Friday, March 27, 2009

The Boxwood Maze and The Pecking Order

"The Boxwood Maze and The Pecking Order

Most of us get our news each day from some source or sources that report to us about things that happen in places near and far. Since a great deal of the news that gets made, gets made in restricted government and business locations, we don’t have access to what actually gets said and done. Often they don’t even tell us what that is. They tell us what it means and in government, business and religion they have divisions that shape the appearance of what they say and do, then they hand it to the media who shapes the presentation.

There’s a metaphorical table that appears in places all over the world and the same sort of people are sitting at that table. They make the decisions that affect the lives of the rest of us and you only have to look at the state of your lives to see how these decisions affect you. You don’t really need anyone to tell you what got said or done and you don’t need anyone to shape it. All you have to do is look at the quality of life and you can see the essence and shape of it. If there’s less money than there was, they decided that at the table. If there’s less food or it costs more, they decided that at the table. If the police are more brutal and there is unrest at home and abroad, they decided that at that table.

There is other news that concerns itself with climate and disasters; hurricanes and flood, air crashes and crimes. There’s the new of the society of our betters and there’s the human interest angles of those special stories where one or another of us has shown themselves to be exceptional in some acceptable or unacceptable way. There’s sports and entertainment and there’s always more. They shape that at the table too. They shape the way we feel about the climate and the disasters; the accidents and crimes, the behavior of the chosen few and what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

Pedophiles have a process called ‘grooming’ which operates in stages to convince the child that what is going to happen to them is okay. There’s no difference between this and what happens to society as a whole. You could say that the actual business of business, government and religion is child abuse. The only difference between it happening as a child or as an adult is that, as an adult, you’ve gotten used to it and you might even like it at that point. Most people accommodate it and explain it to themselves in some way that allows them to live with it… otherwise, business, government and religion could not operate and profit with any consistency. Those who don’t go along with the program are outlaws and criminals and that perception gets the shaping treatment as it is embraced by the public at large. There’s an old story that seems to relate to how we see things when we don’t really see them. Outlaws aren’t necessarily outlaws and so on and so forth.

It could be that more people would do more about their situation if they knew how to get out of the boxwood maze. Part of the problem is that they were born there and all they know about getting around, they learned from their parents and the official guides. If you’ve ever been in any of the large caves around the world that are tourist attractions, you will notice that there are the permitted routes and then there are the routes that are closed off with some sort of a barrier and posted with warning signs. Of course, you wouldn’t need to post a warning sign if you couldn’t get past the barrier and that provides some food for thought to those disposed to think.

The permitted routes in the caves are well lit and nicely enclosed for the benefit of the terminally clumsy and distracted. The un-permitted routes are dark and forbidding. It’s a strange dichotomy that the road to slavery and freedom are much the same. One is well lit and appears safe. One is not well lit and does not appear safe. Even though life itself is a risk, most people will avoid risk except during those times when some predator plays upon their greed.

For centuries the cultures of this world have been defined by a pecking order. Some of us, from birth, are allowed into parts of the maze that are prohibited to everyone else. It is an absolute truth that there is more than enough of everything to go around and that no one needs to go without shelter, food or medical care at any time. There are countries today where the example is there to be seen, even if they aren’t as perfect as they easily could be. The world is not like this because of The Pecking Order. The world is not like this because of the atavistic fear and appetite of those at the top of the pecking order. The rich and powerful are actually more frightened than anyone else and that is something else to think about.

There is another feature which enters into the mix and keeps you in your allowed portion of the maze and in your place in the pecking order. The satisfaction of having something just isn’t as great without the knowledge that many others do not. This is a key feature of why life is unfair. It is also a given that power has no greater savor than when it is over the lives of others.

The people at the top of the pecking order are not there because they are better; more industrious, smarter or better looking than you. They have what they have because, usually, they stole it. A study of what went on during the period of the aptly named Robber Barons tells the tale. They are also where they are because they have no conscience. If you study what happened at Bhopal and the aftermath, if you look into the Ludlow Mining disaster you will find a certain behavior commonplace among those at the top of the pecking order. These are a couple of examples out of countless occurrences perpetrated by The Pecking Order and enforced by those who serve it.

9/11 was orchestrated by The Pecking Order. Wars, famines and financial ruin are orchestrated by The Pecking order with few, if any, exceptions. Due to the restrictions of The Maze and the voices from the hidden speakers there are few people who know what is really happening. As for the story about the bird linked earlier, I would add a caveat, “not everyone who covers you in shit is your friend either.”

What I want to say to you is critical to your time here in the maze and possibly to conditions that may exist beyond the maze and the pecking order. One should ask themselves why it is possible to go into the unexplored regions of the cave. You might ask yourself about the impact of the internet and the possibilities that it has granted you. You might wonder if there is some mysterious force somewhere, somehow, that has made it possible to escape the maze because it appears that this has happened for some who were willing to chance the possibility. Yes… you don’t know what’s out there but you do know what’s in the maze, as far as you have been allowed to see. Maybe all you want is to rise in The Pecking Order. That seems to be the goal of the majority. It’s present every time they buy a lottery ticket and it entertains their daydreams from the cradle to the grave. You have to understand how The Pecking Order operates before you can reasonably assess your chances.

The boxwood maze isn’t any different than the mazes of the clinical psychologists in laboratories around the world and their concern for the mice is a great deal less than it is for the results they achieve in order to reinforce the will of The Pecking Order.

For the first time in a very long time, the will of The Pecking Order is in trouble. How I come to know this is not important. All I can say is that there’s never been a better time to start thinking about unexplored locations inside you and outside you. Among those trapped within the maze there is going to be a grand confusion and it is likely that a great deal less attention is going to be paid to you in the process. Maybe you get this and maybe you don’t but it isn’t going to hurt anything if I have a little something to say about it which is going to end right here for the moment.

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