Thursday, August 7, 2014

At the Zenith of His Powers

"The force of evil is at its zenith. It cannot remain there. Having reached the height of the expression of its powers, it is passing into decline.


As I like to say, 'believe what you like'. The truth is the truth regardless of the collective belief of all the worlds inhabitants. A simple and correct definition of the truth might be, 'without artifice'. This means that embellishments of any sort in, respect of anything, are a departure from the truth, no matter to what it applies, be that relative or absolute. You might ask how something with no truth in it that gets embellished could be a departure from the truth. Everything possesses essential nature and that is what is most true of it and moving away from that... is the less true. The important thing is that the truth is absolutely unaffected by any actions directed at it except within the minds of those seduced into believing what is not true.


I, like you, must consider myself lucky when misfortune calls. Our distresses may come and go but there is an end in sight and we are more and more purified by our suffering as we go. If we do not cease in the pursuit of our noble objective, the impetus to continue will not desert us and though we may, at times, be swirling in confusion and though pain may be in constant residence, we make it through; stronger and lighter. It ain't easy but in the end, upon reflection, it turns out that every alternative, no matter its appearance at first...


I'm glad he's back.