Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obama Should Be Impeached

He's worse than Nixon!

I just saw that he lied about Libya and covered it up, has been spying on his political enemies for over two years (then lied and withheld that information from Congress), and has now been caught spying on the media.

Looks like the only thing that can save Obama now is a false flag attack to be followed by a World War.

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Maybe we could remove him on a medical.


White House Admits They Knew Of IRS Scandal But Did Nothing

Carney: White House notified of IRS targeting tea party ‘several weeks ago’; Obama: I found out Friday [VIDEO]

What a f***ing liar!!!!!  And he thinks it's all a joke? Do I look like I'm laughing?

REPORT: IRS Targeted Local News Anchor After Obama Interview

Liberal Group ProPublica Says IRS Leaked Documents to Them

Obama Administration Under Siege From 3 Huge Scandals: Here’s Why It Could All Come Crashing Down

AP, IRS, Benghazi Scandals Connected

How High Up Does This Go?

Bush Used the IRS, FBI, CIA and Secret Service to Go After Opponents — Where Was the Fox and GOP Outrage?

Good point. There was plenty of outrage here.

Obama Will Not Make It Through 2nd Term

"With a trio of political controversies enveloping President Obama’s administration early in his second term, the White House sought to insulate itself Tuesday from fallout even as it rebuffed repeated questions about the president’s response to the growing problems. The upshot was an image of a president and his top advisers retreating to the bunker....

Just like Nixon.

Some of the problems in which Obama is mired are troubling even to his allies, who worry that he may lose control of one of the core messages he ran on in the first place.... Reporters are demanding to know why this administration has launched more investigations into national security leaks than all other presidents combined. Even the president’s allies are shaking their heads....

 The administration on Tuesday continued to say that officials outside the White House — and below any Cabinet-level positions — were the ones who bore responsibility for the controversies.

So Nixonian!