Saturday, April 17, 2010

Learning to Love Lady Apocalypse

Dog Poet does have a good point.

I am so often railing in painful frustration and sadness about world events when I should be rejoicing in many ways.

"Ride the Apocalypse on the New Ship of Seeing

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Despite the awesome evil being perpetrated by the crime family pretending to be a simple, genocide performing ...just add water... shake and bake nation in the middle east and despite the conversion of men and women without principles into coke hanger whipped crack whores, masquerading as public servants, I am feeling more and more confident about the future because this really is The Apocalypse. Hallelujah for that! Can I get a witness! People, we are all witnesses in our own awakening, as the veils are torn away from the heavy B&D, real life, snuff film ...that is the pleasure and the livelihood of those who seek to tie us to the rack..; video at 11, courtesy of Fox Goblin news, bringing you all the latest information as soon as it comes out of the oven. “We make news so real you can’t believe it isn’t” but if you taste it, you won’t have to think for a moment about whether it’s butter or not. Butter doesn’t taste like the money shot from Pink Flamingoes and neither does margarine with added fat....

Let’s dwell on The Apocalypse tonight. Let’s dwell in it. Let’s bathe in it because it has penetrating rays of light just like my sauna except it’s got more of them, of considerably more power. I always thought The Apocalypse was a negative event, like Armageddon, but now I know it’s a wonderful thing... well, not in all cases but certainly for the good of the planet we are on. The confinement pods are opening. You can feel the life giving oxygen flooding into the pods as the gases of illusion are hissing back into the breathing tube canisters.

Expect to feel drowsy and off balance at first and also expect that you will experience irritation and impatience as a whole new array of sensory tools come into operation. It is exactly like a snake shedding its skin or... perhaps you prefer identifying it as a chrysalis stage? Most people have difficulty with serpent imagery and that is because it has an atavistic component and reaches far back into our unremembered past. Perhaps the Garden of Eden allegory helps in some way. Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and hid from the divine because they interpreted something shameful about their nakedness. Previous to this they were also naked, were they not? It had no shameful connotations then did it? That which tempts us into an awareness of the phenomenological world is the same force that frees us from it by bringing us through stages of understanding to a state of regenerated innocence.

Our perception of a dual world is what has caused us to be manipulated by fear and uncertainty. This is what is capitalized upon by those who have been preying upon us and stealing the fruits of our labor. This is why they made the premier guilt producing substance the accepted escape mechanism on this plane; that would be alcohol. They have rendered the rest illegal because some portion of the rest tend to put the mind into position to see what has been happening to it. This is not an accident. This is all calculated. The lures of the world through the urgings of appetite are designed to destroy your health and your balance in relation to Nature.

We knew much more about healing health problems in generations past and now we see newly manufactured health concerns and sweeping epidemics that did not exist before, made by certain vested interests, plying the senses with attractions that slowly kill the host ...and sometimes not so slowly. You could say that the world is the throne of the dark lord as well as the footstool of the luminous divine. The dark lord, inasmuch as he is understood to exist, is here for the purpose of trapping those disposed to evil in their own webs. He creates certain constantly repeating conditions and the divine directs the human intelligence through a series of challenges, whose purpose is to free the beings from the conditions they find themselves in or... to further trap them if that is their intent. The most terrible of roles are those being played by those whose intent is to harm and enslave their fellows.

It is in those times known as The Apocalypse when the ones doing the dark lords work are exposed to the awakening minds and also to themselves; rightfully do they tremble when they see what they have become. Before it dawns on them, they thought themselves all powerful and untouchable. They could not imagine that there actually was a force monitoring every single event of existence in the universe. Many of them cloaked themselves in the garb of priests and ministers because... since there was no God, they might as well make a fortune representing him... not to mention getting laid with the prophet. What a surprise when it is revealed that the whole of the dream of life was always completely under the control of the one will.

This revelation dawns individually upon various pretenders every day but... during an Apocalypse it dawns en masse. A good image to remember is when Gandalf and Aragorn and the rest of the crew from the battle for Minis Tirith were before the gates of Mordor, surrounded by Sauron’s army and despairing of the victory ...and then? And then the ring of power was dropped into Mount Doom and Sauron’s mind was taken off his armies. When that happened, Sauron’s armies lost their will, their focus and their sense of purpose. In blind panic they ran off in all directions, without knowing why or where they were going. No doubt many of them could not explain to themselves what they had been doing just moments earlier. This is very much what is coming. The will is going to be removed from the operations and intentions of those bent on evil and those who are serving them... in many cases under false assumptions without knowing at all the real intent of their masters. They were just following orders. It all seemed to be the right thing to do until the blindfolds came off.

Celebrate The Apocalypse. It’s a fair wind blowing. This wind is carrying the eagles of your salvation, like the eagles that came for Frodo and Samwise. Some of you might also know that the eagle represents the spiritual sight of the awakened Scorpio who has taken the venom of its lower scorpion totem and distilled a healing tincture from it. The same is the case of the risen serpent. This is the primary secret that is concealed by organized religion that presents the serpent force as an agent of the devil... it is your liberator in disguise. The secrets of our true nature and heritage are distorted in the teachings of organized religion for the material profit of those concealing the truth for their own benefit. “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment. Be not deceived.” This quote from the Bible has been all but removed from the scripture. Where it has not been removed, it has been deliberately misinterpreted to continue your enslavement to a lie.

Fear is a faith killer. Lies are designed to compromise your heart and weaken your will in service to something that has no power except what fear and lies provide it with. If you are not swayed by fear or deceived by lies then it has no power over you at all. It is why some of us can walk in this world seeing and the rest are wandering blind. When you cannot see, you cannot accurately interpret what is taking place around you. You have to rely of the reports of those claiming to see.

I realize how difficult it is to wake up to the fact that the whole world which you believed to be true is actually a lie. Even when you know this must be so, its sheer overwhelming presence is enough to make you doubt what you suspect to be true. But now your new best friend, The Apocalypse is exposing the lies... every day the influence of the media is being compromised by strange accidents that they can’t control. Every day politicians and religious leaders are being caught in scandals and that process is accelerating. As you can see in the case of the Pope; as you can see with Israel’s vicious mistreatment of the Palestinians and their international organ trafficking; as you can see in the sudden mass media revelation that Israel does indeed have nuclear weapons..; Turkey and Egypt were going to confront them at the nuclear arms talk, so Nitwit-yahoo couldn’t even attend. I suspect he went to a private buffet composed entirely of missing children. When your power starts to run low you have to perform more evil to get it recharged. Unfortunately that’s not going to work any more.

The Apocalypse also has a seriously ironic sense of humor so the method of exposure is going to start taking on some really comic characteristics in a kind of, pants down caught on camera, sort of a way....

Ride the Apocalypse my friends. Sail on the new ‘ship of seeing’. This ship is an ice cutter and it is breaking up the frozen intransigence of our misguided past and returning it to flowing water and the promise that entails. The frozen sunlight is also becoming liquid; reshaping our being into something nearer to the heart’s desire. Let the dead bury the dead and let the living walk into the new world opening before us.


And she is a lady!

"Lady Apocalypse is Coming into Bloom


The dress of the dancer is a complicated affair. It’s like a burnoose or a chador that’s been cut up vertically to the neck line every six inches or so. Areas of skin appear with frequency. Sometimes is looks like skin and sometimes it looks like darkness. Every now and then you can see it clearly. There’s a funny side effect that kicks in whenever you are seeing clearly. Your perception and identification capacity seems to recede so that, even when you know what it is, you’re not sure; not sure at all.

It’s hard to tell if the dancer is slender or wide; young or old, beautiful or hideous and that accounts for some of the tension. Flashes of teeth that appear in the occasional juxtaposition of stage light and smile (is that a smile?) also are worrisome. You feel like there’s something you should know but you don’t know what it is. Even more disconcerting is what happens when you look at the other patrons in the club. Some of them have pieces missing from their bodies and not in places you’ve been accustomed to. Even more distressing is the fact that they seem to be unaware of it. The waitresses and other club personnel are not reassuring either. They don’t look happy and they don’t look friendly.

I could go on with this theme and probably close right out with it but I’m setting the stage for something, just the way they are in the club. We went slumming this morning over to Fox-Goblin News and saw more signs of The Apocalypse; more glimpses of flesh and we know they are all parts of the same dancing body but... not which parts or how they connect.

An Israeli (Israel is a trademark of the Rothschild banking industry) ‘leading’ newspaper, Maariv, says that the US is denying visas to Israeli, nuclear scientists from Dimona and also that the US has stopped selling nuclear-related materials to the MagogkeNazi Nation. The White House denies this. The source is a professor who doesn’t work in Dimona. Well, obviously the scientists are in the business of stealing technology information because that is the way they do business in the MagogkeNazi Nation. Still, that’s always been okay.

Karzai went to Kandahar Province and it was worse than mannish Coulter in Ottawa. 1,500 tribal elders were screaming at Karzai that the coming Kandahar offensive would bring strife and not security to the region. So Karzai asked them if they were happy with that or not (grin). They said they were not. So Karzai says, “Then until the time you say you are happy, the operation will not happen,” General Stanley McChrystal was sitting right behind him and it’s reported that he looked really apprehensive.

McChrystal is right up on the stage with the dancer we’ve been talking about, so he’s seeing a little more than he probably wants to. Can Karzai say and do that? He said it. You could have knocked me over with a brick of hashish when I read that. While I was ducking the brick of hashish, I could have sworn I saw Vladimir Putin having a drink at one of the tables. When I looked again he was gone.

The lead story has Obama breaking years of protocol by sneaking out of the White House without the Press Whore(s). They said he went to watch one of his daughters play soccer but... it’s said that when the press van ‘appeared’ to arrive at the president’s location, there was no presidential car, no president and... They couldn’t ‘verify’ him at ‘any’ location....

This Apocalypse has a sense of humor and I defy you to pick which of these news items I think is the most amusing. This is going to put an awful lot of pressure on Madonna to turn the Hollywood toilet bowl into a crime scene; nothing takes the attention off of one act of bad taste more than the yellow police tape of an even greater act of bad taste....

Next we hear from an alternative news location that the Polish government was set to weaken their currency and the mysterious reverse serendipity the plane crash implies. The joint is jumping folks!

What this means to me; taking into consideration all that I have exampled here and the much greater bulk of what has to be going on behind the stage, is that all kinds of flaming shit in paper bags are about to be stomped on by clueless goons in Armani and it isn’t even Halloween yet. The mysterious dancer has a pig bladder in one hand and a machete in the other. We can’t tell what’s in the other hands or how many of them there are but it does look like Durga Night at the Bingo parlor.

I think the reason that the dancer is so hard to make out is because she looks different to everyone. To some she looks beautiful beyond compare and to others she looks like Fatal Attraction on steroids and all points between.

Massive adjustments are being made in the international, political and financial balance of power. The people who couldn’t say; “Yes Sir! Can I have another”? quick enough before, have now got a paddle in their own hands. It’s a Michael Steele, party animal, kind of a moment.

The dancer seems to be everywhere; dancing, serving drinks, tending bar, watching the door and... cart-wheeling down the street. She’s in the closet and under the bed. Lady Apocalypse is coming into bloom but... are those roses in her cheeks?


I think I'm in love.