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Boston Marathon Bombings to Initiate Total Surveillance Society

I don't like putting AmeriKan ma$$ media up on this side; however, I thought these two articles were important so you know where we are going in light of the Boston Marathon Bombings.

"In Tsarnaevs’ background, a preview of future threats" April 20, 2013

The brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appeared in surveillance images to have dropped off bomb-laden backpacks near the finish line.


Their baseball-capped faces look like those of ordinary young men almost anywhere in the country. But they also fit the profile of a growing danger faced by American communities: disaffected young people, prone to one form of radicalization or another, hoping to act out their frustrations in a blaze of carnage.

I'm glad I'm old, and the only acting out I do is here. Government and media are keeping me too busy to do anything else.

It’s a threat that Boston and the rest of America will be contending with for the foreseeable future. As global networks, such as the Al Qaeda operation that struck on 9/11, lose their leaders and their maneuvering room, smaller groups and individuals, operating with home-made weapons, will become more prominent....


The burden of keeping young people from embracing radicalism falls, inevitably, on parents and families, communities, and ultimately law enforcement.

How about the DOG SHIT they are being fed in the inculcation and indoctrination centers called schools, where they are learning the Second Amendment doesn't apply to them, getting global warming grilled into their head, being taught everything you wanted to know about gay, and have

Now go join the service and go kill us some Muslims so we can make the world safe for EUSraeli energy companies and the $y$tem of private central banking, kids.

The FBI and other agencies closely monitor the Internet activity of extremist groups, and must strive to adapt their intelligence-gathering capacities to the latest ways that young people communicate with each other.

Can you SEE the AGENDA-ADVANCING GOALS coming into VIEW?  

I must say I FEEL SO SORRY for the KIDS TODAY! 

They are going to enter and grow up in a TOTALITARIAN SURVEILLANCE STATE!

Local police must embrace that mission as well. On the home front, parents can monitor their children’s Internet addictions and associations, seeking help when needed. And where there are no family members, others must fill the gap....

The best way to protect communities in Boston and across the nation is by combating foul and extremist ideologies of all stripes, through monitoring, countering with moderate appeals, reaching out to vulnerable young people — and calling the authorities when necessary.

Yeah, moderate appeals unless its getting into more wars.


There is really no sense commenting further. You KNOW the PRISM of PROPAGANDA that is bring you these "solutions."


"The American Civil Liberties Union has expressed profound privacy concerns about the proliferation of CCTV cameras. But in an age when people routinely snap photos and videos on their smartphones and upload them to the Web, it is tougher to argue that people assume they won’t be monitored in public."

That's the Boston Globe editorial board talking, and could there be any doubt that they are only concerned about you, dear fellow citizens? 

Yup, ACLU is damn near a "terrorist" organization now -- despite the high level of Jews that populate its staff and leadership.

Oh, and WHO BENEFIT$ again?

"The false choice between security and civil liberties" by Lawrence Harmon |  Globe Staff, April 20, 2013

There is security you see. There is security you don’t see. And suddenly there is a sense that there is no security at all. The last category best describes this terrifying week, which began with two terrorist bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon and ended with a running shootout with the suspects through Cambridge and Watertown.

When law enforcement and the public finally catch their breath, a deep discussion needs to take place over how best to proceed. Terror attacks on American soil — homegrown or otherwise — inevitably raise debate over the danger of trading away our civil liberties for safety. But often this is a false choice. Much more can be done to protect us without threatening the American way of life.

Wait until you see what he suggests.

And it must be done; this week, three spectators died in the Marathon blasts, and an MIT police officer was later killed by one of the suspects. And that says nothing of the 176 people who were wounded — some horribly — in the Marathon bombings.

Okay, hold on! Whenever agenda-pu$hing pukes start hollering URGENCY that means DIG IN YOUR HEELS!

Security along the 26-mile Marathon route included air patrols, bomb-sniffing dogs, and more than 1,000 police officers and military personnel.

Translation: That is a DE FACTO ADMISSION that, yes, indeed, there WERE DRILLS GOING ON THAT DAY -- and that they FAILED! They FAILED MISERABLY!

But the decision to give thousands of people access to the crowded finish line area without visual checks of their backpacks and belongings canceled out all of the other painstaking precautions.

(Blog editor is/was stunned when he read that this morning. You think I'm being hyperbolic when I'm capitalizing and enlarging things, but there it is)

Police say they can’t inspect the belongings of everyone along the entire route without decimating the spirit of an event where spectators are as important to the overall experience as the runners. But that is a false choice, too. The goal is to mitigate risk, not eliminate it by creating a police state. England will still be free on Sunday following the London Marathon, where police set up additional inspection points at key viewing sites. 

He thinks England -- with the highest concentration of spy cameras on the face of the planet -- is free. 

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Ah, the sweet smell of freedom (brought to you by MI-6 and other intelligence services)!

And you can believe we will adopt similar measures in Boston next year. Spectators who want the best vantage point should submit to extra security checks. At most, it’s a marginal inconvenience.

The rudimentary “improvised explosive devices’’ used by the terrorists led to what Boston police commissioner Edward Davis called “the most complex crime scene’’ in the city’s history. The successful manhunt for the suspects shut down large sections of Greater Boston, including Watertown and Cambridge. Imagine for a moment what more sophisticated terrorists might be capable of.

Especially with Obama not paying attention.

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And that will happen someday. It's been predicted and foreshadowed. 

And seriously, you don't expect me to believe this government and its mouthpiece media is going to keep us safe, do you?

Surface transportation is a favorite target of warped, makeshift terrorists like those who attacked Boston. To protect the subway system, the MBTA has a sophisticated system of closed-circuit cameras and sensors for chemical agents.

Putting all the patsy plot retards framed by informants aside, is it just me, or are the "terrorists" taking steps down from 9/11? Again, once you KNOW WHO is behind the agenda and it all makes sense.

Yet about 60 percent of the T’s buses have no security cameras.

Aaaaah, $o who i$ going to get those contract$?

Nearly 8,000 people were killed and 30,000 wounded in surface transportation attacks around the world from 1970 to 2012, according to the Mineta Transportation Institute, a national research organization created by Congress.

That wouldn't have been founded by Norman Mineta

Do you know what a COVERT ACTION IS?

"Covert action programs, a particularly secret category in which the role of the United States is hidden

AmeriKa's media does a great job, 'eh?

Yet historically, we have placed a low priority on securing surface transportation. This vulnerability needs to be addressed, and quickly.

MBTA police superintendent Joseph O’Connor said efforts are underway “to harden buses as targets,’’ including the use of high-visibility patrols. But such techniques do not extend to training drivers to challenge passengers who raise suspicions.

That's going to be great for friendly relations in the tolerant city of Boston.

It would be absurd to check passengers’ bags on all buses and all routes. But there should be a role for intermittent inspections by T police and even drivers on crowded downtown bus routes where a bombing could cause the greatest loss of life.

And THERE GO THOSE FREEDOMS this guy was talking about!

It is crazy to allow people to enter crowded movie theaters and other entertainment venues without bag inspections.

Do I really need to type it? Now the false flag of Aurora makes sense.

It takes only a few seconds for security guards to look inside or, more importantly, feel the weight of a bag to determine if it might contain something suspicious. It’s not foolproof. But again, it shifts the odds in our favor. And the inconvenience is minimal. After all, the ticket holder is going inside to watch a movie for the next few hours, not rushing to catch a train.

You know, rather than do that why don't we just BAN BACKPACKS!! 

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I mean, look, they are NOT EVEN JOBS Americans want!

New threats also call for changes in the security profession. At one end of the safety spectrum, we have superbly trained first responders, brilliant investigators, and forensic experts. At the other end, we have minimally trained security guards protecting soft targets like malls and retail establishments.

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So now THAT load of ABSOLUTE CRAP makes sense, and it simply confirms my analysis.

And the first time some innocent kid gets blown away because some flunky thought he say a gun?  

But you know what? I'm sure someone will find a way to help the economy with a law$uit.

If the Marathon bombing is a glimpse of our future, there is a need for a new type of specialist guard. They wouldn’t need lengthy and expensive training in defensive driving, criminal law, domestic violence, and other subjects taught in traditional police academies. They would need the training and awareness to spot suspicious people and situations.

Goodbye, America. 

Hell-o, AmeriKa!

The odds of more terror attacks are greater than the odds of losing our essential freedoms.


What he just suggested taking away in response to this false flag psy-op is EXACTLY THAT!

This week has shown that we should tighten our security and loosen our concerns about minor limitations on our freedom of movement.

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Yeah, those limitations are not going to apply to the elite class that carried out this operation; it is only going to apply to me and you, fellow citizens.


Didn't I a$k about the contracts above?

"After attack, tech firms balance help, promotion" by Scott Kirsner  |  Globe Correspondent, April 21, 2013

Just as the events of Sept. 11, 2001, created “market pull” for new kinds of technologies within the military, intelligence agencies, and the newly formed Transportation Security Administration, it’s possible that the events of April 15, 2013, could, too. Bedford-based iRobot sold scads of surveillance robots called PackBots to the military to explore caves in Afghanistan and investigate possible roadside bombs in Iraq.


"FDA approves iRobot device for use in hospitals.... InTouch Health chief executive Yulun Wang acknowledged that the steep price for RP-VITA will be an issue for hospitals, many of which are operating under increasing pressures to reduce health care costs

IRobot boosts estimates on strong sales  

They just got another boo$t. Good thing the Bo$ton bombing came along.

Today, there are already local companies working on smaller and more sensitive devices to detect explosives, ways to gather intelligence from information posted online, and approaches to analyzing video footage from mobile phones and security cameras.

Laura Teodosio says her MIT spin-out, Salient Stills, originally started selling its technology to newspapers that wanted to extract high-quality still images from a videotape. But in the months before 9/11, Salient began working with the Boston Police Department to sift through closed-circuit videos related to a string of drugstore robberies. Since then, Salient has worked with the Metropolitan Police Service in London to investigate the subway bombings in that city in 2005, and she also says that a number of “three-letter agencies” were relying on Salient’s software in the wake of last Monday’s blasts on Boylston Street.

Wow. Ever hear of Mr. Aswat or Mr. Khan, readers? 

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You know, I really hate to harp on the same points over and over again, but....

One thing the software does is take videos from various sources and put them into a single software application so they can be scoured.

And you wonder why I don't believe the videos the government put out over television?

But Teodosio explains that it is also possible to hunt not just for faces, but “you can also look for someone of a particular size, or a logo on their bag, or how fast or slow they’re moving, or whether they have a limp.”

Recorded Future, based in Cambridge, built software that can track mentions of a particular topic on the public Web, like “shoulder-fired missile,” and tag the mentions based on geographic origin and time. But information from the public Web can also be blended with classified information that has been gathered by intelligence agencies. “Everyone is looking at this flow of Web and social media data, and trying to figure out how you get usable intelligence out of it,” says Ahlberg.

In 2010, Waltham’s Thermo Scientific paid $145 million for a local start-up, Ahura Scientific, that designed portable sensing devices that could detect the presence of explosives and other chemicals; Thermo now markets Ahura’s TruDefender and FirstDefender products to security and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

$ee what it's all about?

A newer start-up, 908 Devices of Boston, raised $8 million last September to develop a device it anticipates could be more sensitive than Ahura’s....

Last year, iRobot began selling a “throwable” robot about the size of a hard-cover dictionary, the FirstLook, which is light enough to be tossed through an open window or over a fence. It sells for $20,000. Some of the company’s bigger and more expensive ’bots were on the job in Watertown Thursday night, checking out one of the suspects’ abandoned vehicles.

The whole thing was a trade $how!

The company often walks that delicate line between offering assistance by dispatching loaner robots, as it did in 2001 in Lower Manhattan, and highlighting its involvement. Chief executive Colin Angle said high-profile situations like the pursuit of the Marathon bombers “shows the difference that robots can make in these intensely dangerous moments,” and may spur other law enforcement agencies to consider acquiring their own ’bots.

As if our local and state police need MORE MILITARI$ATION!

Back in 2001, entrepreneurs were searching for any kind of new customer to fill to the post-dot-com void.

Oh, wow, and then the New Pearl Harbor came along!

It took them a while to realize that even with the best product and the noblest of intentions, selling to government agencies can be a slow and painful process....

Took me about two-and-a-half years to realize that 9/11 wasn't what it appeared to be and what we were told. and it was very, very painful.

Today’s tech companies may not be as desperate for government customers as they were in 2001, but I’m guessing at least a few will decide to travel down that road. And they just might help us avoid future attacks, or at least track down the perpetrators with less bloodshed.

All that s*** didn't work if you accept the official fiction, 'er, version, and his $olution is add more?


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They mean the new normal.

"New Normal Terror Attack

April 20th, 2013
by Tony Soldo

One of the objectives of the false flag Boston Marathon bombing terror attack, was to create fear, confusion, anger, and hatred, in the subconscious minds of the masses, the millions of people who absorb and accept the "New Normal", whenever the people in power implement a tactic or agenda (Problem).

After the media saturates the minds of the masses, the government has a greater role in their lives to rule over them and control them.

The media conditioned the masses to cheer the police and soldiers after the suspect was caught, and the whole city of Boston came out of their houses, cheering the soldiers and police, waving their flags, and singing the national anthem (Reaction).

Now, anytime their is any kind of attack or even a suspected threat, the government can just lock down a whole city, send in the troops, stop and search anyone, go door to door, invading homes, forbidding Citizens to leave their houses, and businesses to close, etc...and the majority of people will not only allow this "New Normal", they will cheer and sing while the oppressors are oppressing them.

The New Normal is a terror attack against the people, and the minds of the people.

Everything that happened after the False Flag Boston Bombing, was meant to create a new, expanded role of government and soldiers and police, on the streets of the USA.

They can violate the rule of law, the Bill of Rights, including the 4th Amendment, Posse Comitatus, Habeas Corpus, and the Miranda Act.

This False Flag attack will be used to expand the Police State, take away more of our fast evaporating freedom and liberties, but also they will use this crisis to pass laws and bills like the CISPA act, that allows the government to extract all personal information on anyone from any source, without a warrant, and pass tougher laws demanding deeper background checks, and create a grid where all of our personal information can be stored and shared by any and all law enforcement, instantly.

Look for these measures to be hidden in any new immigration reform bills (the terror suspects will be presented as an example for stronger background checks).

And also, this attack will give the politicians more "ammo" to pass more laws taking away the people's right to keep weapons to defend themselves.

All major False Flag Events serve many purposes, and this one will serve at least three, creating the new normal in our society and nation.

1) Police State, with troops and cops patrolling the streets, searching people and homes, whenever there is any standoff (threats, or even bank robberies and other domestic crimes).

2) More information gathering, storing, and sharing, on all of us.

3) More laws limiting and restricting the people's right to protect themselves with weapons.

Add to that two more aspects of the expanding Police State:

More cameras on the streets, and more public announcements incouraging people to spy on their neighbors and report suspicious behavior.

These new normal conditions would be impossible to implement all at once, but, when down incrementally, step by step, over time, they are almost impossible to stop.

The only hope is Citizen activism.

Start researching issues and topics like: state sponsered false flag terror, police state, martial law, war profiteering, corporate colonialism, and individual liberty, and human rights.

Then find alternative information and news sites that don't play the left / right game, but rise above to show the big picture of how our individual freedoms and liberties are being stolen from us and the people in power are actively gaining more power and more wealth, everyday, and they will never stop on their own, like any addict, they can't stop.

They are addicted to power and money, and they need intervention.

These power hungry people are operating in Washington DC, and on Wall Street, they are nothing more than businessmen and actors, playing a role, they are no better than you or I, and do not deserve our respect, allegiance, or obedience.

The most important thing you can do is start talking to everyone, your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and complete strangers.

Share with them some new information that you are discovering while searching alternative sites for truth hidden from us by the mainstream media and the government.

Stop getting your news from these two sources, (Mainstream Media, and Government), question everything you see and hear, use your critical thinking skills, and seperate the truth from the lies, and encourage everyone around you to do the same.

Take all that you find, that is good and true, and move forward, leaving the bad, and the lies behind.