Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Poem For Palestine

"Iman Darweesh Al Hams:
[Nirvana Released: A 13 year old slain]




"I light candles in a daze, cause I found God."

Iman, A mother whispers
I thought, somewhere
Iman, a mother questions desperately grasping,
I thought
IMAN, a mother is screaming why
do I hear

Kurt Cobain singing
Iman's name, dropped
the press printed words
written as news
of her memory
tossing hurt
expel shock
and raged

a silence of rain
stormed against my bare palms
pouring through the dark
brown clouds within my eyes
face anguished

as the paper falls
softer than Iman fell
pounding sandy dust
pitching the rocks, pushed
her childlike flesh
bruised but bleeding
a heart pumped
slower, than the soldiers

as heartbeat stopping
Nirvana jukeboxed music beat
Iman's down
behind my closed eyes

how does an Officer walk
calmly, I wonder
did she think he was
going to be
her saviour
stop this sudden maddness
this murder
of a child
did the sun blind her
from seeing
the devil

with stripes
saviour he
see her fear
see her strength

The Charge Sheet alleges
Capt. R. as he is
offically unknown
fired two shots
after approaching
Iman who was
already downed
by some previous

please don't forget
he switched his gun
to an automatic response
emptying her life

all the while
too many sets of eyes
watched without one mouth
to say
whats being done
is wrong

all the while

Kurt is singing

it's too late
for Iman, 13 years
her statue of limitations
it's too late
for me, I can't forget her name
but it's too late
maybe, bullets are cheap
and the price of life
gets cheaper by the day

"Now, I light candles in a daze
cause I found God."

What is will
What is good
Ask Iman
cause it's too late
to tell her

-- authored by i_dread on 2004-11-30