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9/11 and the Zinjry

"9/11 and the Zionised Events .

By Tariq Majeed

When we at last definitely come into our kingdom by the aid of coups d’état prepared everywhere for one and the same day, after the worthlessness of all existing forms of government has been definitely acknowledged we shall make it our task to see that against us such things as plots shall no longer exist. (Protocol 15, para 1)
"Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial."-- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 25 March, 2001 quoted in BBC News Online
Starting Gun

The Mega-Terror of Sept 11 was the starting gun for the last lap in the Zionist International Jewry’s race to its major End Goals. This hidden Cabal of anti-God, anti-Humanity Zionist Jews has been stealthily but methodically marching on for centuries toward diabolical goals that it has been also refining and expanding all along.

The Zinjry (Zionist Cabals) had captured whole of the Christian World in its invisible clutches by the end of the 19th century and turned its guns fully onto the Muslims and Islam. It was sure that before the 20th century closed, it could engender its planned worldwide tectonic upheavals and fulfill its key final goals of setting up One-World Government and imposing the satanic creed of Zionism as the universal ideology and way of life. And as the century and the millennium turned, it would ring out a dramatic declaration of its global rule!

The Zinjry failed to enforce its timetable in the last quarter of the century. The second stage in the final phase of its Global Plot was delayed by 10 years or so. However, with its terror strikes in America successfully pulled off, Zinjry moved its machinery into high gear to get to its final goals as quickly as possible.

Zinjry’s game is extremely devious. It is only by thoroughly studying its composition, nature and conduct and by learning to decipher the code that it uses to have its programs implemented by the deceived nations of the world, that one can read its actions and aims. This process, combined with certain other inputs, enabled me to envision its villainous projects and intentions. In this context shedding some more light on the 9/11 Terror is useful.

A Forecast of Cataclysmic Events

The horror of the Air Attacks at WTC and the Pentagon, all the more magnified by the fear and suspense that the Media imparted to the coverage of the events, shocked and stupefied the Americans, and the world. This was a designed effect of the preplanned terrorism. As I mentioned earlier, I was surprised at the method of the terrorist act and its targets but not shocked at its occurrence. I had expected cataclysmic events and had predicted in July 2001 that such events would occur.

As General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s President, Chief Executive and Chief of the Army Staff, prepared for a summit with Indian Premier Atal Behari Vajpayee to be held in Delhi (Agra) from 14 to 16 July 2001, I wrote a special point paper on 4 July and dispatched it to him, the Navy and Air Force Chiefs and the other top commanders. Its title was The Real Nature of the India-Pakistan Conflict and the Global Game that Surrounds and Directs it. The paper was also published, first in a Lahore monthly, Vision, in Sept 2001, and subsequently in another monthly, Voice of Islam, and a weekly, Orbit, also of Lahore.

I discussed in it the Kashmir Dispute, the Israel-India Linkage, and the issue of Strategic Parity that is the core reason of India’s irreconcilable hostility toward Pakistan. I also gave an overview of the ZINJRY and its aims, and predicted occurrence of “engineered cataclysmic events” with “the Zionist Game centered on Osama and the Taliban.” The entire paper remains strikingly relevant. Here are some excerpts:

Prime Movers of Events.

India is not the only entity with this aim (of undoing Pakistan). There is another entity, more powerful and sinister, the Zionist Jewry, which has the same aim and which has India aligned with it for this specific purpose. India is Zinjry’s most useful tool against China and, more so, Pakistan. Whatever is happening in India and Pakistan, and the other countries, is according to Zinjry’s schemes - the Zionist Agenda.

The Zionist schemers are the prime movers of the (Agra) summit on Kashmir, and it is their plan on which the settlement or the accord would be based. This must be kept in mind. The accord won’t be coming soon; only principles will be set now. The plan envisages in this area and the nearby regions: change of government on both sides, political turmoil, greater US pressure and animosity toward Pakistan, etc. What is happening in the Middle East, and the Israeli savagery against the Palestinians, is a deliberate, planned course of events.

Orchestration of Cataclysmic Events.

The Zionist Game centered on Osama and the Taliban, who go along with it, is also shaping toward a critical turn. There are other crises brewing below the surface. The point is that the Zionist schemers have brought about the big turn in the Kashmir Dispute at this juncture, because they are aiming at an orchestration of several cataclysmic events that they intend to engineer. A new political environment is in the offing. Series of Cataclysmic Developments That was written in July 2001. And the Zionist Game that followed was, exactly as forecast, “centered on Osama and the Taliban” with “an orchestration of cataclysmic events!”

Cataclysmic events didn’t take long to come. September 11 was one cataclysm. The US Blitzkrieg on Afghanistan, let loose on 7 October 2001, was another cataclysm. The third cataclysmic storm was the US Attack on Iraq, launched on 21 March 2003 [Iraq had nothing to do with 911: Iraq war was planned before 9/11. ]. These cataclysms deeply affected Pakistan, yet there were other upheavals in the wake of 9/11 that were also cataclysmic by any reckoning. The offensive and insulting behavior, assumed enbloc by the Western Countries toward the Muslim people [ Making Islamophobia Mainstream], Muslim Countries and Islam, was nothing less than a cataclysmic phenomenon. [ Islamophobes spread fear, bigotry and misinformation]

Saudi Arabia faced a cataclysmic situation that hit at not only its strategic interests but also its political stability and governmental system. The US policymakers and media managers, who had long hailed it as a most trustworthy and pliant ally of America, all of a sudden turned vehemently hostile to Saudi Arabia depicting it as an enemy of the Western political and cultural values! The Saudi rulers were flabbergasted at this unimaginable change.

Pakistan’s rulers were coerced into conceding the most vital national interest—the country’s sovereignty! The shock treatment given to the military decision makers and the enormity of what they had been made to surrender stunned the nation. The United States demanded, and got possession of several air and naval bases on Pakistan’s soil, and the Pakistan Air Force and Navy were ordered by the government to vacate the bases. The government was compelled to provide logistical and intelligence support to the US Central Command for its invasion and subsequent war operations against Afghanistan. It let CIA and FBI operate in Pakistan under US control. Further, it acquiesced on a most sensitive matter: it let the US ground and air forces carry out search and slaughter operations in Pakistan’s own territory, its Tribal Areas—a vitally important and sensitive area along the border with Afghanistan.

These and other similarly inimical measures were thrust upon Pakistan like a whirlwind, immediately after 9/11. Once the Army regime in Pakistan had shown acquiescence in these matters, the US kept it bending in that posture while demanding Pakistan meet not only other US interests but also the interests of Israel and India. While Pakistan was shaken by these cyclonic developments, it encountered another critical situation that threatened war! In December 2001, India, using the pretext of an engineered terrorist attack on its parliament building in Delhi, massed its army and air force, along the border with Pakistan, in full strength and poised for war. Pakistan had to reciprocate and order its own forces to the front. The two armies remained face to face for over a year before standing down.

Orchestration of several cataclysmic events and a new political environment, that I had anticipated, turned out also to be true. The new, ever-changing, political environment was so staggering that people were still dazed, four years after 9/11!

Process of Forecasting

My forecast of cataclysmic events was not derived from any isolated analysis or select case study. It was a result of a painstaking and methodical process involving a number of inputs. One major input came from constant observation and analysis of a wide range of national, regional and international issues and events. Another was from a critical study of the Zionist Protocols and Zinjry’s Goals. A third source was the knowledge of its ongoing schemes and strategies and of its various programmed puppets.

From my study of a number of major events, e.g., the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and the ensuing Guerrilla War by the Afghans, the Iraq-Iran War, and the emerging European Union as a super-state, it was obvious that, toward the end of the 1980s, the Zinjry’s Game for global control was entering its final phase. I also knew that in this phase its main target was Islam and the Muslim World, and in that its most malicious schemes were focused on the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

To begin the turmoil to initiate this phase, whom would Zinjry use but Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq, and George Bush Sr, president of America! Both had been serving Zinjry for many years and were considered fit to respond to the new schemes as directed. Saddam’s handlers guided him to invade and occupy Kuwait. Bush’s handlers advised him to give a befitting response—invade Kuwait, to free it from Iraqi occupation!

The 1991 US War on Iraq—Forerunner of 9/11

As America attacked Iraq on, 17 January 1991, I exposed the Game plan in writing. My first article, in Urdu, was published in a couple of weeklies and also as a monograph. The second, in English, appeared in the Nation on 2 and 3 February 1991, under the title The Zionist Jewry and the US-Iraq Gulf War, and in the Pakistan Times on 4 February, titled as Gulf Crisis is the Design of Zionist Jewry. It is included in my 1995 book on Global Game.

The entire article is valuable, as it provides an excellent perspective and explanation to the 9/11 horror and the cataclysms that have occurred and those that are to come. It is also useful for understanding and combating the dangerous and confounding current situation. However, quoting a few passages from it may be adequately instructive. Readers should keep it in mind that the article was written 15 years ago, in January 1991, as the scenario it describes is amazingly similar to the present situation.

When Saddam Hussein invaded Iraq’s tiny neighbor Kuwait on 2 August 1990, thus creating the conditions for starting a war in the Middle East, the world was surprised by that sudden move. For the Zionist leadership of the world’s Jews, however, it was the reward of their sustained efforts of at least forty years of planning and manipulation. (p. 355).

To the people the obvious manipulator seems to be the United States. Actually, US Administration led by President Bush is itself an instrument in the unseen hands of another entity. The Gulf Crisis, the ongoing War, the Catastrophes that will still come are not the work of America, but the schemes of the Zionist Jewry. The Jews are directing the War from both sides—fairly visible on one side, hidden on the other. (p. 355).

The scheme in the Gulf is a part—the final stage—of Zinjry’s Global Plot to fulfill the aims of Zionism and seize direct control of the world. The goals include: expanding the geographical boundaries of Israel; breaking up all other countries into mini-states or cantons on ethnic, linguistic or sectarian lines and disintegrating or diluting their military assets, including nuclear power; privatizing all their essential services, communications, transportation, media, banks, financial institutions and development projects, thus giving the control of the mini-states to Multinational Companies, IMF and the World Bank, all of which are in the hands of Zionist Jews; secularizing the educational systems and the political institutions; eliminating religious customs and practices and the institutions of formal marriage and home life; enforcing the Zionist culture of obscenity, promiscuity, total freedom of women and children, and freedom of all immoral forms of amusement and pleasure. (pp. 355, 356).

Any intelligent Pakistani should be able to note the success of these Zionist Goals in Pakistan. The same thing is happening in every other country, including China. (p. 356).

The crisis in the Gulf is primarily aimed at demolishing the existing and potential power of the Muslim Countries and radically changing their geographical and political status and their psychosocial conditions, as mentioned above. One of its major victims is going to be the American Nation. Thousands of American dead bodies, including those of female soldiers, would return to the US. Americans will be killed not only by direct war but also by terrorism created by Zinjry, partly as a result of natural reaction against Americans amongst the Arabs, but more by the Jewish Mafia whose terrorists from amongst Iraqi, Syrian, Palestinian, Moroccan and Egyptian Jews look and speak like native Arabs. (p. 356).

It is in the Zionist Plot to disintegrate the American political unity and power, and to do the same with the Soviet Union, China and India. Right now in the United States, the fervent supporters of the War are Jews, and its strongest opponents leading the movement against the War are also Jews! They are always active on both sides of the fence, i.e., in both camps. (p. 356). Sensible Americans should be able to realize why Senator John Tower, chosen by Bush for the post of US defense secretary was prevented from getting the post on an utterly frivolous allegation, and why, in September 1990, General Michael Dugan, the US Air Force Chief, was removed from his post by Defense Secretary Dick Cheney? Zinjry knew it would not be able to easily manipulate them to play the Zionist Game. (p. 357).

According to Zinjry’s Global Plot, the Gulf War/Crisis would last for around seven years. All the disasters, so far projected in the Zinjry’s media: shortage of oil supplies, escalation of petroleum price to around $ 60 per barrel, big fires in the Gulf oil wells, severe economic depression, great bloodshed and devastation, use of chemical and nuclear weapons, would take place. Israel would enter the war and then all Middle Easy countries, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, etc, would also declare war. The US, which has a defense pact with Israel, will be made to defend it, and American men and women soldiers will be killed for the sake of the Zionist state. (p. 361).

Saudi Arabia will have a new leadership who will fight against Israel and the United States, with the enemy troops on its soil. (p. 361).

Zinjry will continue to employ its other strategies of psychological and subversive warfare to engineer coups and crises, and shape the events, as it wants. It will create conditions to oust King Hussein and establish a secular, pro-US, and pro-Israel Palestinian state within Jordan. The Soviet Central Asia will be turned into independent Cantons. Zinjry employs multi-layered deception in its schemes and exploits everything in its favour. It will use the spirit of Islam in the Central Asian Soviet Republics to separate them from the Soviet Union, and then will instigate their linguistic and religious feelings to reshape them into ethnic units. Ethnic and sectarian prejudices are being inflamed side by side with Islamic fervor, in the people there. (p. 361).

This is a glimpse of Zinjry’s schemes. Allah the Almighty, however, has His Plan, which we do not know. But it is Allah’s practice to bring about the conditions that individuals and nations deserve according to their actions. If the Muslims wish for a positive outcome of the current crises, they must act to deserve it. The first requirement is to put up a determined struggle against the enemy of Islam and Muslim Ummah. But the struggle will be useless if the real nature of the enemy is not known. For example, the Muslim leaders and policymakers do not know how the Jewish people, Zinjry’s principal asset, are organized and directed to produce the required results. (p. 361).

Two Stages in the Phase

What I wrote on the First US War on Iraq may have looked far fetched or puzzling to probably many people in January 1991. It won’t look so now. The course of events has by and large confirmed my assessment. The price of oil, $24/bbl in early 1991, had shot up to $50/bbl in October 2004 and was $60/bbl in August 2005, The Soviet Central Asia had broken up into independent states, each of which was facing engineered ethnic and religious conflicts, and Israel was setting up a phony Palestinian state. If certain developments, e.g., severe economic depression, scarcity of oil supplies, etc, had not yet materialized, they were merely farther down in the Zinjry’s timeline.

Here, I should explain a point about the nature of this phase. When the Zionist schemers launched their Weapon of Mass Deception, Saddam Hussein, in Kuwait, I knew right away that they had activated the final phase of their demonic 100-year Plot. Being aware that they sought full victory by the end of the 1990s, I reckoned they would now let loose on the world the storm of crippling catastrophes, war and mega-terror, which they claim is essential for grabbing global control, and the phase would be an unbroken period of multiplying disasters and chaos lasting for seven years or so.

Only a bit later did I realize that Zinjry was rescheduling its deviltries in stages during this phase, and that it had fallen well behind its schedule. Zinjry’s trick of leaving its WMD in power in Iraq after liberating Kuwait showed that Saddam had still more role to play—to bring doom and destruction on Iraq and the region. This and the other planned disasters were left for the next stage or stages. The terror-blasts of Sept 11, 2001, heralded the second stage.

Brief Introduction to the Zionist Plot

Much of Zionism’s alarming Plot is already sketched in the previous chapters. It looks more dreadful when its many evil features are seen enbloc. Will Zinjry succeed in reaching its goals? Can it be stopped?

We cannot ignore the ground realities. After doggedly pursuing its secret satanic schemes against divine religion and humanity for centuries, with ups and downs, Zionism has clearly met with triumph in the 20th century. Dressed as Capitalism, Zionism rules the governmental machinery as the politico-economic ideology for policymaking in almost every country in the world. Most of the countries, including Russia, India and China, and even some Muslim Countries, have also accepted it as the guiding philosophy for their social, educational and information systems. The UN with its global network is an arm of Zionism. Zinjry is, thus, very close to establishing a Zionist World Order.

There is only one obstacle in its way—the cultural, ideological and spiritual system of Islam. And herein lie the means to not only block its path but also turn it back. But the means have to be comprehended and developed by the followers of Islam, or to be specific, by the leading sections of Muslims. Only then the battle can be joined. This has to be done soon, which is possible, as the instructions required in this regard are given in the Holy Qur’an.

About twenty-five years ago as I began to define and list Zinjry’s aims, I assessed these fell into three parts, which I termed as Immediate Objectives, Intermediate Aims, and Final Goals. A decade later, I found the Objectives, having been met, had merged into the Aims, and the Goals looked ominously closer! Now the Aims are fused into the Goals.

While pondering Zinjry’s Plot, two things ought to be kept in mind. A big part of this last Phase is already in place, since its first stage that was facilitated so efficiently by the agent Saddam who was kept disguised till the end of his task. Now in the second stage, Osama will facilitate Zinjry in its end Goals just as efficiently and deceptively, unless he is exposed, as what he really is: a great tool in the hands of the Zionists who have turned him into a most lethal weapon against Islam and the Muslim Ummah.

End Game and Goals of Zionism’s Diabolical Plot

In briefest words, Zionism’s diabolical Plot is: enslaving all humanity under Zionist rule, banishing God from the people’s minds and lives and making them worship Satan.

Would the Muslim rulers and leaders of society realize that the foremost target of World Zionism and the Zionist State of Israel, which a number of them have befriended, is Islam? An insight into what the Zionist Jewry plans to achieve in all the spheres of life is actually given in the foregoing chapters. A look at some of the more malicious and critical Zionist/Israeli goals is again offered below. Targeting Islam. Attacking Islam in countless ways from every side; Making all Islamic fundamental beliefs, constituents, commands, precepts, prayers and practices look controversial, irrational, outdated and impracticable; Creating and deepening conflict between various sects in Islam; Intensifying subversion of Islam from within through programmed Muslim zealots like Osama, Mullah Omar, Zawahri, Zarqawi etc, programmed westernized Muslim females, and disguised Zionist Jews and Gentiles infiltrated into Muslim communities; Making Muslims confused and disenchanted with their religion.

Targeting the Qur’an.

Manufacturing an extensive make-believe case against the authenticity and divine nature of the Sacred Qur’an; Portraying this revealed Book as a man-made work like the Old and the New Testaments and producing forged proofs to back this propaganda; Alleging that the Qur’an teaches terrorism, hatred of non-Muslims particularly the Jews, violation of human rights, suppression of women, handing out cruel punishments, restricting human freedom; Launching an international campaign demanding that all the Verses considered objectionable be expunged from the Qur’an; Producing clandestinely such a forged Koran and distributing it widely; Demanding, and imposing, international measures for banning recitation of the Qur’an on radio and television and in public, then banning its publication and import in the Western Countries followed by other countries.

Targeting the Prophet of Islam.

Spreading cleverly crafted disinformation casting doubt on the personality and life, and even the existence in history, of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh); Making him target of worldwide blasphemous propaganda through electronic and print media and literature, including text books; Breaking the universally long-accepted sacred tradition of not making the Prophet of Islam a subject in pictures and not portraying him in films, videos, CDs and other visual channels; Gathering by remote imaging and other technologies detailed data of the contents in the crypt under the tomb of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in Madinah; Stepping up their centuries-old secret quest for underground access to break into the grave, with the intention of stealing the coffin and at a preplanned time, regardless of success or failure in the break-in, broadcasting fabricated news that the grave was broken into by a terrorist group but found empty, projecting the incident as a ‘virtual reality’ and thereby unleashing an emotional and political storm in the Muslim World, and advancing several Zionist goals at the same time.

Forcing Entry of Jews into Madinah.

Putting into effect the long-held Zionist scheme of having Madinah opened for occupancy of Jews; Arranging international backing for claim of Jews to return to Madinah; Citing for Jewish claim on Madinah the precedent of acceptance of the Jewish claim on Palestine and their right to return and occupy the area, citing the establishment of state of Israel as a precedent, and the cases of the expulsion of Jews from various European countries in the 13th and 14th centuries and their subsequent return to these countries; Producing historical data and fabricated documentary proofs for the right of Jews to resettle in Madinah, its suburb of Khyber and at other places, where Jewish settlements existed in the Arabian peninsula at the time of the advent of Islam, and their right to reclaim their land and property; Demanding with the Western Countries’ backing that Jews having suffered expulsion be also financially compensated by Saudi Arabia and the other Arab States of the Gulf.

Targeting the Sacred Ka’bah.

Executing the heinous Zionist scheme, at the programmed time, of demolishing the Ka’bah through aerial or underground attack, using their Muslim puppets and/or disguised Jewish Bondsmen; Propagating that terrorists were responsible for the crime; Letting loose massive unrest among the Muslims and exploiting the blind mobs to heap more harm on the Muslim States and Communities.

Blocking Hajj.

Halting or obstructing performance of Hajj by Muslims, thus striking at one of the great pillars of the Islamic system of prayers and spiritual exaltation, and of the unity of Muslim Ummah; Even with Ka’bah intact, blocking the Hajj on one or more occasions by covertly obstructing by wicked tricks the gathering of Muslims in Makkah; Halting the Hajj for several years by attacking and demolishing the Ka’bah; Throwing the Muslims into utter hopelessness and demoralization; Declaring at some stage that Jews, and even Christians, had also a right to perform Hajj in their own way as Hajj is a tradition of Prophet Abraham.

Destroying Masjid Al-Aqsa.

At a programmed time demolishing Masjid AlAqsa by planned clandestine means, fire, underground explosion, etc, employing trained Zionist agents but broadcasting it as an act of madmen or terrorists; Strengthening the hands of Mossad’s Al-Qaida terrorists and creating upheaval in the Muslim World; Preventing rebuilding of the Mosque, disregarding protests by Muslim public while keeping their puppet Muslim leaders incapable of taking any effective action.

Erecting Temple of Zionism.

Building a Temple on the site of the AlAqsa Mosque, deceiving people into believing it to be Solomon’s Temple, and claiming it was a biblical right of Jews to rebuild the Temple; Outwardly giving the structure the so-called original shape of the Solomon’s Temple, but stealthily instituting in it blasphemous symbols and signs and profane forms characteristic of the creed of Zionism; Cleverly proclaiming the building to be a Three-Faiths Temple—a place of worship for the Three Faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam; Gradually orientating the Three-Faiths’ rites and forms of worship to those of Zionism; Declaring, after crafting a favourable political and psychological environment and silencing potential opponents, that the Temple, in fact, was for worship of the goddess of Zionismthe ’sacred feminine Lucifer—source of light, through which people were transformed into Illuminati, the receivers of light.

Setting up a Make-Believe Palestinian State.

Creating a bogus Palestinian state, using the ever-pliant Puppet PLO leaders and the long-disguised Zionist agents within the various Palestinian groups; Allocating geographically detached walled-enclaves having Palestinian residents, guarded by Israeli soldiers, to form a so-called Palestinian state, and keeping it under Israel’s rule, but making the world believe by deceptive propaganda as if the new entity was an independent state; Engendering more unrest and civil war among the Palestinians, banning the return of the Palestinian Refugees to the Palestinian state, Keeping Jerusalem and the West Bank under Israeli occupation but announcing to the world that the Palestinian problem had been settled.

Obtaining Recognition for Israel and “Greater Israel.”

Forcing the leading Muslim Countries, especially Pakistan, to recognize Israel without any conditions, thus automatically also gaining from them recognition for the so-called Greater Israel, to which the present Zionist state delineates its boundaries; For this purpose, subjecting the Muslim Countries, especially Pakistan, to intense psychological propaganda and deception, and exerting on them immense pressure through United States, European Union, Russia, Japan, IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and other such entities; Completing the process of enforcing full diplomatic relations with the entire Muslim World before letting it be known that Israel was synonymous with Greater Israel.

Advancing toward Greater Israel.

After acceptance of Israel by all the Muslim Countries, letting the world know, first indirectly then plainly, of Israel’s claim, and aim, to expand to biblical boundaries; Letting it be known that the ‘historical claim’ of the Jews to reestablish their state in Palestine actually pertained to the Expanded State, and the creation of Israel in 1948 in a small area was just its first stage, and that the international recognition given to Israel was a recognition of its expanded biblical borders; Formally establishing the so-called Greater Israel, may be giving it a new name to deceive the world—especially the Muslims.

Producing Make-Believe Proofs for Absolving Zionist Jews of their Evil Deeds described in the Bible and the Qur’an. Bringing out strings of crafted virtually real evidence, showing that the Jews were not responsible for crucifixion of Jesus Christ and that the Bible and the Qur’an had charged them wrongly of various evils; Orchestrating this publicity with propaganda that Zionist Jews are specially gifted people.

Manufacturing Discovery of a Clan of the Seed of David and Setting up one of its members as King of the Jews and of the One-World Government. Accepting the historical fact of Prophet Jesus being Jewish and from the seed of Prophet David, unearthing a Jewish family from the bloodline of Jesus and declaring one of its members as the legitimate King of the Jews and the Zionist World Government.

Extending NATO to M-E and South Asia.

After or before Israel’s entry, incorporating into NATO some of the US satellites in the region, e.g., Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman, in their current or future geographical shape; Enrolling Afghanistan, intact or fragmented, into NATO, then extending NATO’s arms to take in Pakistan and India.

Stirring Ethnocentricity.

Breeding narrow ethnic prejudices and mind-set in the people to make ethnicity, i.e., racial, linguistic, sectarian or tribal feelings, predominant in their view of communal existence; Creating Sub-Nationalism or Chauvinism of Ethnocentricity to displace Nationalism, Religion and the other motivations of national or communal unity and thus shatter nations into ethnic fragments.

Extinguishing the Nation States.

Breaking up the existing States, including America, Canada, Australia, Britain, China, India, South Africa, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Iraq, Turkey, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia and all the others that were founded and internally united by the concept and motivation of multi-ethnic Nationalism; Extinguishing the independent status and even the existing names of the present and future member states of the European Union by fully absorbing them within the Union, and fragmenting each of them into small political entities and integrating the entities in the Union as separate members.

Creation of Mini/City States.

In the process of dismantling and demolishing the Nation-State Countries, carving up each country into Ethnic Mini States and Multi-Nationalities City States, e.g., Bombay, Delhi, London, Tokyo, New York, etc, to be Multi-Nationalities City States like Singapore, while Amritsar in India to be an Ethnic Sikh State, Barcelona in Spain to be an Ethnic Basque State, Wales, Cornwall, York, etc, in Britain also to be Ethnic Mini-States; Creating the conditions that should compel people of common ethnicity to move into their future Ethnic States; Crafting such measures as would ensure that in every Muslim mini/city state, over a period of time, Non-Muslims become the majority population and the controllers of the political, economic, administrative and social affairs of the state.

Regional Federations.

Tying together every region’s Mini/City States in a Regional Federation, on the model of the European Union, under a Federal Government, with the constituent mini/city states having the status of district governments; Governing all the mini/city states through a Federal Constitution giving full powers to the Federal Government in all the major sectors of life, Economy, Defense, Finance, Currency, Education, Culture, Industry, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs.

Regional Banks.

Setting up a Regional Bank in each Regional Federation as the Central Bank for all the Mini/City States; the Regional Bank to control the Currency, the local banks and the financial and trading activities related to banking, in the Federation.

Making Muslim Politico-Religious Parties Faithful Supporters of the wretched Western Political System.

By covert manipulation of the political environment and the election process, letting the so-called Islamist Political Parties win limited success in certain Muslim states, for Zionism’s own hidden aims, thus deceiving them and the Muslim masses into accepting the vile system of Western Democracy.

Enforcing a New Political System and Political Culture.

Replacing the existing form of Democracy, Election System etc, with new institutions and systems, still more suitable for the Zionist Order; Making it obligatory to hold elections under UN supervision; Appointing in each state political rulers, decision makers and policy planners by selection and nomination and not by elections or from governmental cadres; Imposing a new political culture making all kinds of disabled, queer and immoral characters eligible to participate in every political process and to enter government service, thus permitting blind, crippled or otherwise seriously handicapped persons, eunuchs, male and female homosexuals and sex sellers to be members of parliament, leaders in politics and rulers in states.

Zionist Order in Islamic Camouflage.

On setting up the anti-God, anti-Islam Zionist One-World Regime, Instituting certain attractive Islamic measures, such as, eliminating interest from banking and commerce, heavily taxing the rich, making it easier for the public to obtain justice, propagating that working of the One-World Government and the process of appointing its leaders and advisers is akin to the order of Caliphate, etc, thereby deceiving the Muslims by this illusion and creating from among them a lobby in support of the Zionist Government.

Universal Holiday on Saturday.

Making Sabbath (Saturday) that is the religious “rest-day” of Jews a compulsory weekly holiday along with Sunday throughout the world; Forcing Muslim Countries to discard Friday as a holiday.

Zionist-Declared International Days.

Making all countries observe the so-called International Days, ostensibly declared by the UN but in fact chosen and established by Zinjry; Keeping governments and people busy and focused on unimportant or irrelevant and, in several cases, undesirable pursuits, and making them spend their money, time and energy on promoting the interests of Zionism integrated in such programs; Expanding the International Days Scheme that already covers many subjects or fields of activity, such as, Labour Day, Children’s Day, Women’s Day, Human Rights Day, to more “Days” in order to further promote the Zionist Order.

Zionist or Zionised Events.

Enforcing universal celebration or observance of certain Events, Occasions and Rites that have no relevance to and, in fact, are against the culture of Islam, but are observed in the creed or culture of Zionism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc, such as, Holocaust Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Basant, Holi; “Zionizing” the celebration of the festive events, i.e., making them serve the evil aims and schemes of Zionism, by popularizing mixed partying of women and men and indulgence in drinking, dancing, rowdy singing, lewdness and other immoral behaviour on these occasions.

Wrecking the Catholic Church.

Striking the final blows at the Papacy and demolishing the Roman Catholic Order, the Institution and the Papal State; Trapping groups of Catholic Priests in preplanned scandals of financial and moral corruption and then bringing them into utter disrepute by disclosing and publicizing their misdeeds; Infiltrating women into the Catholic hierarchy as priestesses, bishops and cardinals, thus trampling on the Catholic traditions and creating anarchy and frustration; Directing the forces of destruction at the Vatican, the Pope and Roman Catholicism both from inside and outside, by activating the undercover Zionists infiltrated in the senior ranks of the Catholic Clergy and lying in wait, and by inciting the misled Catholic elite and rousing the gullible sections of the Catholic masses against the Church.

Sky-High Oil Prices.

In concert with further political upheavals in the world, programmed in the Terror War Script, jacking up the oil price to 100 dollars per barrel and beyond, by speculation and other artificial machinations, such as, engineered shortages in supply, slapping sanctions on Iran, deliberately creating obstruction in oil exports and transportation, etc, thereby badly hurting economies and working and domestic lives of people of all countries resulting in severe financial, social and political turmoil everywhere; Orchestrating escalation of oil prices with sharp decline in the value of US Dollar

Replacing Religion with Culture.

Accelerating the steps to reshape people’s individual and collective life with Culture (of Zionism) as the dominant and finally the sole shaper of their thoughts and conduct; Replacing Religion with Culture by having laws and policies made that suppress Religion and support Culture and by constantly extolling and popularizing ideas and customs that oppose and defy Religion; Continuously condemning and ridiculing Religion and religious ideas and customs, sneering at the followers of Religion, and praising those who think and act against the teachings of Religion.

Spreading Hindu and Sikh Culture in Pakistan.

By various machinations, such as, the Zionized Indian Television Channels being viewed in Pakistan, the so-called people-to-people contacts, the attractive tools, such as, Indian actresses and singing-dancing girls, and celebration of Hindu and Sikh festivals sponsored by MNCs and Fifth Columnists in selected Muslim circles in this country, Implanting Hindu culture of dancing, drinking, singing and lewdness in certain pliant sections of Pakistani public, then projecting a fake image that Hindu India and Pakistan are bound by one culture.

India-Pakistan War—Final Round.

Engineering another major war between India and Pakistan as programmed in the Zionist Global Plot; Guiding Afghanistan to attack Pakistan and to be an active ally of India in the war; Guiding the Sikhs to play a treacherous and gravely damaging role against Pakistan; Systematically creating the conditions leading toward war, while keeping the Indian leadership aware and prepared but the Pakistani leadership oblivious of the approaching war; Strengthening Israeli intelligence, military and political cooperation with India and intensifying the joint Israeli-Indian strategic and tactical military planning for a full-scale war against Pakistan; Ensuring all along that India gets all the opportunity and assistance to be fully prepared for war and that the initiative for carrying out a preemptive attack and starting the war remains with India, while Pakistan is denied necessary supplies for adequate defensive capability and its rulers and masses are kept unprepared to face war; Exercising full control over the policy planners and decision makers and the media in all the warring countries and thus directing the war from all sides, and taking it to the end that fulfills the Zionist Goals.

Provoking fresh Armed Conflict in Middle East.

Instigating Iran to react in accordance with the Zionist Game for provoking a fresh armed conflict in the region; Targeting Iran, and Creating the bogy of an Iranian threat to Western/Israeli interests in the same way as was done earlier with Afghanistan and Iraq; Employing the Zionist-controlled Iraqi leadership to destabilize Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, etc; Instigating and intensifying a wide shia-sunni conflict with fatal consequences for all the parties involved as well as the entire Muslim Ummah.

Further Distortion of World History.

Making the already twisted facts of world history more distorted and farther from truth; Further erasing the facts from history that expose the turmoil and villainies created by Zionist Jews, and adding to history fabricated disinformation in lieu; Aggrandizing, in world history, Zionism and Zionist Jews and other Jews, claiming them to be Zionists, and belittling the achievements of non-Jews, especially Muslims; Creating in the minds of the people of every nation and community, except the Zionist Jews, disillusionment and dislike for their own history; Rewriting all history with additions and deletions to suit Zionism’s interests and reinterpreting in Zionist terms such facts of history which are indelible; Teaching the people the world over the crafted new history.

Obliteration of Muslim History.

Wiping out the history of Muslims and Islam from the minds of the Muslims and the other people by removing it from the syllabi of schools, colleges and universities, and excluding it from the Media and literature in both the international and local spheres.

Thwarting the Zionist Global Plot

In order to check the Zionist Jewry and to thwart its devilish Plot the Muslims will have to acquire thorough knowledge of this Clique and its militant terror arm, the Zionist State of Israel. I say the Muslims because no other people (except some isolated groups among them) have, at present, the collective motivation and the sense of dire threat that is essential to confront and battle Zinjry and Israel. When the Muslims begin earnestly and correctly to challenge and expose Zinjry and Israel and their aims and schemes against humanity, then the non-Muslim groups opposing Zinjry in various countries, and more people with them, can be enrolled for active cooperation.

With this exposure it is equally imperative to expose Zinjry’s henchmen and instruments: Al-Qaida, Osama Bin Laden, Mulla Omar, Ayman AlZawahri, Abu Mossab AlZarqawi and the likes of them. As mentioned earlier, it is immaterial whether these so-called Jihadis or Jihadists are doing it knowingly or unknowingly but they are serving Zinjry as its most useful and effective agents in the implementation of its evil Plot against Muslim Ummah. They are the foundation on which America’s War on Terrorism, that in reality is World Zionism’s War Against Muslims, stands. Expose them as Zionism’s own creation, and the entire structure of the so-called War on Terrorism will crumble.

In extricating themselves, and the rest of humanity, from the clutches of World Zionism, Muslims must produce a thorough report of threat assessment and a comprehensive code of concepts, plans, strategies and actions to combat the threat. The fundamentals of all of these prerequisites are given in the Holy Qur’an and the Traditions of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh). The details of what will constitute these matters in the world of today to respond to the Zionist War on Islam are offered in this humble work that was written precisely for this very purpose.

When Muslims begin to act against the Zionist Jewry with genuine intent and effort then they will become deserving of God’s help and would surely receive it. Destiny has placed the task of challenging and defeating the anti-God evil force of Zionist Jewry on the shoulders of the Muslim Ummah, and more so, on the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Either they take on the task or they perish. Signs tell, they will soon take up the challenge of the task, In-Sha Allah.

(Tariq Majeed is a defense analyst and authored “MASTERMINDS of AIR MASSACRES’ published August 2006)