Sunday, June 6, 2010

New World Order Exposed

I think many of us had sensed what was behind that front; however, this cinches it (my emphasis):

"Israel thumbs nose at world anger

"It is the arrogant refusal to show any remorse or shame for the crimes it commits that is fanning world anger and revulsion at Israel.

Israel acts like it is answerable to nobody but itself. and maybe that is the giveaway clue we all need to be looking at.

Those who would subject the world to the yoke of global government are not the Bilderbergers, not the Masons, not the CFR, not the Trilateralists, nor even the United Nations, not some mythic Illuminati.

The slavers of the world are hiding in plain sight in Israel!

The proof occurred just a week ago when Israel sailed out into international waters and hijacked foreign flagged ships, kidnapped and murdered foreign nationals. People of the world wondered what lunacy possessed Israel's leadership to commit such a crime, but it is obvious Israel does not see it that way. To them, it was their ocean and their ships and Israel was simply chastising some of their misbehaving serfs!

Further proof that Israel is the true author of the New World Order was provided by the United States which ignored the seized US-flagged ship and American citizens and almost literally stepped over the still-warm body of a young boy born in New York and gunned down by Israeli forces in cold blood, to rush to that ersatz and impotent pretender to world government the United Nations, to save Israel from the wrath of those other nation-states that have the temerity to imagine they can criticize mighty Israel! Even now we see reports that Ban-Ki Moon, rather than enforce international law against Israel, is hard at work trying to dissuade Turkey from retaliation for the attack on their ship and nationals. Turkey is now reported to have backed away from confronting Israel! The UN, like the US, is not interested in justice, but in protecting Israel.

Yes, Bilderberg is real, but are there any attendees who are not staunch supporters of Israel? Yes, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission are real, but are there any members who are not staunch supporters of Israel? According to Ha-Aretz, Israel's newspaper, all American government officials must pass a pro-Israel background check! Is this also the case in other nations?

For myself, I am opposed to any global government from any source. The global governments of history have been wonderful affairs for the governors, and terrible for the slaves. One need only look at how Israel governs Gaza and the West Bank to see what global government centered on Israel would be like, with the capital city of Jerusalem sheathed in gold and crowned with more jewels than a Mugal Emperor's palace while the rest of the world lives in bomb-enforced squalor and rubble.

Those who would enslave the world are not hidden in some dark corner avoiding your sight but prance and preen in full view of the world, already surrounded by admiring parasitic sycophants as they arrogantly display their divinely ordained ascendancy over all others." -- Wake the Flock Up

"UN chief moving ahead with probe of Israeli raid

"This may well be the United Nation's downfall. If they cannot demonstrate to the world that they are able to enforce international laws on their member states, of which Israel is one, then the United Nations will be seen as an impotent waste of time and money, and Israel will stand revealed as the true creator and owner of the New World Order." -- Wake the Flock Up

That is what the Apocalypse is, right?


Gaza blockade: Iran offers escort to next aid convoy

WWIII ahead, dear readers.

It has been a pleasure to serve you these many years.