Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Difference Between Iran and Israel

"Defending Iran and Condemning the West

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So far as I know, Iran does not have a ghetto of torment which contains the original inhabitants of Iran behind razor wire fences and the Iranians do not use these captive unfortunates for target practice, nor do they routinely kill children for sport. I haven’t heard anything about the Iranians harvesting organs for profit nor have I seen Iran attack her neighbors on a regular basis with zero provocation. I have heard nothing about cluster bombs or banned weapons used on civilian populations either.

Iran’s tens of thousands of long time Jewish residents are very happy in Iran and despite great pressure on the part of Israel, they have no desire to migrate to that fascist, racist state. Iran’s recent elections were certainly more legitimate than any number of recent American elections and the very wide difference in votes between Ahmanedijad and his western backed opponent certainly cancels out any possible effect of any possible hanky panky.

Common sense and the application of anything close to normal intelligence upon the situation shows that the intention of the western neo-cons is nothing less than total subjugation of the Middle East at the behest of corporations seeking to profit from the plunder. These entities orchestrated the 9/11 attacks; that is now beyond dispute and they have used the pretext of this false flag to invade Afghanistan and Iraq with Iran being the main prize from the very gitgo. Of course, the long term intention is to impact on China and Russia in various ways that serve the interest of world hegemony.

I hardly know what to make of countries like America; the UK and Israel, along with their stable of willing whores, in countries of lesser influence, here and there, who have been subjugated to global, fascist enterprise by dint of behind the scenes currency exchanges and arm twisting. They deplore what they call torture and false imprisonment in Iran while they are flat out, in your face, guilty of these very acts on a much greater scale and far more conclusively proven. Millions have been maimed; killed, displaced and tortured by agents of the west, based on attacks carried out by agents of the west, against their own countries and then blamed on those who had no part in it. They have been torturing people for information that only they possess and they know this as they do this.

Today, mindless legions of zombie shoppers descend upon the stores and malls of the falling empire for every kind of manufactured gifts for themselves and others, so that they can celebrate their imagined affection for each other in every way but the ways that might count for something. Meanwhile, their armies of occupation relentlessly plunder and pillage foreign nations because multi-national corporations, who run their governments, have decided they want what is buried in these lands and they don’t want to pay for it.

They brandish their nuclear might against nations without nuclear might and accuse them of seeking to possess nuclear weapons, which constant investigations prove they are not seeking, but that no sane person could blame them for if they did; given the threat they are forced to exist under. This rank hypocrisy stinks to the heavens. This is the real global warming, which is caused by the noxious methane of their relentless hypocrisy and the heat of their unbelievable greed, as well as their fiery hatred for any nation that will not willing lay its head beneath their hobnailed boots, as they march forward in pursuit of twisted psychopathic destinies, whose intent is to lay waste to the whole of the Earth.

Their corporations pour endless millions of gallons of toxic wastes into their water supplies, at home and abroad. They create bio-weapons with which they assault the world’s populations, as their pharmaceutical combines manufacture vaccines that are worse than the viruses they have engineered. They steal in broad daylight and laugh about it. As Lao Tzu said, “What kind of men are these, who never hunger, never thirst but eat and drink until they burst? There are other brigands but these are the worst of all the highway’s harms".

I don’t have the time or the space to list even a small part of their crimes and offenses but I can tell you without the slightest degree of uncertainty that I know who’s doing what and why....


All of this is taking place because the illegal, Rothschild created country of Israel, has control of the world’s money supply and is using this to force compliance around the world. This is not a country at all. It is a criminal banking concern, operating under the camouflage of a sovereign nation, with the intention of controlling the world. The country was founded under the guise of a massive hoax that reveals the damning details of itself with the dawn of every new day. The truth is coming out....

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"Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to send some tens of thousands of new zombies into Afghanistan to protect Bush Senior’s opium crops and secure necessary transit lines and resources for that percentage of the world that uses far more than it needs to live at a higher standard than those they are stealing from. He’s also going to Copenhagen to shill for a major criminal enterprise, whose intention is yet another unbearable tax upon the backs of humanity, as well as to secure the financing to operate a world-wide, fascist governing body....

I realize that some numbers of us (and certainly the majority of people who read here) wish that we were living in another time but here we are.... Every day I look at the news, which I automatically identify as the particular lies and distortions of the moment. Then I know what it is that they want us to believe. I’ve got a pretty good idea of how we got into this mess. I’m a great deal less clear on how we are going to get out of it.