Monday, August 30, 2010

What is Going On in the Gulf?

"Stop the Press; Military Operation Underway in U.S.

August 25, 2010 by NotForSale2NWO

Why make the Gulf a no-fly zone, unless you are hiding something? Why impose $ 40,000 fines and federal prison terms on U.S. citizens for filming or taking pictures near the Gulf shoreline? Why direct away 39 countries that were willing to help anyway they can? Why has the media lied, and downplayed the spill? Why was the use of massive quantities of deadly chemicals ignored for over two months? Why is a CIA front company company and the D.O.D. openly spraying under what has been dubbed a military operation? Why has there been staged press shoots and photo OPS along oil soaked beaches?

Something is going on in the Gulf and it could be far more sinister, or a bigger threat then we all know. Are they conducting wartime operations against the American people, are they hiding something, or our they looking out for the best interest of the American people?