Monday, March 7, 2011

American Treason

"Wall Street Journal - U.S. Wavers on 'Regime Change'

After weeks of internal debate on how to respond to uprisings in the Arab world, the Obama administration is settling on a Middle East strategy: help keep longtime allies who are willing to reform in power, even if that means the full democratic demands of their newly emboldened citizens might have to wait.

"I hate being right all the time.  

Israel decides they want Qaddafi to stay in power and hires mercenaries (with US taxpayer money) to crush the freedom movement, so President Pussy, as I predicted he would, drops all pretense about Democracy and "Will of the people" and bows to his Israeli masters to keep a tyrant in power. 

For over 200 years, young Americans have risked and lost life and limb fighting for the principles of Democracy and freedom this nation was founded on, and to please their Israeli masters the US Government has just lightly cast aside everything those soldiers were crippled and killed to preserve. Obama and Israel's lackeys in Congress just spit in the face of every man and woman in uniform who joined the military to preserve the principles of Democracy, and now may find themselves ordered to protect a dictator.  

"We have always been at war with Eastasia" -- 1984 

If the US Government is willing to turn their backs on Democracy in other nations when Israel commands it; do you think they will hesitate to turn their backs on Democracy in this country when Israel demands it?

Please share this treason against the founding principles of the United States with everyone you know. I am going to keep this story at the top of the page for a while today." -- What Really Happened