Thursday, November 28, 2013

Looking Forward to This Thanksgiving

I usually don't feel that way because I don't like to celebrate the slaughter and holocaust of the native population that extended their hands in peace when the colonialists first arrived, but I've hit the blue moon of Thanksgivings. 

I've already gotten a tremendously fat Globe (admittedly almost all advertisement sections for Black Friday at twice the cost) and my luxurious cup of coffee for the day so the start was fantastic. Now I will seclude and sequester myself for the rest of the day as I prepare the fixings for a Thanksgiving feast.

I have popcorn in a bowl for snack food as I cook the store-prepared and processed imitation turkey roll thing in a room warming oven, with a jar of Heinz gravy simmering on top. I have my corporately-bagged salad along with the instant potatoes and canned vegetable, with airy dinner rolls to sop up any leftovers. 

I will then retire to the couch in my skid-marked shorts and sweats for an entire day of viewing football per Pilgrim tradition. Later comes the hot apple pie and ice cream. The motto of the day (in between punts): to blog and serve.

"Do Not Let the Money Junkies Ruin Your Thanksgiving Day Putting a Strain on Your Family Ruining Your Marriage

November 27, 2013
by The Watchdog

For many people. It is hard to be thankful. Many families will have to go down to the local soup kitchen for a turkey dinner because they are living in their car because they lost their job and was evicted because they could not pay the rent. Many families are a paycheck away from being homeless who will go to the soup kitchen because they are broke thanks to inflation making the cost of food expensive. They can barely afford to feed their kids with macaroni and cheese dinners. They maybe lucky to have enough gas in the tank to make to the soup kitchen and back home.

There are others who still have a home and can barely afford to have a turkey dinner in the comfort of their own home. There are those to who have a home with no electric service and no phone. Regardless of what lot a family and a married couple is in. The day after Thanksgiving signals the coming of Christmas. Many families with young children have it very hard. The parents want so much to give their kids a good Christmas. The last thing a parent wants to do is disappointment their Children if they do not get any presents. Especially when the kids are well behaved, helping Mom and Dad when they can and have made the best out of it all.

It is not going to be an easy day for many. I know many parents and married couple are already starting to feel the stress of it all. These hard times every one is feeling does put a strain on the family. Married couples will fight because lack of finances, especially when the holidays start. These hard times are not no ones fault at all. This economy was caused by greed and those hungry for power. They have no regard for no one who has less than they do. They have no gratitude for what they have and have no compassion for anyone. The money junkies enriched themselves at the poor people’s expense which are many for no reason at all.

What I say to you in advice is simple, but not easy. That is do not let the Money Junkies ruin your Thanksgiving no matter if you are homeless, almost living on the streets, struggling or still doing well but still concerned. Do not give the pleasure of letting the oligarchs see you fight and living miserable. The nation is struggling because bankers have stolen the wealth we worked so hard for. So stop blaming each other for things both have no control over. Just because Christmas is coming up with all the stress and headaches compounded with further financial troubles. Please do not take it out on your spouse and children. Try to communicate and vent frustrations with spouse.

This thanksgiving holiday we call all give thanks this Thanksgiving is we have something the money junkies do not have that all the wealth of the world can not obtain. That is many of these Elite families have no love in their homes. Their ill gotten wealth is the only thing holding them together. If they become poor tomorrow, the family would no know how to stick together. They would starve to death on a deserted island with crate of unopened canned goods and a can-opener.

What we have the Money Junkies don’t .We have regard for our fellow man. We have compassion for the less fortunate. Many of will give the shirts off our backs for a stranger. We have generosity willing to give even if we can not afford it. We will give hospitality to a stranger to share the dinner table this Thanksgiving dinner and have them stay over for pies and watch the football game. We still have a sense of right and wrong. We still have ethics in our everyday lives. This why the money junkies are miserable is because they do not give, they take and steal. They are sociopaths who could care less if they make a single mom poor of no fault of her own freezing to death on the streets with her kids. The money junkies are people without remorse for her disposition.

I say do not let the money junkies ruin this thanksgiving for us. They maybe smoking cigars drinking brandy laughing how they screwed us over. What goes around comes around. They will reap what they sow.

Families need to stick together more than ever. Do not let finances strain your marriage and bring strife in the family. If Families stick together through the darkest of times. The money Junkies lose and we win.


Gee, now I'm feeling kind of sad and lonely. I guess I'll take my friend up on his offer and scarf down some Turkey and trimmings while watching some football later this afternoon.  

All sarcasm and joking aside, I do convey thanks for the things I still do have, family, friends, food, and a few other things that make life worth living (as a man once said) and wish them upon you as well, readers, no matter who you are. There is nothing wrong with a day of peace and love no matter what the excu$e. May your God or spiritual entity shine on your table today, and may the wars in the world cease for just one day.