Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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"The Enemies of Humanity and their Empty Suit Puppets

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

You know who they are. If you don’t know who they are, it’s not difficult to find out. The other day, Bill Gates, another enemy of humanity, bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto. I’m not going to list these reptiles, though I may make mention here and there of prominent exponents like Rockefeller and Rothschild. You can also find a lot of information here.

It is a very simple thing. The banking and crime empire of the false nation of Israel is one expression of the darkest possibilities of those who masquerade as members of the human race. The depth of evil and iniquity that is represented by these representatives of one of the most vicious collections of miscreants in the world is unrivaled in terms of physical numbers. They are the children of life’s ancient enemy and truly defined as exponents of the Synagogue of Satan. On the other hand, there are the international corporations from Coca Cola to British Petroleum. If you want some idea of the pecking order you can find it here. I dislike using Wikipedia for anything, as they are a Zionist controlled entity but for expedience I have made an exception in this case.

Add in the bankers, who are the financing arms of all wars on every side of every conflict, as well as human trafficking, international drug dealing and resource theft. They finance anything that brings them a profit and there is nothing they will not use to generate it. The other major villains are the governments and organized religions. With governments, I include all judiciaries, police and military as they presently exist. This pretty much covers the territory, unless you feel obliged to make the addition of satanic and other elite organizations and the possibility of inimical aliens and mind parasites.

What happens is that those who own the gold make the rules. Corporations, banks and religions demand complicity, conditions and laws from the governments that they control. Agendas are set by the collection of groups, which are responsible for the corruptions of human consciousness and the complicity of invisible agents of darkness and illusion. Police and armies enforce the will of the predators who are seeking control of all of the world’s peoples and resources. There’s no maybe or maybe not about any of this. Those named and those associated with and in their employ are the poisonous swine of the manifest realm.

If the human race is to be freed and to assist in the efforts toward their own liberation, then all of these peoples, operations and groups must be brought down, gutted, cleansed and transformed before there will be anything like freedom upon the horizon. Classic examples of why humanity had better get off its cottage cheese ass can be found in articles like this and like this. It’s one thing to consider the information given and another to extrapolate outward in consideration of where it may go next, once it’s wiped out everything else on its way to you.

Boycott of Israeli goods is not just an act of good citizenship on all levels, if you consider yourself a citizen of the planet, but it is also an act of self defense, as described in the first of the two most recent links given here. Contaminated fruits and vegetables are making their way to Europe and who knows where else. The level of evil that is resident in Israel and those who run that crime syndicate has no real limits. They will destroy themselves on their way to you. Since that’s the result in any case, it would be best if they were stopped by whatever means beforehand.

The corporations intend no less. Their pursuit of ever higher and higher profit margins ensures that they will destroy their customers along the way to destroying themselves. This seems to be sheer insanity and difficult to understand. You have to understand that they cannot see the result of their behavior and intentions because they are blinded by the imperatives of their greed and ignorance. It’s all short term except for the will to maximize the profit/cost differential.

The governments and the armed thugs that protect their interests and swallow all that flag wrapped, patriotic propaganda are just prostitutes who want to go on hooking for one more day. They like the work and there are no concerns about arrest or confinement. It’s all protected by the laws they pass, which make whoredom a desirable and respected profession.

Religion operates like Saturday morning cartoons, interspersed with commercials, that corrupt the appetites of children with no power to reason; by the time they’ve grown into whatever is demanded for the cash registers of Jesus, they’re also ready to climb into the mouths of canons for the politicians and military leaders who protect the corporations and enforce their will.

The criminal think tanks and satanic lodges like CFR, PNAC and the vultures of J. Street, along with a great many more, set the policy and positions of everything on the left and right, along with the options presented to the middle, while they control every one of them in their pursuit of entropy and mass destruction, which they transform into whatever visualization they use to seduce themselves. You can’t see the payoff but you’re not blind to the effect of their actions on everyone else. They are.

It’s an impossible dream to imagine that humanity will awaken in such a way as to free the world of all of these parasites, cannibals and vampires. Even while they awaken, agents of those in their gun sights will transplant themselves into their leadership. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was a good example of this. Take a look at Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Neither of these individuals is intelligent enough to be trusted with anything sharp or complicated. They are tools of the blood drinking, flesh eaters in the shadows.

This may be why Nature and other forces are at work to transform the passing age into rubble. One can only hope that all the bankers, corporation executives, politicians, priests, Zionists and puppet masters get mulched and composted into nutrients for the soil of a new beginning. My advice to all of the members of the largest population group on Earth; the victimized, manipulated, shoehorned between a rock and a hard place citizens of every country, will have the sense to focus their anger and aggressions upon the bankers, stockbrokers and everyone else already mentioned, instead of upon their fellows as their persecutors intend. You need ‘a little list’. Every one of you needs a little list for the day you see what’s been happening to you.

Storm their castles, compounds, underground survival cities and high rise entertainment zones, where they party and piss over the railing. Don’t make targets out of each other. They’re the ones arming and facilitating the Mexican drug wars, just as they invaded Afghanistan and now protect and harvest the opium for profit and crowd control. You know who these people are if you just take a moment to see who is at the head of all of these noxious enterprises that have destroyed your economy and way of life; not that there was anything romantic about your slavish love affair with materialism.

In the end it may well be that you deserved each other. It could be that both the victims and victimizers need a season in the hot zone because they were consciously, or unconsciously, locked in a death dance of unending embarrassments and ritual abuse, which somehow served them both.

Now the battle cry of the potato headed leadership of the Tea Bagger tools is, “Get rid of the liberals and career politicians”. They want to replace them all with something much, much worse. There’s a certain kind of stupidity that is terminal. There’s no cure. What the outcome of it will be, I don’t know. Even now, some monstrous, retarded savior is lurching up out of the swamp of human ignorance to save his people. They are crying out for him. They want more of what they always wanted, more conveniently, less intellectually challenged and attached by wires to their genitals and taste buds, so that they can push the buttons of automatic gratification, just like the monkeys who kill themselves in the laboratories.


"The Truth is the Best Fuck in Town

Dog Poet in Orbit…….

Begin transmission…….

While all of us are focused on everything else and that includes the unknown nightmare of the Gulf of Mexico, something else is also happening. Something like this. The world is transforming my friends. It is happening in front of your eyes and around the corner while you shop and surf and dream and fuck. I know it has always been the appearance of something taking place, through the television, the windshield and in your mind that flashes by the peripheral of the seeing, discounting, laughing, sneering, without compassion, wincing, disinterested, occasionally with curious eyes and sometimes helpful and compassionate. It is also soon to be right there where ‘you’ are; discounting you, laughing at you, sneering at you, without compassion for you, not wincing, disinterested in and occasionally curious about you and sometimes helpful and compassionate.

I don’t know what the reader knows about The Partition/Pakistan and Gandhi; not to mention the coincidental timing of two different countries in two separate places; one of them receiving most of the misery of late and the other one causing it; one of them the size of a Liberty dollar and the other the size of a centime… the Hindu Kush… Karachi has 20 million people nearly (digressing) and all that grasped and expanded and crunched territory that looks like god reached down and grabbed a part of the world like a brown paper sack and crushed it for a moment and then let go. It could have been Mother Nature grabbing the ground like it was a bed sheet as she thrust her hips back up into her heavenly lover and then she fell back and became an ocean. I don’t know. Don’t ask and well, you can’t tell anyway can you? What was that thing about the groove under your nose? Isn’t that where the angel pressed its finger and said, “Shush”? …silence.

What kind of a number is twenty million? That is the amount of people affected there.

And we’ve seen those numbers in those places before, gulag speaking. Never forget that Stalin was from Georgia either. Don’t forget, if you ever knew, about the tunnels through the Caspian Mountains. Don’t forget about all those strange fires in Russia. Don’t forget about all those interesting oil spills in Michigan, China and what you already know or… don’t know. There’s a game called Risk and a game called Go. one is more like Monopoly and the other more like chess, I guess (rhyming feature turned on).

Somebody said a hard rain was going to fall and I’m writing a song about The Gulf of Mexico, hope to have it up here soon but this ain’t about the rain; the rain is the responding to a karma kind of thing where the people who did some shit before are now reincarnated into the next chapter of it and this isn’t about my songs because those are incidental to anything. The people I am going to talk about don’t care about Karma, even if it is the truth, they would help anyway. This is about who and why and do you really know. I’m following along with some of yesterday’s Smoking Mirrors. The time is here now and so all of us have to take off our masks. Some of us do it willingly because we’re like Strider before he was Aragorn. We’re the real marines who have been protecting your borders. Other masks are going to be ripped off. Those are the ones employing the people who turn into red faced, martini drinking, heart attack victims and who work at destroying borders and making laws and rules that turn honesty and truth into a crime....

I know I could be set down in any street in Karachi, or even a Taliban location in the Kush and be safer than walking around Piedmont Park in Atlanta after midnight or off street wise from Sunset in Hollywood, even though I am safe in either place. People are people except when they are not. The right people know each other wherever they are. Even tigers don’t fuck with people who aren’t afraid of them. Who are these people who are not afraid of tigers? They got Lady Truth on their arm. They don’t need armies and police. They don’t need weapons. They don’t need anything. Your Bible is full of these things, even if it is all bent out of shape, you can’t conceal the truth when it’s there. She doesn’t take her clothes off for everybody....

Think about all of this the next time you pick up a magazine or a newspaper, watch TV or go to a concert. Think about this the next time you read or listen and think about what you are seeing and hearing and ask yourself if the empty vacuous crap, with the accelerated yeast infection rise, is the Wonder Bread of your tomorrow and the source of the strength in your bones....Think about this the next time you visit a real truth site. You know who they are. They tell you about what’s really happening in Pakistan and The Gulf and it doesn’t matter if one of them thinks that HAARP is a radar machine and one thinks it’s a weapon. It doesn’t matter if one gets pissed about no plane at the Pentagon and somebody else thinks it’s a missile....

Think about these guys when you buy a magazine, turn on a TV, buy a newspaper, some pointless piece of shit that was easier to get than the genuine article, given to you free on a real man’s sweat and blood for and on your behalf. The next time one of these people tells you they need donations …and you can imagine how that makes them feel to do it, as if they aren’t trusting enough or doing without enough to keep it real, short of the lights going out; you ask yourself whether maybe that isn’t a reasonable operating cost for you since you would be in the dark without them....

God have mercy on Pakistan....


"Waiting on the Cosmic Ex-Lax

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

According to a well known astrologer friend of mine, the week of 9/18 to 25- most inauspicious on the 20th- is a major crisis point for the nation of Israel and considering some of the things they have been up to over the course of time, any crisis is a good crisis when it comes to these people.

I don’t particularly want to talk about them today; talking about them makes me feel like I need a shower, even if I just took one. I get the sense that the world is in a state of constipation because many things that would have happened, haven’t happened because conditions changed on the way to their occurrence. So, like a crowded airport, planes of unlanded circumstance are in a holding pattern over the runways below.

I want Justice and I want Peace but it appears I can’t have one without the other; “no Justice, no Peace”, as the chant in the public park goes, outside the soundproofed windows of the apartments above. The rage in the streets below has gone toxic and any small provocation to anger is likely to light a conflagration that will consume both park and apartment building. From Karachi to Seattle, the tension is right up against it; the tension being the intransigence and rapacious acquisitiveness of the bloated and insatiable ruling classes, against the needs of the victimized public.

Because of the unyielding and imperial sense of entitlement that is assumed by the financial elite, the rest of society is losing everything. They are losing basic services, infrastructure maintenance, health services, retirement guarantees, the long ago lost union representation and most of those inherent truths granted them by The Constitution and The Bill of Rights and all of this has come because of the general accepted lie, concerning the origins of 9/11 and the actions taken in the follow up.

All the terrible changes that have placed a grey cloud over the day to day existence of the majority of the Earth’s people can be traced to that one day in 2001. In no time, this event, now proven to have been orchestrated and carried out in a joint effort between Israel and the American CIA- as well as elements of British intelligence and collaborators in other countries- has put the world in the loading zone outside the gates of the Concentration Camp Mind....

I saw this on Whatreallyhappened today and thought of what his country subjected him to. It made me think of Marlon Brando, Orson Welles and many other great artists that America and other countries have known. As soon as men like this begin to speak the truth they are no longer welcome in their country and are branded with evil terms that have no bearing on the veracity of anything they may have said, which diminishes their achievements and makes it impossible for them to be employed at their profession. Many great Americans like Henry Ford, Jack Kerouac and others have had their say and been marginalized for speaking truth to power. Now we are hearing about The Beatles and what they had to say about the thefts and slanders that they endured.

How much information supported by irrefutable evidence do we need to experience before the reality of our situation dawns upon us?

Even so called real Satanists can’t hold a candle to the kind of people we’ve been talking about here because they still possess a certain kind of restraining morality. The khazars possess none. In Israel today we have a collection of the very worst genetic compositions that have ever existed on the face of the Earth. They would make Genghis Khan blush.

As I have said many times, this is the time of The Apocalypse. Now, all of the things that have been concealed by the evil threads, woven through the tapestry of an age, are being showcased for what they have done and the way they have altered our perception of the tapestry by their presence within it. It is their presence that has made our understanding of existence and our place within it into a lie. They transformed and made important, certain falsified records of history and used religious books for that purpose, with the knowledge that this would confer veracity upon their self-celebratory myths. Now, like sunlight breaking through dense foliage, the truth is making itself known and not all the efforts of the darkness can resist or contain it.

This appearance of truth is intensifying by the day and doing it exponentially and logarithmically, as it both intensifies and is the beneficiary of an ever increasing speeding up of time, due to the movement of the planet into a certain position in the cosmos. An apocalypse appears at the end of every age. There is no difference between an age and a movie or a book. It contains all of the same components and conditions which appear in the places you expect them to…. Climax, anti-climax-dénouement; I wouldn’t be surprised to see credits roll down the sky at the conclusion; ‘soundtrack mastered in Dolby and THX with surround sound’.

Take a look around you. What is it that keeps people from seeing what is to be seen everywhere? “Tsunamis, earthquakes, wars and all of the features of ancient prophecies; of course we’ve had these things a time or two before but seldom altogether as we have them now....

Some may think this is a post that didn’t need to be written and some may wonder what the overall point is that I was trying to make. It has to do with that waiting/constipation thing. Something is retarding near everything. Events that should have logically occurred already are dangling in a frustrated immobility, as if all of them were awaiting some signal happening that opens the canal locks for all of what must follow....


"Let's send British Petroleum into the Fires of Hell

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

When you talk about British Petroleum you have to talk about the Bride of Dracula, the original noxious, bat cave, the Queen of England, also the head of the Black Nobility; or close enough. My favorite picture of this slithering reptile is when she goes around on Christmas Day or New Years and dispenses season’s greetings to the junkies and homeless on the street. After a heartfelt, “Merry Christmas!” and a brisk handshake, it’s on to the next affair of state, which usually involves a senior cabinet member porking his chauffeur.

When you talk about British Petroleum, you also have to talk about the true vampire elite, The Rothschilds. They employ the Chinese Boxes style of accounting and operations fronting. I remember that photo of Warren Buffet, the mere piker of an investment entrepreneur from America, standing with Schwarzenegger and Jacob Rothschild prior to his investiture as Governor of California.

Not a day goes by when I don’t hear about British Petroleum doing something they are not supposed to do, denying it, being caught at it and… not a damn thing being done. They continue to pour Corexit into The Gulf at night, to keep the oil from the surface, or whatever the intricacies are, in order to avoid having to pay for their evil actions, which will inevitably lead to the deaths of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands; who knows?

All during the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, private security and public police forces, were employed by British Petroleum, to keep American citizens off of their own property on behalf of a foreign multi-national. They were threatened with jail and fines based on no existing laws that I know of besides the, “I have a gun and you don’t” law, which is a little like the Texas, “sumbitch needed killing law” but not really.

That jumped up pimp in the White House has been crying out behind the rodgering extended by BP to give it to him, “harder, faster and deeper”, in simulation of BP’s actual intentions and activities in The Gulf of Mexico, which seems to have resulted in at least one piece of good news. It might have affected a planned attack on Iran; delayed it more likely.

The control of the corporations is now official; it became official when the Supreme Court declared that it was perfectly legal for them to purchase the presidency or any other political office they desired. It became even more official when BP demanded that the American Government, sworn into office to represent the best interests of the citizens, immediately represent the interests of a pack of nationless scoundrels and get out there and lie like a Southern Baptist preacher about swimming safety; tasty and nutritious fish, cool healing rains and a chick at your door with a bag of pot. I think I got that last homily wrong. It might not even be a homily.

They said you should be catching and eating that fish because the government guarantees that its Long John Silver approved, except if anything goes wrong it’s your fault. People are finding chemicals in their swimming pools that are doing things to their skin. How did it get into their swimming pools? The same way it’s getting everywhere else. There’s no mention in the Zionist owned media about the terrible conditions that are manifesting down on the bayou because they are in the same club with The Rothschilds and the Queen and all the rest of the vicious, bloodthirsty pirates who run most of the show or… for the moment, as far as they know....


"Hey Buddy, You want to Buy a Watch?

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

It is true that we should probably be more concerned with “who put the bomp in the bomp she bomp she bomp and who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong or… even more trenchantly “who wrote the book of love”. I don’t think it was these guys. Yes, the mosque at the WTC site is not at the WTC site and Zio-Nazi, Pamela Geller is not going to be played by Pam Grier in the made for TV movie but you can still watch “Machete” if you want to.

Little Georgie Sorrows; shit! I keep misspelling his name; Soros, that’s it. He gave a bunch of money to ‘the’ Human Rights watch. You won’t hear about the behind the scenes fighting between Cartier and Rolex about the rights to make the watch but you couldn’t afford one anyway. So what are you doing here? I don’t appreciate having to do this every day when you still want to know what time it is and All Along the Watchtower is not playing at a theater near you. It’s time to wake the fuck up but that’s just my version. Everybody is talking about “seven come November” and “baby needs a new pair of shoes”. Keep rolling them dice people, sooner or later you are going to get ‘snake-eyes’. September marks the fall. November is an addendum.

It’s not like we need a schedule. These things tend to repeat themselves, while weird, inexplicable shit keeps right on happening. Let’s see, major earthquake and nobody dies… okay and moving right along. Where was I? Who am I? No one will be seated during the last ten minutes of their life. Maybe Paris Hilton will break into The Wax Museum and drive an ice hammer into the head of the display dummy at the Trotsky exhibit. Yes, you can count on it getting even weirder than that. I’m in the unenviable position of having something to do with it and being one of those guys that asks, “What are all those dials for”?

Well those people from Dove; I can’t figure out if they make gourmet ice cream or bar call hand soap. I do know that the Holy War thing is ratcheting up. 0.2% of the world’s population is making war on a quarter of the population AND using a third of it to do their work for them. It’s got to be time for another Nobel Peace Prize. Yom Kippur is coming up, right inside the time zone of that critical period I was just talking about over at Reflections in a Petri Dish. Now there’s a rare event, actually linking my own work.

This constipation thing that I’ve been talking about; this waiting thing; is becoming more and more clear. There are a handful of very bad people propping up a dead system and they are doing it the way a male black widow spider goes about its mating ritual. Let’s hope they are unlucky. Of course you can’t hold something up that gains exponentially more weight as it loses value for very long so… look out below!

I don’t know what the Fox-holes are saying but I know there are no atheists in them. However there is a line of true believers that runs around the block and they are “waiting, just anticipating” (as Otis Redding might say) for their big moment in the privacy booth. They got a condom in one hand (scratch the faith angle) and a gun in the other. It was either cooze or food and cooze won.

It literally blows my mind off the hinges, or it would if there were walls and doors containing my mind. I dressed up as a suicide bomber inside my own head, some years ago, and took care of all that window dressing.

Keep cranking them out visible, remember, you’re getting $0.00 a word so it’s got to be adding up. It’s the thrill of engagement, that’s what it is. Yeah somebody told me that the future was dead but me I never believed them, I caught a seat on the inward bound and trailing the future behind me …and so it goes. You can’t pack bullshit beyond the limits of its compression. It will explode into flames and… that’s what we got. As the unreal has to grab more and more air and force it into a smaller and smaller space in order to give the semblance of real to the few bits of inert matter willing to remain, it becomes ever more explosive and combustive as it proceeds. The irony is that most people will think its confetti when it goes...