Sunday, May 15, 2011

Do You Hear an Echo?

I second the thoughts because they are spot-on:

"What a month! Even the best fiction writers could not come up with the scenarios we have seen and maintain any kind of believability.  But this is America and truth is in short supply. Big lies, little lies, multiple lies ... we take them in stride and move on. I've been looking for some local folks who are as outraged as I am but can't seem to find them. Silence is the rule. If we don't talk about what is actually going on then the problems must not exist....  

The same is true in my vicinity, and the shallowness of the conversation does take a toll.

Not everyone is a gullible idiot of course but being a 'truther' minority means in this case we are always going to be discriminated against and made to look foolish by not conforming to the prevailing deceptions....

Although we like Ron Paul's anti-federal reserve, non-intervention, anti-war, bring the troops home stance and without him that message will not be heard at all in the upcoming presidential cycle, he was disappointing in the minutes after his announcement yesterday when he just had to use the words holocaust and Nazis in response to some question by a shill reporter. He also can't get past the rhetoric of 'blowback' and that Bin Laden and arabs did 9/11. Paul is blasted by the left, the right and the middle and if you're going down, why not go down swinging with everything you've got. I'm stubborn. 9/11 is a root cause of the fascist downfall of this country and if one cannot speak the truth about it at least concerning what we do know and call for the real criminals to be brought to justice, it's hard to give them full support. Paul is playing within the system and as we all know ... the system is a failure for most of us and it cannot be changed by playing by the rules of those who have rigged the game.

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"I’ll tell you where I’ve been, studying things like this and understanding that some people cannot be let near the banking and education systems.

One of the great newspapers of our tine, The Pakalert Press, published that; one more reason to kill brown people who know the truth....