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Making Sense of the Media Cover-Up of 9-11

"Making Sense of the Media Cover-Up of 9-11

August 25, 2010

"The theory of the free press is not that the truth will be presented completely or perfectly in any one instance, but that the truth will emerge from free discussion." - Walter Lippman, American editor and writer, 1889-1974

On 9-11, President George W. Bush said "America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world." Minutes after the demolitions of the Twin Towers, Ehud Barak, the former Israeli prime minister, told the world on BBC World television that Osama Bin Laden was behind the attacks and that the United States should invade Afghanistan. This was, after all, the real plan behind the false-flag attacks.

Anyone who has looked at the events of 9-11 knows there are basically two competing histories. First, there is the official version, presented by President George W. Bush in a speech given shortly after the attacks and bolstered by the appointed 9-11 commission, that Muslim terrorists were responsible for the death and destruction. This version has since been adopted and supported by the Obama administration and virtually every member of Congress.

The second version is fundamentally opposed to the official version in that it claims that the terror attacks were a sophisticated "false flag" operation carried out by Israelis with the assistance of highly-placed Zionist agents inside the U.S. government. This version posits that the Israeli plan was for the attacks to be blamed on Al Qaida in order to usher in the Zionist-designed "War on Terror" with its pre-planned invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

While the official version is the only one discussed in the mainstream media, various strands of the unofficial version are found primarily on the Internet. As any serious student of 9-11 knows, the mainstream media ignores a whole host of legitimate questions, facts, and evidence about the attacks that would be reported and examined by the media if it were free to do so.

Americans are raised with the cherished belief that the United States has a free and unfettered press in which important matters are freely discussed. Yet, if the United States truly has a free press, how do we explain the conspicuous failure of the mainstream media, over a period of nine years, to discuss the crucial facts and discoveries about 9-11? If we believe that the press in America is free, how can we make sense of the media's blatant cover-up?

For nine years, in lockstep with the government, the mass media has followed a strategy of concealment of the facts and evidence that contradict the official version. The media cover-up is meant to protect and bolster the official version of the terror atrocity by preventing the general public from being aware of the facts. By censoring any serious discussion of the evidence, the mass media has protected the criminal scheme and those who carried out the terror atrocity of our time.


"Paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell." - Hugo Black, American jurist and politician, 1886-1971

To grasp what is meant by the term "media cover-up", let's start with a simple question: Are the reporters and writers in the mainstream media free to discuss the pertinent facts and evidence of 9-11, or is this discussion being controlled and censored by a hidden hand? By "mainstream media" I simply mean the large national networks of print, television, and radio news outlets. These are the well known commercial and "public" media networks that inform and entertain Americans on a daily basis. For many Americans these mass media outlets actually define their reality. For these people, a subject is not considered "real" until it has been discussed and approved by the talking heads on the news programs they consume.

Although 9-11 ranks as one of the most outrageous criminal atrocities of all time, there is a long list of unanswered questions that the mainstream media avoids. As an independent journalist, I have covered many 9-11 events and discoveries that have been completely ignored by the mainstream media. The media's refusal to cover significant 9-11 events has often been the subject of my articles, e.g. "Mass Media Avoids Questions about 9-11" (2002) and "How the Controlled Press Avoids 9-11 Truth" (2005).


"A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people." - John F. Kennedy, U.S. President, 1961-1963

In March 2009, Professor Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University published photographic evidence of an extremely explosive compound of super-thermite, which he discovered in large amounts in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers. The chips of super-thermite were fragments of a bi-layered coating, made using nanotechnology and applied to the interior surfaces of the Twin Towers.

The chips of the extremely energetic coating of super-thermite found in the dust of the pulverized World Trade Center are evidence that very advanced explosives were used to demolish the Twin Towers. The large amount of this nano-composite of thermite in the dust indicates that tens of tons of this material had been applied to the interior surfaces of the World Trade Center. This discovery marked the end of the government version as an acceptable explanation for the collapses. Why has the mass media avoided this crucial discovery? Who are they protecting?

While this discovery explains the pulverization of the 220 concrete floors and the steel pans that held them, it also exposes the falseness of the government claim that burning jet fuel caused the towers to collapse. Like the many unanswered questions about the demolition of the three towers of the World Trade Center, Jones' crucial discovery has been completely avoided by both the government and the media. How can such an important discovery be ignored by the government and media in a free and open society?

If the editors and journalists employed by the thousands of newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations across the United States were truly free to discuss the relevant facts and evidence of 9-11, how could it be that not a single national news outlet has covered Dr. Jones' published discovery of super-thermite after two years?


"The press is the hired agent of a monied system, and set up for no other purpose than to tell lies where their interests are involved. One can trust nobody and nothing." - Henry B. Adams (1838-1918), President of the American Historical Association

Ehud Olmert, the Israeli mayor of Jerusalem, was in New York City on the very eve of 9-11 and was probably in the city during the attacks, something I discovered several years ago. As the mayor of New York's sister city, Olmert (from the hard-line Likud, the party founded by Zionist terrorists) later made a high-profile sympathy visit to New York City about 10 days after the attacks, yet the Jewish-owned newspapers and tabloids of New York City completely ignored Olmert's visit to their city the day before the attacks, something they and Mayor Rudy Giuliani certainly must have known about. How can this be? Why would the visit by a high-level Israeli politician to New York on the eve of 9-11 be kept out of the press – especially after the fact?

Ehud Olmert resurfaced in New York City on September 21, 2001, when tens of thousands were thought to have been killed. Why has the U.S. media failed to report that Olmert was in New York City on September 10 - the day before the attacks? The media silence makes no sense unless his visit was connected to the false-flag terror attacks. Was Olmert on the El Al flight that left New York City on the afternoon of 9-11? (Photo - LIFE)

If the press in the United States were truly free, it would mean that thousands of news editors from each and every media outlet have consistently made the same decision that important 9-11 discoveries, events, and facts were not to be discussed in their newspaper, magazine, television or radio network. Because this is not possible, it must be that a hidden hand dictates what is reported about 9-11 in the mainstream media.


"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." - J. Edgar Hoover, First Director of the FBI, 1935–1972

Having concluded that the mass media in the United States is controlled, we should ask who controls it, and how. Considering the air-tight media cover-up of 9-11, what can we discern about the nature of the hidden hand controlling the media? Using Socratic dialectic we can ask questions and use logic to identify the nature of the power controlling the media.

Our first question would be: Is the control mechanism external or internal? Has an outside force, such as the government, imposed itself upon the media in order to stifle coverage of 9-11, or is the media controlled from within? While governments certainly do suppress and censor media coverage, it is highly unlikely that the U.S. government is behind the media censorship of 9-11. Any government edict of that sort would have been discovered and exposed during the past nine years. Therefore, we can conclude that the control mechanism must be internal and intrinsic to the ownership of the media.

Having concluded that the controlling hand is intrinsic to the ownership of the media, we need to determine if the various owners of the major media networks are independent of each other or are they somehow united in a conspiracy to cover-up the truth of 9-11 and deceive the public? Judging from the 9-11 cover-up, which has been complete and universal throughout the mass media for nine years, we can see that the owners are united in purpose and working in concert. That is to say that the owners of the commercial media networks and directors of the public broadcasting system are all working under the same hidden hand. There is no dissent. The controlling power is pervasive throughout the media sphere of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Given today's consolidation of the global media, one individual such as Rupert Murdoch of News Corporation may own hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and television stations around the world. But Rupert Murdoch must be controlled by the same hidden hand as the owners of Time Warner (CNN), CBS Corporation, and the other media networks.

Sumner Redstone (born Rothstein) is majority owner of CBS Corporation, Viacom, MTV Networks, BET, Paramount Pictures, and DreamWorks movie studios. Leslie Moonves, a former used car dealer, is president and CEO of CBS Corporation. Moonves also happens to be the great-nephew of David Ben-Gurion, the Zionist leader of the Haganah who became the first Prime Minister of Israel. Whatever organization Redstone, Moonves, Murdoch, and the other media owners belong to and from whom they evidently take their marching orders, it must be a very secretive cabal.

The U.S. media mogul Sumner Redstone is a devoted supporter of Israel and Zionist causes. Here he poses with Arnon Milchan (left), Mossad's veteran agent in Hollywood, at his gala event to mark the 60th anniversary of the Zionist state, "From Vision to Reality", held at Paramount Studios on September 18, 2008. (Photo - LIFE)

What else can we tell about the secret organization that the owners of the media belong to? One of the most conspicuous and peculiar characteristics of the U.S. media is its unquestioning support of Zionism and the state of Israel. Although Israel is a tiny state, about the same size as Slovenia or Albania, it is always discussed in the U.S. mass media, but its overtly racist policies and blatant war crimes are never criticized. The mainstream media in the United States is actually more supportive of the hard-line Zionist policies of Israel's Likud extremists than the Israeli press, which indicates that the secret organization behind the media must be extremely Zionist and pro-Israel by ideology.

As explained in my book, Solving 9-11 – The Deception that Changed the World, there is a great deal of evidence of Israeli and Zionist involvement in the "false flag" terror attacks of 9-11 – and the criminal destruction of evidence and cover-up that followed. Having concluded that the owners of the mass media networks are bound together in a secret Zionist organization, we can now understand how it is that they are in complete agreement in their refusal to cover or publish anything that would question the official version and shed light on the evidence of Zionist involvement in the terror atrocity that killed thousands of Americans on 9-11. This is evidently what the elders of their secret organization have ordered and what they must do.

Is there a secret international Zionist brotherhood of prominent Jewish men? Actually there are several....