Wednesday, April 24, 2013

For the First Time I Am Afraid

I've been at this a long time, but for the first time since beginning I am truly afraid. The latest shit-shovel (yeah, I typed it in full; my profanity is a lot less offensive than the absolute rubbish being being peddled before the American people) regarding the Boston bombing has reached epic proportions.

They are trying to say these farmed, I mean framed (not much difference when you think about intelligence agency cut-outs) patsies were inspired by 9/11 Truth sites and were pothead marijuana dealers, the implication being anyone who is concerned about truth or supports even medical marijuana it seems, are now somehow suspect (heads up, 'murkns with your heads up your asses, ya' already are)!! I suppose when you are rolling out a huge, steamer of a log it's best to roll everything into it.

Of course, this is coming from the government and media that loves me so much it sees fit to lie to me on a regular basis. From the one that loves freedom and democracy so much. From the one that touts human rights around the world as it diminishes them at home. From the one that has left me fearful for the first time. The government and media that wants to protect me so much and are so concerned for my $afety and $ecurity. As for Obama, he's nothing but a worthless tool and front man. Plays the part better than Bush, we were tired of him, but now we are tired of you. Some audacity.

That brings me to his governing pawn Patrick in this unique shit hole called Massachusetts. From the moment I was born I was raised with the smug, self-righteous, self-adulating myth of Massachusetts and Yankee superiority. We were always so much better than "them." Don't blame us, we didn't vote for Nixon. We aren't like those icky-pooh Republican states. What a shock it was to find that the one-party, liberal Democrat, caring and compassionate state was rank and rotted like a hulking carcass, filled with fetid stink and stench of corruption. The looting of tax dollars on Beacon Hill is legendary, and warranted. The only care and compassion coming from this state is taking the lead on gay marriage. Hoo-ray.

As for the events in Boston, the sickening site of Boston's sheeple was most discouraging. Their Nazi-like (albeit unfair to the make such comparisons with the long-ago Germans since "U.S.A." is far more frightening than the gone, but not forgotten by my Jewish-owned media, oh, no, it's there nearly every day to remind me, that fought the private central bankers and Zionist globe-kickers) chants cheering on the fascist state in an orgasmic frenzy, from the ballpark at Fenway and beyond. That was key to the whole false flag. It was up here, in Boston, all Democrat (even the mayor), all pro-gun control. They couldn't have locked down Memphis or Dallas or Oklahoma City as easily. Not only would they not have taken kindly to it -- and rightly so as they already know down there -- but then the cops would have had a whole lot more work and shooting situations, real live ones not the reports you heard about and "saw" on TV. (Some cops shooting up a neighborhood and they called it a gun battle). What jackboot wants that, huh?

Yeah, I'm just a crazy conspiracy kook who happened to care about this world and was raised with values like truth, honesty, and hard work and all that happy horse shit we are fed by the looters and liars that lead us. The fault is mine for foolishly believe such things, for believing in the American media once, for thinking they would change after the Iraq lies, for thinking they were ever about fact or truth at all.

And maybe that is what this is all about after all. In the land of free speech they will now censor with CISPA and one day you and I will wake up here and this page and my other one will be gone. Maybe I will be, too. That's how fearful I am. Won't be without a fight though.

That being said, I want to thank each and every one of you who came here to read, linked an article, or linked the site. That includes all the government operatives that populate the web with their fake profiles, as well as the Israeli Hasbara. I have ALWAYS BEEN for the FREE FLOW of ALL INFORMATION -- even steaming, stinking, room-filling piles of propaganda from the ma$$ media complex. They are collapsing of their own weight, and silencing me or any other person out here will not change the self-implosion of media mouthpieces.

But I digress. The point is I am thankful for all who gave their precious time, and feel that the years and years of hard work in the name of public service and education was an honor. Hopefully, my fears will prove unfounded, and I will be able to continue to serve you for the foreseeable and extended future.

Peace and Love Will Finally Rule This Planet