Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shutting Down Israel

It's real concern for some:

"Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Bali, the furlough of US government workers is imperiling American interests worldwide, including by delaying security assistance to Israel and potentially weakening enforcement of sanctions against Iran...

Don't worry, Johnny, the war machine just received an exemption by interpretation (like the Hitler high command that was declared pure Aryan after being identified as Jewish). 

And is that a stretch or what? See where John (Kohn) Kerry's true concerns lie? And yet he is so popular here!

Kerry [called] the shutdown a distraction... and an ‘‘opportunity for mischief’’ by those who oppose US policies.... 

So when is the next Israeli-sponsored false flag, John? 

As for it being a distraction, yeah, and I fell for it somewhat.


"Isn't it funny.   People had united in a way I had not seen before regarding the 'Bomb Syria' situation.  I went to all the various websites from the 'hard left to hard right' and I found people were uniting as never before in the comments.   People were coming together and not 'hating' one another for being Republican or Democrat.   People were committing "All the elected officials are not for the people, no matter the party affiliation, they are all on the same side."   People were waking up to who the D.C. officials really are.

Those in D.C. began to 'fear' the public regarding Syria as the public was standing up in Unity regardless of 'Party Affiliation'   They had to Stop that so the game of 'Government Shutdown over Party affiliation' has come into play.

The latest government shutdown is a perfect example of a created crisis for division of the people....


Good point fingering that number!

Kerry said Obama had been presented a challenge ‘‘by a small group of people within one branch of the United States Congress.’’ 

He is referring to the 800-pound gorilla in the room, no doubt. 

And if so, tell it to Nuttinyahoo's friend Cantor.

Turns out the "enemy" Khamenei is right!