Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Les is More

I wanted to put up this pairing because it was such a lift regarding the way I have been feeling regarding the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and Obummer's invasion of the Middle East which he will be announcing tonight. 


What if there is no third world war? What if the trend of ever continuing exposure continues? What if the incredible buffoonery of the pigeon toed elite goes on in that Keystone Cops format and the identifiable outrages get more and more and more absurd?

Let us consider a metaphysical truth that I have no doubt is also true as an operational law of physics. The force of the collective belief of the people is a powerful thing. When the mass of the aggregate reaches a certain percentage, where enough people believe the whole terror scare put up job is a government op, the impact of this collective belief is something to be reckoned with. Here is an interesting example of how the elite consider such things. In the 60's, some thousands of anti- Vietnam war protesters met at The Pentagon grounds to perform an occult ritual. Perhaps only a few of them knew the deeper reasoning behind it. Whatever... suffice to say that all of these protesters began to join hands and encircle The Pentagon with the intention of levitating it. The police response was immediate and brutal. They took it seriously.

Go to your history books and look at the results of the impact of great faith upon world conditions. Look at what was accomplished by Mahatma (great souled) Gandhi. Look at what Martin Luther King accomplished with the civil rights movement. Look at the life of Rasputin and so many others and the power they were able to demonstrate as a result of great belief. I'm not interested in hearing about Sankar Ghose but... if you prefer, use him as an example. I'm not interested in hearing anyone's theories about King being an FBI operative. The way disinfo works is that it can come at you from any angle. Of course the FBI was deeply infiltrated into King's camp but what the literal truth of the matter is remains inconclusive; what we have is more along the line of so and so says such and such. If one wants to paint a certain picture, one includes particular objects and does not include others. It's known that the FBI was involved, one way or another in the assassination of Dr. King, just as they were in 9/11 and a host of dirty tricks that span decades. If he was owned and controlled, what would be the point of killing him? The rot that permeates the Administrative, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Zionist owned and controlled American government emits a perfume not unlike what you get when you inadvertently puncture the stomach of a floater that's been in the water for ten days. It is an unmistakable statement of composition.

Here's something to keep in mind that I saw over at What Really Happened. This is impressive and this says it all:


The idea that... after all of these events... this group of people are simply victims being picked on for no reason other than unjustifiable hatred is ludicrous. They are and have been, directly responsible for everything that has ever come at them and this is why the term Anti-Semitism was invented. When you are aware of your inflexible genetic code that inspires evil in every land where you are resident, you need every defensive mechanism you can muster. As for modern day proof and verification of the evil these monsters do, we have only to look at PNAC, where they were the larger representative number and then at what the American government was manipulated into doing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and every land where such despicable actions were carried out for the benefit of Israel. It was provably the Zionist neo-cons and their wealthy supporters who brought these acts of mass murder and destruction about. It has now been irrefutably proven that they also carried out 9/11 with the assistance of compromised intelligence services and a confused military. Nothing more needs to be known about the lengths that this criminal nation will go to plunge the entire world into a cauldron of mayhem and discord. Should anyone come around to this locale and still be on the fence about who and what went down, simply visit the link in the right hand menu and read what you find.

The nation of Israel was created for only one reason and that was to grant sovereign nation status to a large band of psychopathic criminal thugs. This put them out of the reach of domestic law enforcement agencies in other lands; not that that was very effective in any case. You may not want to hear this. Your survival instincts might not permit you to believe any of this but I challenge anyone to convincingly refute what is said here. I try, strenuously, to avoid making claims that I cannot prove with hard cold facts or overwhelming circumstantial evidence. These things are so. These things are so, just as it is so that they owned the majority of the slave ships that brought the Africans in chains to Charleston Bay and other locales; just as it is irrefutably so that they sit, sometimes exclusively, on the boards of every single alternative sexual organization and are also the primary funding agency of each and every one. Don't like knowing this? Too bad. It's what it is and nothing else.

After the most recent massacre of women and children in Gaza, not to mention, the destruction of the environment, the world in general is much more aware of what terrible demons lurk among us. Publicly, the Zionists who own the movie business and entertainment world have threatened all working actors with painful sanctions (you'll never work in this town again) should they mention the carnage that Israel wrought upon Gaza, after first executed 3 of their own people through one of their paid terror agencies, using this as a pretext to kill at will. Along the way they had their paid agents launch bottle rockets into empty lots in Israel to ramp up the orchestrated motivations for mass homicide and continuing land theft. There's no counter argument that can be made here. They did it. They do it and that's it.

However, behind the scenes and inside the minds of these Morlocks the tide has shifted. Nothing seems to be going their way. Everything they do turns on them. Normal human hearts and minds in sad decline cannot fathom the absence of all conscience and remorse in these creatures. How it will come I do not know. When it will come I do not know but... come it will and the force of justice will manifest upon these brigands and beasts. It is only a mater of time. That millions and millions of the indifferent and gullible will follow them into perdition is unfortunate but given they are magnetized by lies they shall go with the pull of destiny in every case.

These things need be said at intervals along the way. The most massive public relations machine the world has ever known is tirelessly at work to obfuscate the truth and exonerate these fiends. The counter argument must be made by decent souls everywhere. It is one of the significant tragedies of the time that there is such a lack of decent and courageous souls who will state and stand behind what needs be said and so... it has been said again.



Fe Fi Fo Fum... I smell the cold sweat and fear of Kissinger, Rockefeller and then some. Step back my friends and look at the spectacle of appearances as they present themselves on this day. Watch Obama babbling on with lie after lie. From behind him one can see the arm up his ass all the way to the shoulder. The hand is making his lips move. There is no shame anywhere; in Congress, in the Judiciary, in the Administrative wing. Across the waters, Christine Lagarde, Catherine Ashton, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Satanists all, are pressing their agendas, while exposures of their crimes continue alongside their doomed efforts. These are all friends of Jimmy Saville. Just imagine the level of corruption in The House of Lords. You know what you know but what is it that you do not know, shudder... a great deal. Tony Blair gets the GQ Philanthropists Award. What has GQ got to do with philanthropy? Aren't they in the business of inseams and false fronts, not to mention rolled socks in the underwear?

Here's what Google has to say about synonyms for corruption. If you take that term and transfer it into the building trade, it might mean your house is riddled with termites. You can stand outside the house and look at it and at first glance you see none of the devastation that has taken place at the woods interior. Maybe on closer inspection you might see mounds of particles on the ground that indicate something has been ground to powder. This is a perfect metaphor for the state of the times. The house looks fine but... it's not. It can crumble at any moment and this has happened any number of time; a seemingly sound house, seen from the street, falls apart. It's all about inner rot and that is the case with the interior being of all of the names mentioned here today. They represent systems that are totally corrupt and it stands to reason that, as representatives of this system, they are also thoroughly corrupt. They seem okay on the outside, if you don't look to closely at what they've been up to but... only the purpose of demonstration is holding them together at this point.

And the media? The Zio-Satanic media populated now by nothing but whores... “You walk into the room with your pen in your hand. You see somebody naked and you say, 'who is that man?' You try so hard but you just don't understand, what it is you'll say when you get home and... you know something's happening but you don't know what it is; do you, Mr. Jones?” Obviously everything is held in place by a mysterious force because... otherwise, people in all walks of life, who have seen first hand what awful and unjust things are taking place, would be shouting from the rooftops about it but... they are constrained. They are restrained. The reporters go on being reporters except they no longer observe and report. They simply repeat what they are told to say. Chomsky goes on pontificating, occasionally looking down at his clay feet cooking in the kiln. Rachel Madow keeps talking out of the side of her mouth. Abby Martin goes on felating the people she really works for and no one seems to remember what she said about Russia. The twin Zio-crones from Kalifornia squeal about fabricated nonsense and no one seems to mind. Look to the left and right, look ahead and behind. Look down and look up. Do you see a politician anywhere whose conscience just took a lightning bolt and are now singing like a canary? Look into the media, entertainment... where is that necessary cabal of the righteous? We get Cruz and Bardem and not much else. We got Miley Cyrus twerking with her brow all scrunched up as she contemplates The Riddle of the Sphincter.

Truly... it is all under control and it looks to me like people can't step out of character. They're locked in for the purpose of demonstration. It defies any logical computation of 'the odds'. The odds say that a reasonable portion of people from all walks of life, at this point... at this point, should be coming forth and declaring. Their humanity demands it but... nada. It's silent all round. It's quiet... too quiet (grin).

To paraphrase an ancient text; “Let those who are however they are go on being however they are and let those who are otherwise be otherwise. Those without justice, let them go on being unjust and those who are filthy, let them continue.” It's clear that some all containing force has got the whole thing choreographed and scripted for reason known only to that force about which we know less than nothing to begin with. You can get an idea of something that, in it's totality is incomprehensible and indefinable by watching how it operates. You can get a clue as to what is appreciated and not appreciated by how the observations of everything impact upon you because you house that mysterious force from a personalized perspective and it so happens that most of us share a common view on what is right and what is wrong. That we may not always adhere to it in practice is the result of fear and bad influences but... that takes nothing away from what we instinctively know at the heart of our being. All of us house this force or we wouldn't even be animate. You're listening to the world outside you or you are listening in an interior manner. You're guided by one thing or you are driven by another. That is just how it is.

In the end, reason triumphs over passion but... the greatest impact of enduring reason always manifests itself through a vehicle of great passion. It appears we are all locked in at the moment. I suspect a time, fast in approach where the restraints are suddenly lifted at the same time that we are made capable of seeing what really is. The determining feature of this event is whether you continue to see from that point or whether you consciously close your eyes. We'll see... or not.



I never do that on this side, but....

"We Celebrate the Anniversary of the Israeli Attack on the USA. USA! USA! USA!!!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

 Today is here and today is the 13th anniversary of Israel's 9/11 attack on the United States. If it happened in 2001 and this is 2014, it would be 13 anniversaries, correct? Ah... the number 13. Today we celebrate many things. We celebrate the incredible corruption of the American government, following 9/11. It was bad before that but it got much, much worse. We celebrate the transparent and obvious fact that Israel controls American foreign and domestic policy, via their control of the money supply and control of the fluctuations of that money supply, in order to control the state of the culture and the basic elements of life. Today we celebrate the transition of a domestic police force that has been turned into a military force, designed and developed by agents of Israel, in order to strike fear into the hearts of the populace and to both control and frustrate the movement of ordinary people no matter what direction they may seek to travel in.

Today we celebrate the incredible and mind blowing ignorance of the American public, not only their ignorance but also their cowardice and arrogant sense of entitlement. We celebrate the many wars generated by the dual national Israeli neo-cons who used the lies woven around 9/11 in order to justify attacking one country after another in the Middle East to fulfil their Ersatz Israel Zionista fantasies. Millions have died and millions more displaced. There was no reason for these wars because these wars all came out of a ridiculous presumption that a handful of stone age Arabs had masterminded this colossal event, when, in fact, it was masterminded and carried out by agents of Israel and compromised and corrupt intelligence agencies.

Today we celebrate denial and we celebrate indifference. We celebrate the dumb gentile who sends his children to die in Israeli engineered wars and who also expose (as military combatants) them to the performance of cold blooded murder against various peoples who had nothing to do with this attack and no connection to any terror organizations. The only terror organizations killing and torturing and operating with impunity around the world are Israeli constructs and are funded by the governments of the west.

Today we celebrate the reassuring knowledge that the same people who did 9/11 are also planning yet another enormous terror action against some unsuspecting part of America and possibly also other locations in the west. They are doing this to further their ambitions of destroying Syria and Iran. They are fomenting turmoil in The Ukraine and certain tiny countries that border on Russia because it is also their intention to destroy both Russia and China as well. They are monsters whose hearts and minds have been co-opted and possessed by ancient demonic entities. The mass of them are being manipulated in various ways, that spell nothing positive for the human race, by the Chosen People of The Prince of Darkness.

Today we celebrate the truly remarkable disconnect in the minds of all the useful idiots who somehow, beyond the reach of all common sense, somehow believe there is a profit to be realized by them in serving certain forces who consider them completely expendable and will ruin or destroy them at the drop of a hat. We celebrate the legions of deluded and clueless fools who have made all of these things possible by being... well, by being deluded and clueless.

Today, we celebrate the extreme (timewise) downward slide of the American Empire. It seems that it will be accomplished in less than a generation. Today we celebrate confusion, turmoil, disorder and porn. It used to be that porn was something that involved explicit sexual activity but today... porn is something that involves everything. In fact, you would be hard pressed these days to find something that has not been rendered pornographic.

Today we celebrate all the tomorrows that are now guaranteed to be like today. We celebrate all of the yesterdays that have been rewritten so that they no longer bear any resemblance to what they were. Today we celebrate the ability to look right at something and not see what it is we are looking at but actually see something else because someone else told them they were seeing something else and they bought it. Who you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

Today we celebrate the rise of the corporations over the needs of the public and we celebrate the corporations paying nearly zero taxes so that the burden falls on the public. We celebrate all those things that only a moron would celebrate, such as clapping when it is announced that they will be shot at dawn. We celebrate things like this (please flash back to all that has been said earlier in the post) and regardless of hard proof, other than the testimony of someone reputed to be in possession of this knowledge, we know these things are true. We celebrate the celebration of absolute triviality over things once more important but now... not even remembered. We celebrate the coronation of crap as the essence of the meaning of life.Yes... we celebrate the veneration ofthe pointless.

We celebrate the rise of Satanism as the logical outcome of the triumph of materialism over human consciousness. We celebrate in the midst of this madness, the fortitude and determination of those courageous and unintimidated souls who press on and press on and look what you get. We celebrate the fire and force of the human spirit in those few who are not yet brain dead or cellphone thumb junkies.

The writing is on the wall everywhere and the lunacy is off the charts; on the wall and off the charts We celebrate what has to be the certain knowledge that the largest percentage of the human race are on rails. They are like trams moving through time on city streets, hardwired into the Cradle to Grave Express. Nothing moves them. They go on and on and on until they disappear into the unknown from which they previously emerged unknown. “Stop that train, I want to get off!”

We are born dying and at the same time incapable of life in any meaningful sense. We shop without any particular item in mind. We cannot see and we cannot hear. We are blind to the truth and deaf to reason AND... we celebrate that. “Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the delusion!” Yeah Baby! Nero is fiddling, Obama is diddling. Have another round of Bread and Circuses on the house! Disappear into the Big Box with teeth for your big box comfort of living life on the cheap. Celebrate as you disappear! I celebrate the incredible replicating irony of life defining life as life is presently defined... as life?

I celebrate the influx of undocumented aliens, who by Shake and Bake instant law; just add water... are not to be checked for health concerns and we celebrate the influx ofEbola into mainland USA with only one possible intention / We need more electronic billboards like the ones for WTC 7 but they should be flashing; “WTF!!! WTF!!!”. They should be everywhere! They should be joined by other flashing led statements like, “Help us!!! Help us!!!”

On this day when we celebrate an attack on the United States by the people who have also looted it down to the nails in the two by fours behind the sheetrock, let me take this moment to say how proud I am of all of you. Let me celebrate how proud I am that it was possible for you to dumb yourself down to the point that you were able to convince yourself that Bin Laden, living in a cave in Afghanistan, orchestrated these attacks and carried them out with people who couldn't fly planes and were armed with boxcutters. That! That is fucking impressive! Israel did 9/11 people. They did it with the help of critical individuals in critical agencies that they paid off with money they looted from the public coffers via their control of The Central Banks and... by extension their control of the currency printing presses. If you are so incurious that you won't check the hard cold facts that prove this... I celebrate that! If you are such a coward that you will not accept responsibility for knowing what is so and prefer to believe what is not so... I celebrate that! If you are indifferent... I celebrate that. You will not be here much longer and I celebrate that too. You can have no part other than compost in this coming age which requires... curiosity, courage and an absence of indifference. It is an age of universal brotherhood or... haven't you heard?

Today we celebrate Israel being exposed for her heinous crimes against not only her alleged best friend but also against humanity around the world. We celebrate an end to ignorance and denial. We celebrate a universal awareness of this Satanic entity that preys on all other life forms. We celebrate the coming of the light into this vast theater of darkness. We celebrate the work of Mr. Apocalypse in uncovering what must be revealed to the eyes of the world. The clock is ticking and all the plots and convoluted agendas at work are all working toward the definite and certain demise of those so involved. We celebrate that. We do...

We await this next false flag that is front and center in the Event Horizon because we know they will be caught out at it. They know this too but their madness is so extreme they are incapable of reigning themselves in. So it is that all of the multitude of bewildering obfuscation is taking place in an attempt to fog up the landscape while they set about yet more murder and mayhem. Their time has come.