Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Question the Alternative Media Avoids

"So-Called Alternative Media Are a Bunch of Wannabe MSM Cowards

November 3, 2010

Eric Blair
Activist Post 

September 11th is indisputably the greatest crime in modern history.  Everyone agrees that it has been the catalyst to excuse everything that has taken place in America since:  wars, illegal surveillance, and torture, most notably.

It is the story of the century and it is still not to be questioned by the leading so-called alternative news websites that have reached mainstream levels of viewership.  9/11 is the stinky fart in the newsroom, where everyone with half-a-brain knows who cut the cheese, but because the boss is the culprit they’re afraid to be ridiculed or fired for speaking out.  It’s authentic cowardice in the first degree.

A recent article on Disquiet Reservations called out specific “alternative” news sites for their cowardly unwillingness to mention 9/11 at all costs.  The story they refused to cover happened last week in Australia, where the country’s top Union official, Kevin Bracken, caused international uproar when he was attacked for claiming on a national radio show that “the official story of 9/11 does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.”  Of course, on the surface this doesn’t seem like a big story, but what is a huge story is that when the Herald Sun posted an online poll about it, an astounding majority (76.79%) agreed with Bracken, as reported by Excavator:

But this is bit of news not considered important if you’re an editor or journalist working for one of the many alternative media organizations that are listed above. Apparently, one of the biggest stories to emerge in the global anti-war movement does not deserve any attention from the progressive left, or anti-war sites. Are they afraid of the truth, or ashamed that they’ve censored it for this long?

These alternative media sites, by their silence, are still defending the obvious sham official story of 9/11.  The good news is that their tacit denial is really starting to affect their credibility with a growing majority of the public.  Time and time again online polls show a healthy majority of the public are now questioning the establishment version of events.  It’s clear to all reasoned people that the official story simply “does not hold up to scientific scrutiny.”  That much is becoming common sense to everyone but the willfully ignorant.

The mainstream media, who lost their credibility long ago, use a very deliberate playbook to challenge 9/11 questions.  The Australian Broadcasting Channel radio interview with Bracken is a textbook display of the mainstream media’s methods. First, they attack the guest as making “nutter” conspiracy claims to immediately discredit them.  Specifically, Bracken’s views were attacked as “ridiculous, extreme, and unacceptable” and he was told that they reflect poorly on his organization.  Next, they try to cast the guest as “lunatic fringe,” seemingly as an attempt to prevent listeners from joining the growing ranks.  Finally, they invoke the number of people killed that dreadful day as if to say, “How dare you disrespect the victims with your questions?”