended on the campus as teams of ­police officers combed the campus block by block. SWAT teams were present.

Police checked bushes and alleys and yanked on doors.

The grievously wounded officer was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. At the hospital, family members of the officer shot and killed declined to comment or give the officer’s name. About a dozen gathered outside the hospital’s emergency room, hugging and consoling one another through the night.

Siddhartha Varshney was walking home from dinner with two friends when they were stopped at the police cordon.

“Initially, we thought they had caught the suspect in the bombing,” the 28-year-old said. But they then learned it was a shooting involving an MIT officer.

“Well, I — honestly — I mean, I can’t think what I make of it. The situation is a little tense,” he said. “And I hope that whoever he is gets caught.”

Few seemed to be out on the campus at the time of the shooting. One professor, standing feet from the police tape, said he came out of his office when he heard a commotion of sirens and saw ­police lights.

Early Friday, MIT issued a statement about the death of the officer. “MIT is heartbroken by the news that an MIT Police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty on Thursday night on campus. Our thoughts are now with the family.”


SHOCKING UPDATE:  Suspects identified: Mike Mulugeta & Sunil Tripathi.

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"The official story is sounding like more and more bullshit. How many lies is CNN going to tell before this is all over? Well, what are you going to believe? CNN or your lying eyes? How many more lies is CNN going to tell during all of this? Are they just making this crap up as they go along?" 

I think so, yeah.


Caught but not about to be arrested: Craft International Trained Men at Boston Bombing Location Before Attack

FBI Ignores Men With Backpacks At Scene of Boston Bombings 

And thus, so does the AmeriKan media.

"The Boston Bombings in Context: How the FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists

By James Corbett
Global Research, April 17, 2013

The Boston Marathon bombing has provoked shock, grief and outrage from around the world. After decades of conditioning, the public automatically equates such terrorism with Muslim radicals. But the evidence shows that every major terror plot on American soil in the past 10 years has been fostered, funded and equipped by one organization: the FBI....

The one unifying thread between all of the recent terror plots in the US. Lurking behind the shadowy armies of would-be jihadis in the popular imagination is the sober reality that every single major terror bust in the United States since 9/11 has sourced back to the same group, a single entity that has in every single case funded, equipped and even incited the would-be terrorists into action: the FBI.

In 2005, federal prosecutors charged Michael Reynolds, a 47 year old drifter living with his elderly mother, of attempting to wage jihad on the US by blowing up fuel facilities. In reality, his plan for jihad was little more than a series of conversations he had on a Yahoo! Chat room with a US judge posing as a militant. He was arrested after agreeing to meet with an FBI informant who had promised him $40,000 for his cause, and two months later the FBI quietly announced he was likely mentally ill. He was eventually convicted and is curently serving 25 years in jail.

In 2007 the so-called “Fort Dix Six” were nabbed in a much-hyped FBI terror bust after allegedly hatching a plan to attack a US military base and kill the soldiers there. At the time, a 26-page indictment revealed that the group had “no rigorous military training” and “did not appear close to being able to pull off an attack.” The next year it was revealed that the FBI informant who had infiltrated the group had in fact offered to organize the members and lead the plot itself.

In 2009 the Newburgh Four were arrested for an alleged plot to blow up synagogues and shoot down military airplanes in Newburgh, New York. The group was a ragtag bunch of poor black men, at least one of whom was mentally unstable and stored his own urine in jars around his apartment. The group’s fifth member, Shahad Hussein, turned out to be an FBI informant who had promised the members hundreds of thousands of dollars to carry out the plot. In sentencing the defendants, Federal Judge Colleen McMahon said:

“[The government] created acts of terrorism out of [the defendant's] fantasies of bravado and bigotry, and then made those fantasies come true. The government did not have to infiltrate and foil some nefarious plot – there was no nefarious plot to foil.”

In November 2010 the FBI busted the so-called Portland Christmas Tree Bomber, who was allegedly attempting to bomb the lighting ceremony at Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square. “The threat was very real,” the FBI intoned at the time. “Our investigation shows that Mohamud was absolutely committed to carrying out an attack on a very grand scale.” The alleged bomber, Arthur Balizan, turned out to be a teenager who bragged to undercover agents that he could get a gun because he was a “rapper” and wrote an article on workout tips for jihadis.

In 2011 the FBI arrested a man that they themselves had supplied with a remote controlled plane and C4 explosives in a harebrained attempt to bomb the Pentagon. In 2012 they busted another would-be jihadi that they again had supplied with a fake gun and suicide vest. Also in 2012 the FBI busted a group of five “anarchists” who were allegedly going to bomb a bridge in the Cleveland area, although it was quietly admitted that the FBI informant who had infiltrated the group had in fact initiated the contact with them and been present at the meetings where they developed the plan to blow up the bridge.

One of the most ridiculous examples of this pattern dates back to 2006, when the DOJ attempted to make it seem as if they had just nabbed a group of dangerous jihadis who were preparing a full ground war against the United States.

The picture that is painted by these facts is as overwhelming as it is difficult for much of the public to comprehend. The conclusion, nevertheless, is incontrovertible: that without the FBI, many of the so-called “terrorist cells” that have been hatching their inept, bumbling schemes against the United States for decades might never have existed at all.

Despite what many would believe, this conclusion is not even controversial. Rather, it has been backed up time and again by evidence in the official record and multiply attested to by FBI insiders and whistleblowers themselves.

Given all of this damning history and insider whistleblowing, it is vital that the Western public break out of their media-induced programming and question the core assumptions of the war on terror paradigm that we have been programmed with for decades now. If there is to be speculation at all over events like these, and if there is any group that has to present a thoroughgoing case for why it is NOT responsible for this atrocity, surely it is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Having been at the heart of so many terror plots in the past, both the hilariously inept and the chillingly successful, how could the public refuse to even interrogate the organization that has the most to answer for?

The simple fact of the matter is that the history of the modern age of terrorism has proven time and again that the FBI is the prime suspect in any terrorist atrocity that takes place on American soil. Let us all keep this in mind as the details of the investigations into this (and all other) American terrorist incidents begins to emerge.


"Boston Marathon Bombings Point To Government Run Terror Operation

April 18, 2013
by Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News

As most of you are probably already aware two bombs were set off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon this past Monday. This was a cowardly and disgusting act which resulted in multiple deaths and gruesome injuries. Unfortunately like tragic events that have come before such as the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building and the September 11th attacks the official narrartive should already be in question. Even though everyone is still digesting what may or may not have happened there are already similarities between the events that took place at the Boston Marathon and both the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11th attacks.

The first similarity is the fact that a controlled explosion drill by the Boston bomb squad was taking place on the same day as the Boston Marathon. This was initially reported by the Boston Globe and confirmed by eyewitnesses including one who saw bomb sniffing dogs, rooftop snipers and even the police shouting over loud speakers claiming that the real bombs that went off was part of a drill. A television news report of this account can be viewed here. Despite denials at official press conferences, there is very little question if any that a drill was taking place. This is important because there have been several instances of government sponsored drills and exercises taking place at the same time that a major terror event has taken place. Not only have these drills been run in conjunction with the actual terror event but the drills have had striking similarities to the real event. This is usually done as a means to justify or run cover for an operation or to remove groups or people from within the system who might stop the real operation by thinking they are simply involved in an exercise.

During the September 11th attacks there were numerous drills being run by the U.S. military one of which even involved planes flying into buildings on the same day that the actual events unfolded.

During the July 7th 2005 subway and bus bombings in London, an exercise depicting the exact same scenario was taking place simultaneously.

Even with the Oklahoma City bombing a bomb squad was seen by eyewitnesses across from the Alfred P. Murrah building right before it was blown up. On top of this, members of the ATF who worked in the building were told that they shouldn't come into work the very same day of the bombing.

There is no way any sane person can say that these events were just the result of pure chance. Logic would dictate that these events were coordinated just based upon simple statistical probability.

Another interesting connection is the fact that a recently aired episode of the Family Guy cartoon shows the main character winning the Boston Marathon by running over his opponents with an automobile. Later in the episode he converts to Islam, joins an Islamic terrorist group and is depicted using a cell phone to detonate bombs. Although the episode doesn’t specifically show the main character using cell phone bombs to kill people at the Boston Marathon it is extremely odd that all of these different plot elements were contained in a single episode that aired prior to what took place this past Monday.

Even stranger is the fact that Fox has now felt compelled to remove this specific episode of Family Guy from various video streaming web sites. They have blamed Internet hoax videos as the reason for its removal which in of itself is ridiculous. Why remove the episode if there was nothing to hide? Clearly the plot elements contained in the episode raise a number of questions especially when we have seen similar types of fictionalized stories that have foreshadowed both the September 11th attacks and the Oklahoma City bombings.

Six months prior to the September 11th attacks, the pilot episode of the X-Files spinoff the Lone Gunmen showed a plane being taken over by remote control and nearly flown into the Twin Towers. The events in the television show were obviously very similar to what unfolded on September 11th, 2001.

Several years prior to the Oklahoma City bombing, Martin Keating the brother to former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating wrote a book entitled The Final Jihad. One of the key terrorists in the book is a man named Tom McVey who plots to blow up an Oklahoma City federal building and gets pulled over by police for having an equipment malfunction with his car. The plot would closely mirror what happened with the Oklahoma City bombing where the real life Tim McVeigh would be pulled over and caught for driving without a license plate.

If this happened once it could be dismissed as a coincidence but we have now seen several cases of major terrorist events on American soil being foreshadowed before they happened in fictionalized formats. This indicates a very high probability that certain people had some sort of foreknowledge and were announcing these operations to people in the know by hiding it in plain view. The fact that none of these particular incidents have been investigated properly is beyond ridiculous.

On top of this we also see a very similar operation unfolding that has mirrored what happened right after the September 11th attacks. Shortly after the attacks, news broke of letters containing Anthrax that were mailed to prominent media figures and Washington DC politicians. Specifically Anthrax was mailed to Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy who were originally opposed to the Patriot Act legislation that the Bush 43 regime was attempting to ram through Congress. The Patriot Act has been widely criticized for granting the federal government sweeping powers that directly infringe on Constitutional rights and basic civil liberty. Just days after the Boston Marathon bombings we see a similar episode with reports indicating that letters containing the highly toxic substance of Ricin were mailed to Washington DC politicians. Call me crazy but this feels and looks like a virtual repeat of the operation that unfolded after the 9/11 attacks.

The FBI investigation into the Anthrax mailings was widely criticized with some accusing the FBI of destroying evidence and participating in a cover up. On top of this, you simply don’t obtain Anthrax at a local convenient store as the most obvious source of Anthrax would be from the government itself which is in control of various biological and chemical weapons labs.

Although there is certainly more information that is going to come out about the Boston Marathon bombings over the next few days and weeks, there are some obvious questions surrounding these events. There are numerous photos of suspicious looking military types with black backpacks hanging around the finish line right before the bombs blew up. We also have government officials lying about the drills that were taking place during the Marathon and refusing to offer any truthful insight as to why these drills were happening at the same time that the bombings took place. There’s even a Saudi Arabian national who is now being deported under what Fox News terrorism expert Steve Emerson said was on the grounds of national security. Even stranger is that this was happening right around the same time that Obama was meeting with the Saudi foreign minister. National security is typically invoked by the federal government to cover up an operation so this is another aspect of the story that needs to be looked at with great scrutiny.

It almost seems as if the establishment is having a difficult time deciding how they are going to offer the public an official explanation for the bombings. Yesterday there were reports that someone was arrested in connection to the bombings but later these reports turned out to be false as the media descended on a Boston courthouse where this suspect was expected to be taken. Then the Boston courthouse was evacuated because of an alleged bomb threat forcing the media to move away from the area. This happened at roughly the same time the aforementioned cache of photos emerged showing all sorts of suspicious looking people near the Marathon's finish line. It is highly probable that the photos showed some of the patsies that they may have been planning to roll out to the public. Although this is pure speculation, it is possible the so-called bomb threat and the evacuation was used to back away from their original plan.

Considering that the federal government has had some sort of direct involvement in almost every major domestic terror attack in recent history, why should we believe whatever story they roll out about this latest operation? Even if you don’t believe that these conspiracies are real, there is no question that the federal government in conjunction with the corporate media has been involved in covering up the truth surrounding major acts of terror on American soil.

Take for example the 9/11 commission which was allegedly setup to determine the truth of what happened on September 11th, 2001. Their report has been widely criticized due to the fact that it omitted a huge amount of information including the suspicious collapse of World Trade Center building number 7. This was the building that collapsed at free fall speed in roughly six seconds after only sustaining light fire damage with video of the event clearly indicating that the building was intentionally brought down with explosives. Even several commission members thought that they were being lied to by the Pentagon with one member Max Cleland resigning and accusing the Bush 43 regime of a cover up.

We’ve also seen the federal government slaughter dozens of people including women and children during the horrific incident that took place in Waco Texas back in 1993. If this doesn’t indicate that the federal government is an out of control evil entity capable of almost anything, it is hard to say what will. Obama has no problem authorizing the U.S. military to use drone strikes in foreign countries which has resulted in the deaths of innocent women and children so this type of evil is par for the course.

It should be very interesting to see whoever the government and the corporate media decide to blame for plotting and executing these latest attacks. More importantly whatever story they put out should immediately be dismissed as a lie considering their horrific track record. Most likely they will try to blame the attacks on an Islamic terrorist cell or your stereotypical white male patriot/militia type. Or if the Family Guy episode is any indication, it could be a combination of both where they roll out the dreaded white Al-Qaeda. Never mind the fact that the U.S. government is actively supporting Al-Qaeda linked groups in Syria.

Based upon what we have seen so far, the Boston Marathon bombings have all the hallmarks of a government sanctioned operation that has been executed in order to justify more legislation that will further destroy civil liberty in America. If you don’t believe that’s the case, visit Boston which has been transformed into an authoritarian police state as a result of these bombings.