Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Evil of All?

"Monsanto must go into Saddam Hussein's Shredder

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

I an occasionally stunned by some piece of news that comes to my attention but nothing has hit me quite like this. When my friend Yuka told me about it last night I thought it couldn’t be true, could it? Monsanto needs to go into Saddam Hussein’s plastic shredder. We found out that this story was a lie but I suspect the shredder is real. Those who own Monsanto and those who serve its agenda and those who operate it should meet the proper fate and the shredder seems fitting. It should be on network TV and it should be sponsored by Monsanto. I didn’t feel that Saddam Hussein was any better or worse than anyone else in his position in a country like Iraq. He was probably just what the country needed and he was certainly the type of leader that the residents expected and respected. That’s how it is over there. Saddam had a sensitive side that is not well known to the rest of the world outside of his country. I corresponded with him, while he was awaiting trial by his Zionist neo-con enemies and translated some of his poetry for posterity.

Iraq was better in every respect before the Zionist controlled, American government invaded the country under the orders of their banker bosses. Years later there have not only been no improvements but life is measurably worse than it was for the Iraqis before the occupation. Things were better under Saddam.

Monsanto has some kind of power that is not immediately apparent. It has the backing of major political figures around the world and people like Al Gore and others lobby for and argue for the products and policies of this corporation. Like the global warming scam with the carbon tax credits and the aftermath of the BP murder of the Gulf of Mexico, it has heavyweight influence in the right circles of the upper echelon of satanic world control.

It is becoming more and more apparent that Monsanto is a vicious enemy of humanity and should be put out of our misery. If it takes a French style revolution with an industrial plastic shredder in place of the guillotine, then so be it and the sooner the better. The guillotine is not an appropriate instrument of justice in this instance. The plastic shredder is not even adequate but it will do. No one is destroying human health and ruining personal independence in terms of diet and food production like they are. They are the primary force behind making it illegal to grow your own food. They are the ones forcing genetically modified food upon the world’s populations. They are an authentic representation of the darkest evil known on Earth. The destruction of Monsanto would be a remarkable victory for the human race.

I would like to ask everyone who reads here to affirm in their mind that it is a fait accompli that Monsanto and all those connected with its agenda are to be destroyed ASAP by any possible means. Just drop the thought into your subconscious that something terrible has been ordained for everyone engaged in the agenda and promotion of Monsanto. Take a moment and say, “Hmmm… Monsanto is going to be completely destroyed in an agonizing and terrible manner. That’s good news for the rest of the world.” Believe it to be so and let the mysterious forces of the universe act upon the certitude in all of our minds. You would be surprised how effective such practices can be.

It is the usual order of things at this time that corporations have become more powerful than governments. They purchase the governments and control who is elected and what those elected officials act and do not act upon. Years ago, United Fruit and Coca Cola were routinely murdering people in South and Central America. Union Carbide wiped out and/or blinded thousands of people in India. BP has destroyed the Gulf of Mexico fisheries and is responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths that have yet to occur.

Prostitution can occur in a free lance manner but it seldom remains so. Politicians are no different than the woman who leans into your car window, with the exception that you won’t be getting any pleasure or release from the exchange. It’s the pimps who operate the prostitution rackets and if you want to eliminate the racket you have to eliminate the pimps. Of course there will always be fat and ugly, old white men who need sex and can get it no other way. I don’t know what to do about that end of the equation. Not surprisingly, Israel is the main human trafficking nation on Earth. They funnel the ladies into Tel Aviv with lies and then keep them prisoners, while they sell then to the orthodox men and settlers and anyone who wants them. They have the highest population of female sex slaves on Earth per capita and that is in keeping with what Israel is all about. They are also the main traffickers for the same thing in countries around the world. It’s anti-Semitic to say this because it is true and the truth is anti-Semitic. Things like this are the truth and a record made by the one official organization that was in a position to know the truth.

The entire country of Israel should also go into Saddam’s shredder....


Monsanto is about control of the world’s food supply. Coca Cola and other corporations are seeking control of the world’s fresh water and drive their trucks into rural communities from Maine to Oregon and suck the water from the streams and lakes and have the lawyers to protect their right to steal the water without paying a cent for it. You might want to see the movie Tapped.

Corporations want to control every area of human life, no matter the cost to you and no matter what lengths they have to go to, to enforce your compliance. Corporations are monsters; not all of those who labor in the market place are monsters (not by a long shot) and business is a reality we cannot avoid but… there is the fair profit of able dealing and then there is Hell on Earth.

Monsanto and those like it must be dealt with in the most dramatic and public way. They are committing mass murder on a global scale. They are the enemy of life and anyone apologizing for or protecting them is a criminal or a fool. There’s no wiggle room here.

The mining corporations and so many other criminal and murderous enterprises that are destroying and poisoning the Earth must be brought to justice. I am okay with permanent exile to an inescapable island of rock, where the employment of the inmates is crushing the rock to powder until it is gone; subsisting on basic necessities with no contact to the outside world. I look at this as the compassionate option but I leave the final decision in the hands of those most affected....

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