Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jealous Rocker

"Up Around the Bending End

I haven’t seen or heard or read any news in 3 weeks; no idea what’s going on out there....

(Blog editor's note: That's where the jealousy comes in; I hate "news" now -- at least, the AmeriKan MSM brand)

I’ve turned my hand to other things that the blog and radio efforts had pushed to the sidelines and am glad for it.

(Probably pretty good advice for yours truly, too)

In the meantime, the mind speculates about the world beyond the doorstep and it probes at all the information that has passed through it over recent years. What I was and what I knew five years ago are no longer what they were. Some things are far clearer today than they were in former times.

What is irrefutably clear to me at this moment is that the governments of the United States, England and Israel are the greatest looming dangers to the welfare of humanity across this round and still spinning planet....

Here are some of the things I have learned and here are some of the things I can see in front of me….