Sunday, July 17, 2011

Leaving on a Positive Note

"Willingly Marching to the Guillotine and Auto Da Fe

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always smell out the truth in this landfill of noxious shit’.


The traders that were waving bank notes out of the brokerage houses of The City, during that protest a few years ago, the bankers are doing the same, in acts of rampaging greed, whereby they already have far more than they will ever need and are going for the funds under mattresses and in secreted piggy banks. The awesome insanity of raging hubris is a gruesome spectacle. Not only are they eating you but they are eating each other and then they are going to start on themselves. Meanwhile they stay in their locations of business, as if there were some endless security for their heinous behavior. Sooner or later the mob is going to drag them out and hang them by their heels from the lampposts, outside their places of business and the police are going to stand by like they were working for the IDF in the occupied lands, if they don’t outright join in. Everyone can feel the bite of the vampires at their neck and somewhere in nearby basement, stakes are being sharpened and other accoutrements prepared.

You’re going to start seeing the ultimate in flash mobs. Anonymous is only one feature of what is going into operation. The cosmos lives inside of every player and it can be ingenious in the way it organizes the collective toward the fulfillment of its will....