Friday, June 25, 2010

I Just Got a Call From Newt Gingrich

And I listened to the garbage message with the Reagan worship (as he is knocking Obama) and the whole sell-job.

So the hired hand from the polling firm comes on the line and asks me what is my biggest beef with Obama. I had a choice between deficits, corruption, and something else. I told the hired hack that mine was OTHER and it was FAILING to END the WARS!

She seemed taken aback and a bit disheveled after that and said so do we (I softly said, "Yeah, sure" when she told me that), and that there was a problem with the way Obomber was going about them.

She then veered away and asked if I had any other complaints about Obama and I said something about not being happy with him at all.

She then asked if there was something the Repuglicans could do and I told her I wasn't happy with either party -- and that was pretty much the END of the CONVERSATION.

And I had so many more things I wanted to talk about.