Monday, February 17, 2014

This Blog Headed For Oblivion

I know a lot of people out there consider anything from Hollywood crap, and so do I. I know many of you don't like Tom Cruise, and I never did much either. Some have pointed out potential mind-manipulation and reinforcement contained in certain scenes of the film, and I admit such things trouble me. Nevertheless, I watched the movie "Oblivion" the other night and wanted to share with you some of my thoughts.

For those who are unaware, the film centers on a man who comes to find that all he has been told about history has been a lie. That alone was intriguing enough for me to give it a chance.

(Before continuing I would like to describe my view of Tom Cruise. You must understand that everything I receive is through the Zionist prism known as the ma$$ media, and that is something that I always take into account: JWho is providing me with the information and insight. The fact that Cruise was hammered for the marriage to Holmes and is ridiculed for the Scientology shit is proof enough to me that the jew$media have a problem with him. Furthermore, back when I was in college in 2003 the instructor brought up the "The Last Samurai" in class. After the groans (granted, leave it to Hollywood to tell the Japanese how to be Japanese with honor), the instructor said he didn't want to get into why Tom Cruise made certain acting choices. The point he was making was what happened at the end of the film, when the Japanese used the new machine guns to kill the samurai riding on horses with swords. The analogy and parallel regarding the U.S. invasion of Iraq could not have been more stark)

One thing we are told to look for in arts and literature is the deeper meaning behind what the writer is saying. The fact that the Cruise character in "Oblivion" is a drone repair technician living on a platform high above a barren and desolated earth is not lost on me as a piece of social commentary considering U.S. plans for the future.

The trouble begins when a space module crashes on the surface and Cruise rescues what turns out to be his wife. Cruise is then captured by the hidden human resistance (hiding in caves, of all places), and the received truth Cruise has believed in begins to fray. He travels to the remains of New York City and takes the woman to the top of the Empire State Building to take in the view of the WTC plaza. This in a film where the main plot is a character whose received history has been a complete lie. Connect the dots for yourself.

(In many ways he reminds me of Mel Gibson. Mel has also come in for a hammering from the Jewish media over his DUI arrest and the phone call regarding his former wife. Interestingly enough, Mel made "Signs" right about the time of 9/11, with the essential plot being whether you believe life is dominated by design or chance. Mel uses alien invasion and arrival to make the point; however, his follow-up film, "The Edge of Darkness" dispels any doubt regarding Mel's leanings. The main plot of the film is a Massachusetts defense contractor developing a nuclear bomb with foreign signatures for deployment within the United States. Mel knows about false flags, folks! Thus he must be demonized)

When he confronts his work partner, she doesn't want to know. She represents that sector of our society that feels that way about history and current events, and it is no surprise she is killed. The film ends, ironically, with Cruise on a suicide bombing run with the Morgan Freeman character.

One final thing: I'm not surprised the propaganda pre$$ totally missed (and nearly omitted) the point. Actors like Cruise know they have to be subtle enough about their message to evade notice and avoid ruining their careers.

And off I go....