Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Lie-Based Reality

"Our Lie-Based Reality

by: Peter Chamberlin

Our government cannot function without the trust of the people. Without unshakeable faith that the people will allow the government to proceed, the governing coalitions of politicians will not dare to implement their own plans. Fear of popular reprisals (which could diminish their power) restrains even the most devious politicians from acting. Even Hitler himself would not have dared to proceed with his vile plans, if he hadn’t believed that the people would let him get away with it. When government plans are so repulsive that no sane person would support them, then it becomes necessary to construct a false version of reality to spoon-feed the people, in order to gain the requisite trust, and with it, the people’s consent.

This is our current situation in America and throughout the Americanized world.

Government could not function, commerce could not go forward, human interaction would become even more restraineed, if the false “official version” of reality suddenly collapsed. For then, all we would have left is the cold hard reality that our government has necessarily kept from us.

If the official versions of events were blown away, we could clearly see the obvious truths and the absurdity of the lies that concealed them.

Perhaps then, for a brief second, we would laugh at the apparent contradictions in the “magic bullet” official explanation of the single, undamaged bullet, which allegedly killed President Kennedy and wounded Gov. John Connally, a feat which required the bullet to change course in midair.

Somehow, I find it hard to believe that anyone would laugh if we all suddenly admitted to ourselves and to each other the obvious absurdity in claims that kerosene fires reduced concrete and steel into talcum powder in two one-hundred story skyscrapers, which collapsed at freefall speed.

Laughing over the absurdity of the official lies that have been used to justify killing a million or more innocent souls would be a macabre sacrilege, an affront to both God and man. Yet, isn’t that what many of us have been doing all along, as we celebrated our retribution against the official scapegoats, while others revelled in the brutality of our military’s executioners, high-fiving their teammates over missions accomplished?

But none of this is happening; no absurd lies are being exposed. No air is being cleared. For politicians, who are afraid to put-on their pants in the morning, without first testing the political wind, there isn’t the slightest hint of the piles of fetid, rotting flesh that our troops are accumulating in invaded foreign lands, in their missions of “liberation.” They have received no indications that We the People will not continue to allow them to “liberate” our world into a quite real state of slavery.

Operating under the absurd delusion that American and NATO troops (who are destroying multiple nations) are there to “defend America,” throngs of people gather for patriotic parades, heaping piles of honors upon those highly-trained young men who kill for false visions of “God and country.” If only these men who hold honor and service to mankind in such high esteem (even though they are bathed in the blood of innocence) could see beyond the carefully constructed false reality for just a moment, then their own consciences (if they still had them) would probably convince them of their own personal guilt and immorality. If the devil that blinds their eyes could be restrained for but a moment, then perhaps God would come rushing back in.

But that is not happening. As a result, we stand ready to up the ante in Afghanistan, as the American people watch their TV sets and ignore the fact that Obama is about to make our criminal assault on the Pashtun people a whole lot worse. Because Obama’s behavioral specialists have taken America’s temperature and pronounced us willing participants in allowing the escalation of the slaughter, he will hold the banner of righteous retribution over his head, like some black knight in shining armor, leading the charge to slay the great beast called “al Qaida.”

Obama and McChrystal will lead us into Pakistan in hot pursuit of an apparition, chasing the great bloody “Islamist” beast which has so obligingly preceeded us into this prized territory. Wasn’t that convenient, that these evil militants created the conditions for us, which would make it possible to go where we have always wanted to be, Western Pakistan?

This brings us back to the greatest contradictions in the official story of the “war on terror” (despite repeated denials and charges of “ludicrous” and “absurdity”), the militants, who are invariably described as “Islamists,” always create the conditions that will justify American intervention, wherever energy interests crop-up. Claims that we are at war with “militant Islam” justify sending US forces wherever the militants appear, and they always appear in areas where American oil companies are already focused. Isn’t that convenient? ”Islamists” in Central Asia are the vanguard of American expeditionary forces, probing deeply into energy-rich territories of the former Soviet Union. No matter what western media reports may say to the contrary, rest assured that Russian investigators are aware of all this as they investigate this week’s bombing of the Nevsky Express.

Pakistan, the great prize in the current phase of the Imperial war project, is being pryed open like ripened fruit, to facilitate advancing American forces. The great irony here, is that this is being done for America by Pakistanis. The “Islamists” who are turning the Central Asian states into the next battlegrounds have all received their basic training in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Now these black crows have returned home to roost, as they ply their evil trade in the North West Frontier Province and FATA. Safely entrenched there, despite recent pseudo-offensives allegedly launched against them by the Army, the militants perform a carefully choreographed dance with their former trainers, the ISI and the Army. Their dance creates the illusion of tribal war, projecting the image of the Army as the great defenders of the “Land of the Pure,” validating further Army escalations, which, in themselves, will justify the next phase of the American occupation.

Following the pattern that was set in the very beginning by Pres. Carter and Mr. Brzezinski, a bunch of “stirred-up Muslims” have justified every American intervention in Afghanistan, just as they are now validating steps into Pakistan and into Central Asia. It is a time-tested ploy that has worked on the American people every time it has ever been played. It has been so easy to sell an un-Christian assault against all those scary dark-skinned Muslims to such a bigoted, frightened racist nation as the United States. This is the primary reason that we have been given a black president, to dispute the charge that this is a racist war. How could it be a racist war, if it is being led by a black man? The cleverness of our captors is only exceeded by their audacity.

They, like their mentor Hitler, understand fully the meaning of the “big lie” concept–make your lies so big and outrageous that they are beyond the ability of the common man to question them.

Hesitation by Obama as he tried to play the “Islamist” card once again, tells us that rising popular displeasure with this war is undermining confidence within the ruling class that the people will accept much more of this. Hence, before the new escalation was announced, it was revealed that an “exit strategy” was also being sought. This act of misdirection restored the leaders’ confidence that the people would take the bait and swallow this latest escalation whole, hook, line and sinker.

With this renewed confidence in the people continuing to act like sheep being led to the slaughter, Obama is announcing the new exit strategy/escalation before an obedient, if not down-right adoring audience, today at West Point. The only thing that will prevent the unfolding of this premeditated act of mass-murder is a sudden revelation for our secret leaders that the old official lies aren’t going to cut it anymore, that We the Sheeple won’t play along with the usual bullshit anymore.

The only thing that will save our rotten souls, is if we all get really mad at ourselves for allowing this travesty of international justice to continue, and convince our overlords that our minds have been changed. First, we must get mad, then, we must convince them just how angry we really are.

We the People are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!



"The sudden interest of the subservient mainstream media in this old bit of news is a weak attempt to discredit ongoing investigations into nefarious CIA mind-control and other dangerous practices. They want to make investigators into “conspiracy nuts” for pursuing this angle with garbage “news” like this. It tells me that some of us must be getting close to the truth." -- There Are No Sunglasses