Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Zionists Attack Truth-Seeking Scholars

"Jews haul Robert Faurisson into court AGAIN"


Jews will once again subject Robert Faurisson (aged 78) to a trial for “holocaust denial.” The French judicial police served Faurisson a summons demanding that he appear in court this Thursday (24 Jan 08). Faurisson is charged with attending the December 11, 2006 conference in Iran titled, “Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision.”

This will be the fifteenth time that Jews have hauled Faurisson into court. Jews have already frozen his bank account, while court officials have repeatedly visited his home, threatening him and his wife with seizure of their furniture to pay for financial "damages" caused by his “heretical” remarks.

Faurisson is arguably the most thorough of all examiners of the holo-hoax. Ernst Zündel, Gemar Rudolph and others are in prison, but Jews consider Faurisson enemy #1, because of the meticulousness of his work. And since the holo-hoax cannot be defended with reason and science, Jews use oppressive laws and prison sentences to protect it from rational criticism. In many cases they use extreme violence, as you will see later in this post. Fortunately the Goyim are too cowardly to resist Jewish terrorism.

At the Iran conference, Faurisson said that for the past 32 years, he has been waiting for someone to show him one of the chambers where Jews where supposedly gassed during the holo-hoax.

In July 2006, a Paris court convicted Faurisson of “holocaust denial” because of remarks made by Faurisson on the Sahar 1 Iranian satellite channel in February 2005. Faurisson was given a three-month suspended prison term, and was also fined 7,500 euros.

The former Prime Minister of France, Dominique de Villepin, said, "We [the French people] are in a democracy. Everyone has the right to express his views freely.”

Therefore all defamatory remarks against Muslims or Islam are protected as “free speech.”

However, any questioning of the holo-hoax or Jewish atrocities is illegal.

The Gayssot Act of 1990 – initiated by President Jaques Chirac -- prohibits any questioning or examination of the holo-hoax.

Faurisson’s specialty is examining documents and manuscripts. In 1991 he was fired from his university post for questioning the holo-hoax. He was charged with violating the Gayssot Act, (Loi Gayssot) passed on 13 July 1990 that makes it illegal in France to question the holo-hoax. The law was proposed by the communist deputy Jean-Claude Gayssot, and is one of several European laws that make it illegal to examine the holo-hoax.

Its first article states that "any discrimination founded on the membership or non-membership to an ethnic group, a nation, a race or a religion is prohibited."

Discrimination against Muslims, of course, is permissible.

When Faurisson was terminated at the university, he appealed to the ICCPRHRC (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Human Rights Committee). This is a UN group that polices literature for any questioning of the holo-hoax. (It is not to be confused with the more high-profile Commission on Human Rights, a Charter-based mechanism, or its replacement, the Human Rights Council, which of course is controlled by Jews.)

Faurisson said the Gayssot Act violated international law. The ICCPRHRC disagreed, saying the Gayssot Act is necessary to counter “possible anti-Semitism.”

In 1991 Faurisson (collaborating with Siegfried Verbeke” published the Dutch-language brochure Het "Dagboek" van Anne Frank. Een kritische benadering ( The “Diary” of Anne Frank - A Critical Evaluation). The examination concluded that the “diary” is a forgery, since the original handwritten manuscript cannot be that of a child. The brochure was outlawed in the Netherlands.

Faurisson was born on January 25, 1929, in Shepperton, England. His father was French and his mother was Scottish. In his youth he attended schools in Singapore, Japan, and France. He was educated at a Lycée in Paris, and at the renowned Sorbonne. He received his "State Doctorate" in letters and the humanities from the Sorbonne in 1972, where he also taught from 1969 to 1974. From 1974 until 1990, he was a professor of French literature at the University of Lyon II. He is a recognized specialist of text and document analysis, and is the author of four books on French literature.

Faurisson took the stand as a witness to defend Ernst Zündel in the 1985 and 1988 Jewish trials in Toronto. He brought in Fred Leuchter, an American gas chamber specialist who had personally examined Nazi detention camps. Faurisson also spent hundreds of hours -- often working all day and very late into the night -- preparing questions used by defense attorney Doug Christie to demolish prosecutors.

(Side note: On 7 May 1995, Jews attacked Ernst Zündel’s home in Toronto. A few days later, Jews sent Zündel a booby-trapped package, which Zündel turned over to the police, who exploded it).

During an interview in December 1980 with the French radio network "Europe 1," Faurisson summarized the result of his historical research:

“The alleged gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which has made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are Israel and international zionism. The principal victims are the German people -- but not their leaders -- and the entire Palestinian people.”

For these words, Faurisson was convicted in July 1981 of “racial defamation and incitement to racial hatred” (even though Jews are not a race). He was given a suspended three month prison sentence, fined several thousand francs, and ordered to pay 3.6 million francs for the cost of making public the verdict on television and in periodicals. However, in June 1982 an appeals court threw out the charge of incitement to racial hatred and eliminated the 3.6 million franc payment.

In June 1995 a Paris court ordered Faurisson to pay a fine of $3,000 for writing Réponse à Jean-Claude Pressac sur le problème des chambres à gaz ("Response to Jean-Claude Pressac on the problem of the gas chambers"). Henri Roques, another French revisionist, was likewise fined $3,000 by the court for distributing the work.

On 25 September 1997, the Jews charged Faurisson for a statement made in April 1996 about the Garaudy-Abbé Pierre affair in which he mentioned "the imposture of the Nazi gas chambers." During the trial, Faurisson told the court: "We are only three years away from the year 2000, and there are billions of people who are asked to believe in something they have never seen and don't even know how it worked!"

The prosecutor asked for a new kind of sentence: either imprisonment or a fine, to which Faurisson responded by declaring: "I shall not buy and shall not pay for my freedom. No one has ever bought me and no one will ever buy me."

On 23 October 1997 the court found him “guilty” and ordered him to pay 120,600 francs ($20,000), divided into three parts: 50,000 francs as a fine, 20,600 francs for the Jewish prosecutor, and 50,000 to pay for the publication of the summary of the court's judgment in two daily newspapers.

Three months later the Jews charged him again. In December 1997 Faurisson received a summons from a Paris court official for an essay, "The Horned Visions of the Holocaust," that had been posted on a website without his prior knowledge or approval. In this piece Faurisson wrote, "The Holocaust of the Jews is a fiction."

He responded to the summons with a stern letter in which he declared his refusal to "collaborate" with French justice authorities and police in the repression of revisionism.

Three months after that, the Jews attacked again. On March 16, 1998, Faurisson had to appear before a Paris court to stand trial for a short definition of "revisionism," as inaccurately reported in a newspaper.

The following month, Dutch Jews launched an attack. On April 8, 1998 Faurisson was ordered to stand trial in Amsterdam for the publication in 1991 in Dutch of his detailed analysis of the Anne Frank Diary. The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam and the Anne Frank Fonds in Basel, Switzerland, jointly brought the legal action. The Museum complained that Faurisson’s work made it necessary to provide “special training” for museum guides who had been awakened, and that Faurisson’s critique might reduce the number of museum visitors, and therefore museum revenues.

On October 3, 2006, a Paris court found Faurisson guilty of “Holocaust denial” for having said, during an interview with Iranian television, that “there was never” a single execution gas chamber used by the Germans during World War II.

As you can see, the Jews really want to silence this guy.

Jewish terrorists physically attacked Faurisson ten times between November 1978 and May 1993. None of the Jewish terrorists was ever brought to justice. The attack on September 16, 1989 (photo above) almost killed him. A Jewish terrorist group that called itself "The Sons of the Memory of the Jews" claimed responsibility. None were charged with a crime.

Three young Jews set a trap for the 60-year-old scholar, waiting until he was out walking his dog. They hit him with pepper spray, knocked him to the ground, and then repeatedly kicked him in the face and chest. Faurissaon only managed to get to the hospital because a passerby saw him lying on the ground. Badly injured, he had to undergo a lengthy surgical operation.



As you will see below, Jews are the only people who can get away with violence in France. The media ignored most of the following Jewish terrorist acts, one of which was seen by millions. Jewish publications or organizations applauded them, and suggested that the Goy victims deserved their fate, and that such attacks are "only natural and normal," and that no one need expect any leniency in the future if he should ever again arouse Jewish anger.

As you read the following, keep in mind that there have been several hundred victims of Jewish terror groups, but not a single Jew has even been the victim of an organized attack in France.

In France there is a consensus that Jewish terrorists must be treated as a privileged minority whose "anger" (colère) must be excused, even when they attack and hospitalize police officers, as they often have. Hence Jews have a Yiddish proverb: "Happy as God in France" (“God” meaning Jews).

Private militia groups are not legal in France – unless they identify themselves as Jews. Jewish terrorists are the only ones legally permitted to bear arms in France. (Do you think I’m exaggerating? Keep reading.) France's criminal police investigators are paralyzed in their investigations of crimes committed by Jewish terrorists, who are euphemistically called "young Jewish activists of Paris." The organized Jewish community possesses -- with Interior Ministry approval -- a paramilitary force the like of which does not exist for any other ethnic, religious or minority group in France.


• On 18 March 1978, Jews planted a car bomb that killed François Duprat, an author and distributor of holo-hoax revisionist writings. Duprat’s wife was severely injured. The “Sons of the Memory of the Jews" claimed responsibility (the same group that attacked Faurisson in 1989).

• On 9 December 1979, a hundred Jews wearing helmets attacked the 14th national conference of GRECE (Groupe d'études et de recherches sur la civilisation européenne, "Group for the Study and Research of European Civilization"). Wrecking the bookstands, they displayed banners bearing the name "Organisation juive de défense" (OJD, "Jewish Defense Organization"). Fifteen of the conference attendees were injured. One lost an eye. The police arrested several of the terrorists, but released them that same afternoon on the intervention of Jean-Pierre Pierre-Bloch, a Jewish friend of Jacques Chirac (future President of France). Keep that name Jean-Pierre Pierre-Bloch in mind as you continue reading. He will pop up again and again when Jews commit terrorist acts.

• On 19 September 1980, terrorist members of the "Jewish Defense Organization" (OJD) attacked sympathizers of Marc Fredriksen, an executive of FANE ("Fédération d'action nationale et européenne," or "National and European Action Federation"), at the Paris Palace of Justice (court house). The Jews injured six persons, two of them seriously. The Palace of Justice guards, although charged with maintaining order, permitted the Jewish terrorists to strike without hindrance.

(The OJD is the European equivalent to the terrorist Jewish Defense League.)

• On 3 October 1980, Jews attacked and wrecked the headquarters of FANE (National and European Action Federation"). The same night, Jews attacked the Librairie française bookstore on the rue de l'Abbé-Grégoire street in Paris. Jews tried to burn down this bookstore more than ten times. Jews also fired machine guns at the headquarters of a small political party, l'Oeuvre française, directed by Pierre Sidos. Also in October, groups of Jewish demonstrators roamed the streets, attacking anyone who was tall, blond, and had short hair.

• On 7 October 1980, Jews threw sulfuric acid on Charles Bousquet, 84 years old, in his home in Neuilly. The Jewish terrorists had apparently mistaken him for the nationalist Pierre Bousquet (no relation to René Bousquet). Charles Bousquet was hospitalized for a month at Foch Hospital in the major burns ward, and suffered after-effects from his injuries. He refused to press charges because his son Pierre, a professor of history at the University of Paris IV, has asked him not to "on account of the Israelites." He told Robert Faurisson, "They Jews who did it will be in Israel by now, so it would all be useless. I want to forget it.”

• On 12 October 1980, Jews attacked Mark Fredriksen, beating him severely. Fredriksen was admitted to the Rambouillet hospital in serious condition. While he was in the hospital being treated for multiple fractures, Jews tore up his apartment. Later while he was still in the hospital, three young Jews showed up and asked to see him. Their description matched that of the Aziza team that subsequently attacked Michel Caignat with acid…

• On the morning of 29 January 1981, Jews attacked Michel (Miguel) Caignet, a 26-year-old Sorbonne student who was preparing for a doctorate in Anglo-German linguistics. Caignet, a holo-hoax revisionist, had just left his residence in Courbevoie to go to the university when four Jews knocked him down, held him down, and sprayed sulfuric acid into his face and right hand. Following the attack with acid, his face looked so hideous that only two newspapers ventured to publish his photograph.

Within an hour the police grabbed the principal terrorist, Yves Aziza, but released him so he could go to Israel.

• On 20 October 1980, Jews attacked the revisionist writer André Figuéras at his residence.

• On 18 September 1981, about 200 Jews of the Organisation juive de combat (OJC or "Jewish Combat Organization") beat up several spectators at the Palace of Justice in Paris, where the defamation trial brought by Pierre Sidos, president of l'Oeuvre française, against Jean-Pierre Bloch was taking place. (Bloch was a Jewish defender of Jewish terrorists.)

• On 25 November 1981, Jews torched the Études et documentation bookstore.

• On 8 May 8 1988, at Saint-Augustin Square in Paris, Jewish terrorists used iron bars to attack l'Oeuvre française supporters who were taking part in the traditional parade in honor of Joan of Arc. The Jews wounded 15 supporters, two of them very seriously. Four of the victims were hospitalized. A 70-year-old man remained comatose for several weeks. The police question ten Jewish terrorists from the en OJC (“Organisation juive de combat or "Jewish Combat Organization"), but Jewish lawyer Jean-Pierre Pierre-Bloch interceded on their behalf. Legal proceedings were instituted against some of the attackers. Only three of the Jewish terrorists were tried. Each received a two-year suspended prison sentence.

• On 6 February 1990, during a television broadcast emceed by Christophe Dechavanne, Jewish lawyer Jean-Pierre Pierre-Bloch came on to the stage with a group of OJC terrorists. Olivier Mathieu Mathieu had just time enough to exclaim: "Faurisson is right." Then ten or so of the terrorists severely beat him, his fiancée, and Marc Botrel. Millions of TV viewers saw this. The terrorists included Moshe Cohen, a former second lieutenant of the Israeli army. The Jewish attacks continued off stage and out into the street. The police questioned one of the Jewish terrorists, but quickly released him on the intercession of Jean-Pierre Pierre-Bloch, the Jewish lawyer who had helped commit the terrorist acts himself.

Jews have repeatedly attacked Pierre Guillaume, who was in charge of the Vieille Taupe ("Old Mole") publishers, which has issued a number of revisionist works, including those of Professor Faurisson. Guillaume has been physically attacked, and his Paris bookstore has been firebombed. Jews also attacked him at the Palace of Justice in Paris (where the guards did not intervene). In 1991, Jews attacked his bookstore in the rue d'Ulm on a regular basis.

• On 20 April 1991, at the "Maison des Mines" building in Paris, 50 Jews claiming to be members of the Groupe d'action juive ("Jewish Action Group") used iron bars and baseball bats to attack elderly attendees of a meeting of the "Friends of Saint-Loup" ("Les Amis de Saint-Loup"), named after a deceased writer whose real name was Marc Augier. Thirteen persons were injured, two of them very seriously. Juliette Cavalié, 67 years of age, was taken to Beaujon Hospital, where she lapsed into a coma that lasted three months. She was never able walk or feed herself again.

• On 12 September 1987 at the Sorbonne University, Jews attacked Henry Chauveau, plus Michel Sergent, Pierre Guillaume, Freddy Storer (a Belgian), and Professor Faurisson, all of whom were injured. (Chauveau was seriously injured.) The Sorbonne guards grabbed one of the Jewish terrorists, but a plainclothes policeman ordered the Jew released. The incident was used to expel Robert Faurisson from the Sorbonne University on the grounds that he “attracted violence.’ (Prof. Faurisson had once taught at the Sorbonne.)

One of the documents that Jews use as “evidence” for the “gassings” hoax is the “Confessions' of Kurt Gerstein,” which itself is a hoax. In June 1985, Henri Roques wrote a thesis that demolished the Kurt Gerstein hoax. Jean-Claude Allard, a holo-hoax revisionist, presided over the thesis examining board. In an action without precedent in French academic history, Jews annulled the thesis' defense. Then on 14 January 1988 in Lyon, Jews attacked and hospitalized Professor Jean-Claude Allard. The OJC ("Jewish Combat Organization") claimed responsibility.

• In 1993 there was civil unrest in a Paris soccer match. Several French citizens (some of them Jews) were tried, and became known as the "hooligans of the Parc des Princes," a Paris soccer stadium. On 13 April 1994, during a break in the trial, Jewish terrorists entered the Palace of Justice with weapons and iron bars, and attacked the courthouse guards. None of the terrorists were arrested.

Jews attack Goyim throughout France, but especially in the Palace of Justice (central courthouse) district in Paris, plus the surrounding area. This area is under particularly good police surveillance for two reasons. First, the Palace has its own "military command" consisting of hundreds of armed guards. Second, next to the Palace building is the "Quai des Orfèvres," or the headquarters of the police crime investigations department. Fortunately for Jewish terrorists, the police never stop them, for fear of becoming victims themselves. Once the militants have complete their brutal work and have disappear, the cowardly guards hasten to the bloody victims, fussing over them like concerned nannies. The victims are never able to get the police to interrogate the attackers, or even to learn their identities.

Collusion of the Interior Ministry with Jewish Terrorists

In 1986, when Laurent Fabius was Prime Minister of France, his wife, Mme. Françoise Castro, revealed that the Jewish terrorists and the Interior Minister worked hand in hand. She stated: "The government has allowed Jewish militants to establish themselves in some quarters of Paris and also in Toulouse, Marseille, and Strasbourg [and to have] regular contacts with the Interior Minister."

On 8 June 1993, Jews attacked René Bousquet, former secretary general of the police in the wartime Vichy government (and who was later deported by the Germans).

French Jews are allowed to publicly call for murder

On December 14, 1992, in report broadcast nationwide on the American PBS radio network, Professor Pierre Vidal-Naquet said in English: "I hate Faurisson. If I could, I'd kill him personally."

Calls for physical violence have appeared many times in French papers. Example: "As far as he is concerned, Jacques Kupfer, president of [the militantly Zionist] Herout de France, has a precise idea of the Jewish response. Kupfer said, “I have never been of the opinion that anti-Semitism is settled by means of communiqués or philosophical discussions. You settle the problem of the anti-Semites in a very physical manner. Jewish young people must be ready for that: there's no need to cry, or to be afraid, or to complain.”

A list of incendiary statements by French Jews in positions of responsibility calling for physical violence would be a long one. Jews do not shrink from political assassination. On this subject, one may read the recent work of Nachman Ben-Yehuda, Political Assassination by Jews: A Rhetorical Device for Justice (New York: State Univ. of New York Press, 1993).

We know the considerable role played by Jews in the Bolshevik revolution. In France, the song of the Bolshevik partisans was written by two Jews, Joseph Kessel (1898-1979) and Maurice Druon, both of which were later members of the French Academy. The song's refrain is well known: "Hey there! Killers by gun or blade. Kill swiftly!" ("Ohé! Les tueurs à la balle et au couteau. Tuez vite!")

The Klarsfelds

For more than three decades, Jewish militant Serge Klarsfeld and his German-born wife, Beate, have dedicated themselves to fighting and holocaust revisionism. Serge Klarsfeld is an attorney and an officer of the National Order of Merit, but he has never concealed his taste for violent action against Goyim he does not like. He has also admitted to using lies and blackmail.

On 24 July 1978 at a news conference in Paris following the indictment in Cologne of Kurt Lischka, Serge Klarsfeld stated: "We are not seeking vengeance. If that were our aim, it would have been easy for us to kill all the Nazi criminals we have tracked down." Someone asked, “What f the court in Cologne refuses to try Lischka?" Klarsfeld replied: "That would be signing his death sentence"

In 1982 the Klarsfelds hired an assassin, a Bolivian socialist of Indian origin named Juan Carlos, to liquidate Klaus Barbie, but the operation did not succeed.

During a 1986 interview with the Chicago Tribune (June 29, 1986), Beate Klarsfeld told "how she haunted at least three former Nazis until they committed suicide or died; how she organized attempts to kidnap others; how she used headline-making gimmicks to bring to trial or to ruin the careers of many who were convinced the world had forgotten them." She related how she slapped the face of German Chancellor Kurt-Georg Kiesinger in public in 1968.

In 1991, Beate Klarsfeld entered Syria with fraudulent papers to go after Alois Brunner (who was already disfigured and missing most of his fingers as the result of letter bombs). She wanted to repeat the kind of demonstration that had been staged in front of the home of Paul Touvier in 1972 (which was broken into, looted, and laid waste).

In 1992, the Klarsfelds organized what Le Monde (Oct. 21, 1992, p. 4) called "the savage escapade of the Betar at Rostock (France). They spread terror in the central square of the Rostock town hall, with Israeli flags displayed, calling passersby “dirty Germans, dirty Nazis!” A short time later Beate Klarsfeld expressed approval of the Betar attack against the Goethe Institute (German cultural center) in Paris, calling it an act of "legitimate violence," because the Rostock police had questioned a few of the Jewish attackers. Jewish terrorists had injured nine policemen, several of which required hospitalization after being beaten with baseball bats and iron bars, and sprayed with toxic gas.

Other Jewish efforts to destroy holo-hoax revisionists

By law Robert Faurisson (at the University of Lyon II) and Bernard Notin (at the University of Lyon III) were allowed to resume lecturing after their court sentences had expired. Jewish terrorists disagreed. One of them, Marc Aron, plus organizations as the Union of Jewish Students of France, declared that Faurisson and Notin must never again be allowed to publish or lecture. Without so much as a murmur, all the presidents of the Republic in succession, all the prime ministers, all the Education Ministers, all the university presidents, and all the labor unions promptly submitted to that edict. Faurisson and Notin were banned for life.

In June 1994 Bernard Notin tried to move to Morocco so he could teach at the University of Oujda. The Union of Jewish Students of France demanded the cancellation of the contract signed by the Moroccan university, and “the definitive dismissal of M. Notin from the teaching profession altogether.” Naturally the contract was torn up.


The above notes about Jewish violence in France were taken from a lengthy article published by the Institute For Historical Review. In that article, media sources are given for all these Jewish terrorist attacks. I edited them out for brevity's sake.