Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sideshow Soothes Anger Over JFK Slaying

I was boiling when I say this upon a Sunday morning:

“JFK” would prove to be the master template for all assassination conspiracy theories, right down to those 50th anniversary books being published this month. Such elaborate fantasies would be nation-destroying if they were true. Yet, ironically, they offer us a rescue of the moral order — an insistence that massive social and political heartbreak must be the result of intentional design. 

Look, even FDR said nothing happens by chance in the world of politics.

In their own way, these conspiracy theories prepared the soil in which took root the broad distrust in government that curses the nation to this day

Oh, it is the FAULT of the PEOPLE TRYING to FIND the TRUTH, not a lying and looting government.

More than that, conspiracy-mindedness undercuts the civic maturity that is necessary for a commonwealth to function responsibly

Yeah, just be a little lemming and accept whatever plate of steaming, stinking shit the government and its mouthpiece media present to you. Who cares about lies that lead to wars?!

All this from the Boston Globe's resident left-liberal peacenik!

Every tug in the direction of conspiracy — “they” did this! — is a signal of the test we have been failing. The compulsion to keep asking the question “why?”, replying to every answer with another “why?”, until the final conjuring of a satisfactory explanation is forced, is a mark of childhood.

Oh, right, we are all a bunch of children. What condescending arrogance!

More recent conspiracy theories, from the supposed murder of Vince Foster to “9/11 was an inside job” to insinuations about missing birth certificates, are also rooted in a callow refusal to get real."

Look at him try and tarnish those other two with the birther fraud. 

As for the refusal to get real, nothing epitomizes such a thing as the self-delusion of the propaganda pre$$. 

I was further angered by all the "Oswald did it" shows on the cable and network shows these past couple of weeks. My feeling on the matter is that even if you accept all the government BS regarding Oswald, the scope on the gun was defective. It is worse than shooting in the dark, and he would have had to have had the greatest luck in the history of the world to kill Kennedy that way. 

Of course, the new shows are trying to say the pristine bullet wasn't that pristine, posing silly theories such as the Secret Service agent with a rifle in the car behind Kennedy, etc, etc. Fancy computer programs can line up Kennedy and Connally's bodies, but use your common sense.

Anyhow, I was still seething when I came upon this passage in a very poignant post:

"Many in the controlled media are still working overtime to try and maintain the official story. Conspiracy advocates are still continuously called names in ad hominem attacks instead of logical debate. We know better and will never forget or forgive.

Then the anger just washed away, folks. 


Beyond relating that tremendously personal experience he is doing some superlative work over there regarding the upcoming anniversary and I would advise you to take a look