Monday, March 2, 2009

The Sharia Solution to AmeriKa's Banks

The Sharia National Bank?

: The World's Best Banking System

The Best Community Bank


"Sharia as a Solution

Few could argue there is a preponderance of Jews at the eye of Finance, War policies and Media spin, also mega crime.

Yet most people would rather not pursue a racist approach. Yet (again) Israel does pursue racist policies.

There is no sign of reform within the Jewish oligarchy only some patchwork.

Even though all predictions are for more and more crises. No one is able to challenge the economic pyramid we live in. Solutions would be welcome, but they are a non starter without challenging the fundamentals.

Personally I recommend Sharia law. Without worship to Muhammad and the rituals like praying five times a day.

Truthfully I know little of Sharia law, it seems though there would be less spin wars and financial malarkey.

The Jews will still be the jews. And without some form of radical reform, we can be confident of demise. Fear and deceit is rapidly becoming the only currency left.