Monday, October 13, 2014

Curtain Comes Down on Sideshow

I was curious as to why he had been away for a few weeks, and I now know the sad reason why:

"Kenny From "Kennysideshow" Has Passed Away!

I got some very shocking news today…. A fellow REAL truth seeker, known as "Kenny" who wrote the great blog, "Kennysideshow" at www., passed away suddenly on September 18th, 2014…. He was 62 years old….

I was not informed of Kenny's passing, and it came to my attention today thanks to Buelahman, who of course writes "Buelahman's Revolt" at…. He wrote a short article to inform everyone of Kenny's passing, and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves:

RIP Kenny

One of the most insightful, gracious, and important influences on me as a blogger (and an online friend), Kenny (of Kenny’s Sideshow) has passed away. He was an inspiration to me and many others. He had a knack for being levelheaded and could research subject matter with the best of them. He had an excellent taste in music and featured hardly-known golden nuggets often. He was inventive and funny. He was one of my first links when I started this blog and have featured his posts/wisdom here many times (including making this video and this video from his imaginative side).

He passed away suddenly on Sept 18. He was 62 years old.

Although I never met him in person (having only spoken with him on the phone a few times, had many email exchanges, and the sharing of comments on each others blog), I considered him a friend.
From his obituary (I did confirm the email notification):
He was a wonderful man who loved his family more than anything.  He also loved his fur children, his Jack Russells, Taz and Tessa.  Kenneth enjoyed music and played guitar, mandolin and drums.
He will be missed.

NTS Notes: Very shortly after I began this blog some 8 years ago, I came across "Kennysideshow" and found his work to be both informative and very factual…. As someone who was a fan of Kenny's work, I can say that he was truly one of the good ones in this fight against evil…..

I will keep "Kennysideshow" up on the left hand column of this blog for everyone to see his work and to pay tribute to a great writer, at least for the time being… Everyone should take a look at some of Kenny's writings and his archives...

Kenny, you indeed will be missed…

More to come


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That was his last post, and as usual he added incredible incisiveness with everything he wrote. 

Kenny September 18, 2014 at 10:35 AM 

His last comment, dated the day he died.


Kenny has moved

RIP Kenny, my friend and fellow blogger 

Kenny was someone I considered a friend.  I visited his blog, Kenny's sideshow almost daily for several years now.  Many times I added a comment and was drawn into a discussion.  Kenny was an excellent moderator...always keeping the discussion going but not getting out of control.  He had a quiet sense of humour and inner strength that radiated out from his writing.  I considered him a mentor.  He added me to his sidebar of favourite blogs and my traffic went through the ceiling! (from "no" hits to maybe 6 a day! ; ).  He was the first one who ever added me to his sidebar.

A few years ago I lost another blogger friend, Piglipstick....He was similar to example of the best freedom loving "blogtivists" that American has produced.  I still miss Piglipstick.  Now I imagine  Kenny and Piglipstick are together up in the great beyond, looking down and commiserating on the state of the world.  Farewell, my friend.

As I hold back the tears I will also tell you that I had never met him personally, but had interacted with him in his comments section. He even posted and linked a few posts and commentaries from my blogs, and his website provided me with many hits. I always found him to be entertaining and engaging as well as informative. That's the highest compliment I can pay him, and I hope he has found peace. May God watch over his family. From all I have seen he was a good man.


Further thoughts upon an even of reflection really emphasized to me how much Kenny will be missed, not only for his abilities and insights as a writer but also as an outstanding source of information and analysis. That's why I adjusted to the title and bumped the post time up. His death was a tremendous loss not just to his family and friends, but to the whole world. If it is any consolation, we will all be joining him in the next life at some time and I have to stop typing now because I'm starting to leak water from the corner of my eyes.