Monday, August 16, 2010

America is No Joke

I'm not laughing.....


Our leaders are the epitome of the venal - vipers without souls - lacking sympathy, empathy, and just plain adult concern for their fellow man - that is - unless it is their dynastic offspring we are talking about. Then it's time for controlled airspace.

I have recently been observing - not writing - because the situation is the same but I've changed - changed in my realizations. They are not what I had hoped and worked for - but they lead me to believe that we are in big trouble:

1. The country is being sold out - and this is not hard to do since we have a top-down organization.

2. The masses are somehow stupefied. Whether it is all the drugs, fluoride in the water, overstimulation leading to burnout - working too much - something is screwed up with the normal reactions of human beings to events - big and small. The populace appears drugged, tired, uninterested, oblivious, pre-occupied, self-absorbed. These are not qualities becoming of a citizen of a republic.

3. The media is fucked. There are people - I don't need to go down the list here - that if I were a dictator I would have them sent to Siberia. Traitors.

4. The Federal government has been infiltrated by traitors - some with loyalties to foreign governments - many religious fanatics - many elected officials are simply rich which in many cases means selfish since they have a proven ability to always take more than their fair share.

5. The president is a puppet - a tool - and I don't just mean Soetoro I mean all of them. They are simply cheap-suited salespeople for the elitist scum intent on one-world-government, which will be and is in the process of being forced on an unwitting mushroom population through treaty - the easiest way to circumvent the United States Constitution.

6. The military - simply NAZIs. Sorry - there is no other way to describe an adult willingly participating in mass murder simply to pay their rent. This fascist mercenary military is a disgrace to the country - a standing army that is unprofessional, murderous, indiscriminate and rascist. They are also liars and propagandists. They are users of the youth and liars to the wise. The bribe, lie, murder and rape - for ........bits of colorful cloth and shiny metal buttons. Pussies. Cowards. Followers.

7. Federal Reserve - gotta' go. They are a vampire. Bloodsuckers - leeches - taking something off the top of every transaction and more. Usury. Scum of the Earth. Cockroaches.

8. Illegal aliens are flooding into the country. No assimilation. No education. No English. There are many problems with this concept - that is - unless the goal of those allowing the invasion is to divide and conquer the United States so as to amalgamate it with the drug-lord-run nation to our south and the England throw-back to our North.

Language barriers ruin nations. Bilingual means no communicado. Yeah - it's a nice cartoon fantasy for the kids - but a real nightmare when you stop in New Jersey at a gas station for directions and you cannot call for help because their German Shepard is chewing on your leg. If the United States is allowed to lapse into a country of "citizens" who cannot speak to each other the country will suffer immensely - and if I were an enemy or would-be conquerer of the United States - I'd be all for it. That way when some Paul Revere type tries to tell everybody about something like WTC7 being "pulled" - they will have even more difficulty than those trying to tell their own families who speak the same language how absurd the lies are that we've been told.

9. Voting via electronic voting machines - complete fraud. Are you that stupid? Are you a programmer? Did you ever take a course in BASIC? Give me a break. Without election reform - and I mean paper, pencils or ink if that is what it requires - I personally will NOT vote in the next phony election.

I think I've said enough for now. Whoever you are - wherever you are - you'd better get involved - wake up - rise up or you are going to lose everything.

In my opinion the United States is at the brink of revolution and civil war. The stage is set, and the buzzards are circling - just waiting for all of you to go back to sleep. When you awaken - you will have nothing - probably not even your kids - they'll be busy killing someone else's kids in a country you cannot identify....

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