Sunday, April 10, 2011

When Did World War III Start?

The AmeriKan media is not calling it as such; however, I came to the conclusion we are there now when I saw that the UN and French were bombing the Ivory Coast.  

So when WWIII start? 

Was it 9/11 when the "new Pearl Harbor" gave impetus to the Zionist/Neo-Con Project for the New American Century?  

Or was it the invasion of Iraq, much like Hitler's invasion of Poland (false flag lies and all)?

Or was it the bombing of Libya and the expansion of the war to a second continent?

Or will it be the attack on Iran when the AmeriKan media finally proclaims a new World War (after the false flag nuclear destruction of an American city)? 

How many countries must AmeriKa be occupying or attacking before it is called a world war?