Thursday, January 14, 2010

Everything Is Proceeding As Planned

"The infidels are winning

All the talk of failure in Afghanistan and Iraq is rubbish. The plan is unfolding superbly.

Muslims are killing each other. Birth defects are on the rise. Such are the lucid dreams of men in suits. Corporate fascism that has laws forcing the conquered inhabitants to use patented genetically modified seeds.

Gay parties at the American embassy in Bagdad. Gay units in the American military. Genocide is the game. The dehumanisation of the soul is in full swing. Now alcohol is available for the conquered..

Bankrupting America and the UK is of no consequence. A New Zionist World order, for everyone in the world to show an enforced loyalty.

China will obviously fill the inevitable vacuum, and so conjuring up a conflict with China will be necessary, probably with newly patsieised India or/ and Taiwan.

As much as we see conflict created and encouraged in Yemen and other faraway lands, we have to realize it is also on our doorsteps. America’s new health bills, Climate change, Swine flu: all are sewing dissent, and simply engineered as another vehicle for taxation, whether it is in Insurance premiums, our health or just fear.

The ones behind it are too taboo to mention, it beggars belief that they arrogently continue with false flags, and psuedo threats, always dragging everyone into more conflict. But we do know our hidden masters are adept at banking and hellbent on hegemony. It is Capitalism that feeds them and therefore Capitalism itself is now an enemy of peace.

Maybe a rebellion is starting. Some Israeli military figures cancelled a visit to the UK last weak for fear of being arrested as war criminals. So even in pliant Zionist colonies like the UK sprouts of opposition are appearing within the institutions....

Whether we end up withdrawing or not from these colonial wars, every day of more killings, or more depleted uranium is considered a success by many of our ruling elite.