Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Turnaround Jump Shot on Tourney

I know I complained about the new format earlier; however, I have completely turned around on it. It's six straight days of games with a marathon on Saturday, and the more the merrier.

What happened last night was I watched one game and part of another (maybe I should have stayed!) before leaving to play hoop myself. Didn't have the greatest game, and team got hammered a couple of times, but it was the best of both worlds. I've already decide to not play Wednesday as there is a quadruple header at the Cage that day, but will play inspired ball and never quit on Sunday morning following championship Saturday.

Meanwhile, outside the gym the world is on fire because of certain psychopathic leaders and ethnic tribes. Same story as always; they just have deadlier weapons in their hands. What isn't the same is the received propaganda and wisdom is no longer believed.

And the shot.... is good!

UPDATE (3/5): Left the gym on a high last night as I saw one of the most exciting high school basketball games I have ever seen. The game had everything. It was raining threes from way out, there was the ebb and flow of one team taking a lead, the other coming back to go ahead, back and forth, back and forth. What a great basketball game. The initial game of the night was also very entertaining, while one could only marvel at the brutal efficiency exhibited by their town's female squad. Four more games on tap tonight. It will be hard to top last night's finale, but we will see what they bring.