Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nuclear Bomb to be Detonated During Super Bowl

Some have noted some interesting things but I don't think so, not with so many elites in attendance. For one thing, it is far too cold for it to be an effective drill and reinforcement of tyranny. For another, the ma$$ media has far too much money invested to see it turn into a terror event. Same thing with the Sochi scare. Al-CIA-Duh is not going to spoil the event because NBC and its advertisers have plowed way too much money into the thing to see a U.S. boycott or have it turned into a terror event (although it will cost host Russia some dollars in attendance). I don't even think a Munich is possible at this point given the one day nature of that strange story. The mind manipulating reinforcement has already been accomplished so enjoy the games, folks!

UPDATE: Seahawks crush Broncos, win Super Bowl

Looks like my warning saved the Super Bowl!