Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Heard the News Today, Old Boy

And it said a CIA spy that was arrested in Pakistan was trying to give nuclear bomb and biological weapons material to "Al-Qaeda."  

Then I heard that the FBI is saying there is a 100% chance that a NUCLEAR BOMB will EXPLODE in an American city, and that the stuff already came in through San Diego

Then someone said something akin to this:

"Do you grasp what is going on? The CIA uses a Blackwater contract agent to approach "Al Qaeda" or any convenient dumb-ass patsy and gives them the key ingredient to make a nuclear weapon. Plus they garnish it with some biological weapons as an added bonus. Then the public is fed a story about how nuclear weapons may already be inside the United States via the port in San Diego, to make the subsequent blast explainable.   

This is 9-11 all over again. The government of the US and Israel is desperate to kick off WW3 before the global revolution comes to their doorsteps. They are cornered, and nothing is more dangerous than a cornered government willing to use a nuclear weapon on their own people.  

This is not science fiction.  

This is not a movie fantasy about a man in a Guy Fawkes mask.  

This is the real deal!  

The United States Government got out of the crash of 1907 by getting into WW1.  

The United States Government got out of the crash of 1929 by getting into WW2.  

Here we are in the throes of the crash of 2007 (which according to the FCIC did not even have to happen, were it not for Wall Street's criminality and government complacency) and look ... how ... hard ... they ... are ... trying ... to ... start ... world ... war ... three! 

and the only one who can stop this insanity is you!" --  Wake the Flock Up

So I guess it something like this, to be blamed on them, huh? 

Oh, btw, Muslims didn't do 9/11; Israel did.
I know I WILL NOT BE BELIEVING whatever cover story script is fed to the AmeriKan media this time.