Saturday, February 22, 2014

Back From Oblivion

"Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ageless Wisdom and... everything Else

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today, "Oblivion" is playing. I noted at the beginning period where Tom Cruise's partner in their space station says, "You're clear." Tom replies, "I'm always clear", "No you're not" she responds. Then he says, "You know what? You're right. I'm gonna have to work on that." Into my mind there leapt the clear perception that this was a Scientology plug. They use the word 'clear' to designate that state one gets to after they've paid a minimum of 100,000 dollars for extensive subconscious programming. I probably wouldn't think much about Scientology but I haven't forgotten that they were the ones behind setting me up with the police in Washington D.C. the first time I went down. I don't walk around with a resentment toward them, what I do is walk around with an awareness of what they are; a dangerous mind control operation, where the elite among them live like gods, not dissimilar to the Hare Krishna leaders who ran the show in their own little fiefdoms after the departure of Prabupad. This is all brilliantly delineated in the book "Monkey on a Stick" , which is about corruption, murders and incredible delusions of grandeur.

I don't mean to diminish individual Hare Krishna movement members, especially since, through my life, the most dedicated and fun to be around people came from the expatriate Hare Krishna ranks. I remember one named Kunjabihari. He was a trip.

What would a day be like when Tribe false flag actions weren't in operation? It appears that some of their operatives went after Ann Frank's father's ball point pen diaries. As I scanned down the page at NBC news, I went through various levels of surprise. There was no Gay Political News. Ah... not to worry, there was an article, finally, near the end. I know they have a policy that at least one gratuitous news item has to appear daily. What is surprising is that there was no mention of the Pussy Whipped Riot, which is Little Georgie Sorrow's House Band. However, there is news about Tribe Oligarchs in The Ukraine and on a Crass Media site no less by now we should all know what is happening in the Ukraine.

Another thing that happens nearly every day is an outbreak in violence, brought about by the pressures being put upon people by International Bankers, Oligarchs, Satanists and sundry. Here we find a Native American council leader, going off on eviction bots. The interesting thing about this is that there are only 13 members of that tribe

What must it be like on the American mainland these days? I haven't been there in 18 years. I wonder what it would be like to walk down the streets in any of the cities and suburban areas? I've had this thing for a long time, where I can go into an area and the atmosphere talks to me, guides me, tells me not to go 'down there' but rather turn left, or right. I wonder what it would tell me these days? "Run for the hills!" heh heh... it's not funny, I know. It perplexes me that I can't come to the mainland. I have over a hundred readers in Houston area alone. I would love to go from place to place and interact but, I know... I know what has happened in the past and it was nowhere near where it is now. There are some that argue that that is where I should be, on the front lines, as it were, toe to toe with Goliath but... I can hardly be effective in an orange jumpsuit and knowing me, I don't hold back on what I do and say, so, for the moment, it's best that I remain in an environment that doesn't hold me back. I can literally sense that this location is protective of me and I'm soon to be in a much more idyllic and pastoral locale AND this is already pastoral just not necessarily idyllic. Anyway, it's all choreographed.

They have this saying in ageless wisdom that is a little like "nothing ventured, nothing gained". It has to do with being prepared to make mistakes rather than not engage at all. You can't learn anything otherwise. However, that does not mean that you throw discrimination out of the window. The same card, Temperance, posted at Origami yesterday, in relation to The Operation of the Sun, also known as "The Great Work", is also the card that represents 'discrimination'. So... one needs to be able to pick their battles. Life is complex, although one's passage through it can be simple, depending on one's lack of engagement and attachment. Since, at the least, the scenarios coming and going; existing in both kinetic and potential states, have complexities to them, life can be very much like Chess and Go. It is certainly a lot like Risk and Monopoly in places. We're all playing games. We may be playing at different tables and for different stakes but we are all playing games while we are here and so... it is not whether you win or lose, it's how you played the game.

Why it is all so necessarily complex is because of the options. In any situation, it can go from there in many, many directions and from any direction, it can soon split off into yet another direction. Think about being on any city street. Think about crossroads. Think about always going left, or always going right and you accomplish cycling. It's another way of spinning your wheels, except that it 'appears' you are actually going somewhere and you are. You are going around in circles but since the scenery 'appears' to change well... yeah, uh huh. That's why they keep putting out all those distractions and setting up what seems like different choices but they both lead to the same programmed locations. According to temperament, some people are Republicans and some are Democrats and some consider themselves Independents, or Libertarians; Socialists, Communists, what have you. They are all played off against each other in order to create, 'managed chaos'. It takes a certain breed to see through this. Those of us who are seekers are advantaged by the intuition and certain guidance systems put into play, to facilitate our movement toward the ultimate goal. Everyone else is programmed for feeding troughs, acquisitions, killing floors, the appearance of dominance and personal freedoms and the appearance of servitude and drudge work. They like that Marx thing, "from each according to their ability and to each according to their need". It sounds good but it's just a soundbite.

It is all important to remember that no matter what might 'appear' to be true, or what conditions you find yourself in, there is always a very good reason for it and from any point there are a whole lot of directions you can go in, depending on who is programming your GPS, according to who is guiding you. There is a reason why the secret teachings and traditions are called 'ageless wisdom'. It is because they never change. They are always adaptable. The conditions around you can change but the wisdom to control any circumstance is always the same. This is the wisdom that is protected by certain societies and defiled by others. As has been stated, the defilers only get their hands on so much. The Upper Hand is always the upper hand. The lower hand is a hand job and cosmically speaking, lasts about as long.

It's said these wisdoms are hidden and that they are secret ...but truthfully, people hide them from themselves. These wisdoms are hidden from the profane due to their lack of being able to see them and even if they did see them, most of them would say, "What's the point of that?" See... in their world of relative values, timeless perspectives look foolish, even insane to those who actually are insane. They don't seem to be insane because there are so many of them and they all behave in similar manners, so it takes upon itself the appearance of sanity, concealed as uniformity and what do you know, often in a uniform as well.

Ageless Wisdom. It's a gift for those who feel like taking the trouble to earn it. There's stiff competition in that regard, what with Wal-Mart and Pizza Slut, not to mention real sluts of both sexes and all that wild assortment of electronic gadgets, cool places to go, with flashing lights and jackhammer rap music, to set the philosophical tone for the day. Yeah, ageless wisdom has some fierce competition and you can see that just by taking a casual look around at what consumes most peoples attention and activities. Even should some goodly number get interested in otherworldly things, the population numbers tilt heavily toward UFO fascination, New Age quick fix seminars and organized alternatives to organized religions. Few and far between are those who delve into the arcane and among those, the population tilts heavily toward the dark side, no matter what it may present itself as.

Ergo, you are left in a small minority of people and t'was ever thus, except in the ages of light, which were a long time ago (word has it that a mini golden age is going to appear after things get sorted here). It took a long time (relatively speaking) for things to get like they are, which is why so few people can remember how things were. Ageless wisdom provides that information and a great deal more... if you know what you're looking for.


I was lost, but now I'm found.